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How to Speak in Sound Bites

Friday, March 11th, 2016

How do journalists and TV producers decide whether to interview you?

It often depends on who provides the best sound bite.

Have you ever watched a talk show when the guest (sometimes a celebrity) seems oblivious to the fact they’re on live TV and only have a short amount of time?

Their message often gets cut short by a commercial break, often awkwardly.

Many people take ten sentences (or more) to say what they could in one.

Developing the ability to speak in sound bites is easy if you know a few key techniques and tips.

Here are 6 tips for creating memorable sound bites when pitching the media:

1) Keep it short. Say what you have to say in one or two sentences, no more.

2) Be specific and vivid. In an interview with BusinessWeek, Donald Broughton, an analyst for Avondale Partners, was talking about the stocks of two railroad companies: Union Pacific and Burlington Northern.

Notice the language he used to make what would otherwise be boring memorable for the journalist interviewing him:

“It’s one thing if you steal dirt from my front yard, and it’s another if you break into my house and take my sterling
silver,” Broughton said. “For six quarters, Union Pacific’s been walking around Burlington Northern’s house and taking as much silver, jewels and flat- screen TVs they can get their hands on.”

That’s speaking very specifically and vividly. It’s no surprise that all of the different analysts that journalists could quote, they quoted Broughton. He knew how to speak in sound bites.

3) Express a solid opinion. Many people are afraid to voice their opinions because they fear that others will disagree. But people who are good at giving sound bites know that the media are looking for strong opinions. If some people don’t disagree with what you’re saying, you’re probably not saying much.

When Warren Buffett was interviewed about the tax President Obama wanted to levy on financial corporations, he said, “Look at the damage Fannie (Mae) and Freddie (Mac) caused, and they were run by Congress. Should they have a special tax on Congressmen because they let this thing happen to Freddie and Fannie? I don’t think so.”

His willingness to express a solid opinion got him quoted. But did you also notice how he made a comparison?

We’ll talk about that more in a minute.

Robert Thompson is a professor of TV and pop culture at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and one of the most quoted professors in the world.

In fact, in 2007 the Associated Press referred to him as ‘the most quoted man in America’ next to the President.

He is so good at giving sound bites that he’ll sometimes get 60, 70 or even 80 media calls in one day. If you Google his name, you’ll see he has been quoted virtually everywhere, including more than 40 times in the New York Times in just four years. How does he do this?

“Unlike many people in his position, Robert almost always finds an angle or perspective I haven’t thought about,” says AP television writer David Bauder.

4) Repeat the same word. In describing Paris Hilton, Thompson said, “She’s the non-story that keeps on being a story.”

When giving advice about investing, Warren Buffett said, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

5) Compare something to something else that everyone already knows about.

In describing Katie Couric’s debut on CBS Evening News, Robert Thompson said that her first broadcast would be “some of the most scrutinized frame-by-frame video images since the Zapruder film (of the JFK assassination.)”

By using a comparison to an example everyone is familiar with, he was able to make his point in a memorable way.

6) Speak in metaphors. When talking about Fox News, Thompson says, “they want to be the David of David and Goliath, but they are the Goliath.”

When speaking in this type of short metaphor, Thompson makes his point in a way that gets the media to pay attention and quote him, rather that someone else.

It’s critically important to use sound bites when pitching the media, in press releases and being interviewed by them.

They’ll be grateful, and you’ll be thrilled with all the media coverage you receive!

As a gift for being here, I’d like to offer you a free 28-page PDF report that reveals 10 proven strategies for getting the media attention you deserve.

Go here now to download the PDF!

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What The Media Never Tells You

Friday, March 11th, 2016

“Why would the media want to feature me?” you might ask.

The fact is, there is more media today than ever before.

Thousands of TV channels. Online blogs. Local & satellite radio stations. Local & national newspapers. Print Magazines.

They all need one thing: stories and fresh information that their audience will find interesting.

That’s where YOU come in.

You see, the media NEEDS you.

They must constantly find interesting people to interview day after day, month after month, hour after hour.

Just think about how many 24-hour news stations we have today. They all need content and experts, often known as ‘talking heads.’ Why not you?

It never stops. There’s always a new
day and a new deadline for producers.

The media need you because they have a voracious appetite for fresh content.

However, there’s one thing you MUST to have the media give you coverage: position. What you are promoting in a way that servers their audience.

They will plug your book, product or business. That’s part of the deal in exchange for you giving them content.

But the story can’t be JUST about your book, product or business.

As one TV producer told me, ‘What can my housewife sitting at home putting the turkey in the oven learn from you?’

It’s time to shift your mindset from ‘I don’t want to bother the media, they’re busy’ to ‘I know the media needs me – I’m doing them a favor.’

Most people don’t know how to seize that opportunity. They don’t know how to THINK like the media.

So they shoot themselves in the foot, thinking they can’t do it or making a
lot of expensive mistakes, like getting blacklisted by the media or hiring an expensive publicist that you don’t need.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

As a gift for being here, I’d like to offer you a free 28-page PDF report that reveals 10 proven strategies for getting the media attention you deserve.

Go here now to download the PDF!

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The Secret to Media Attention

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Most people make a big mistake when approaching the media.

They lead with what they are promoting rather than an IDEA for a show or story.

They essentially say to the decision maker, “I have a new book and you should interview me.”

Or, “My product is amazing, you should
write about it!”

This approach usually scares the media away because it sounds more like a sales pitch than a topic or story that will interest their audience.

Here’s the good news…

If you approach the media the right way, they’ll often gladly interview you and allow you to let people know where to get more information about what you’re promoting. More on that later.

But how do you approach the media in a way that makes you irresistible?

You give them a HOOK.

What’s a “hook” you ask?

Have you ever watched TV and suddenly a host comes on and says something like, “Don’t go away, because coming up next we’ll show you how to cut your grocery bill in half and save at the store!”

That’s an example of a hook.

The host just teased you into watching a whole bunch of commercials (or at least not change the channel) so you can find out how to cut your grocery bill.

So let’s talk about how to create a hook for YOU…

Think about it this way:

“Coming up ________________”

What is something a TV host could say that would tease people into waiting through commercials (or not change the channel) to hear what you have to say?

Or imagine people were looking at the cover of a magazine where it teases the stories inside. What phrase might they put on the cover about you to get people to buy the magazine and turn right to that page when they get home?

The answer to that question is your hook.

The truth is you can, and should, have several different hooks.

But sometimes it’s hard to create them all by yourself.

To discover 8 hooks you can use right now to get media attention, download this free 28-page PDF report now.

You’ll also learn 9 insider strategies to landing free publicity on radio/TV shows, newspapers, magazines & online.

Hope you enjoy it!

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How To Land National Media Coverage

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Want to land big media coverage?

Few things can change your business – and your life – for the better faster than landing the right national media appearance.

I’m talking about appearing on a major national TV show like the Today Show or Good Morning America, or being written-up in a huge national magazine like Time or a newspaper like the New York Times.

Almost overnight you might well go from struggling to suddenly having thousands – even millions — of people interested
in buying what you’re promoting, ordering your book or product online and in stores, trying to hire you for speeches, consulting and more.

Wondering what it would take for you to land such a major national media hit?

To discover how, you’re invited to a free teleseminar this Thursday, February 11th, hosted by Steve Harrison, who’s helped over 15,000 authors and entrepreneurs land media coverage.

Go here now to register for the call!

On Thursday’s call, you’ll discover ‘7 Secret Strategies for Landing Your First (or Next) National Media Appearance’:

* How to get the media to see why they need you NOW. George, a self-published author, followed this strategy to land his first ever national TV appearance and sell over $100,000 of books. It only required changing 10 words in his pitch.

* 5 proven ways to shape your message to attract major media. One of these got Jim booked on CBS Evening News. Another got a nonprofit leader in People magazine.

* A little-known technique you should use to land major print coverage. You’ll learn what Joan used to land a feature story about her business in the New York Times.

* An easy way to parlay local publicity into national publicity.

* Resources you can use to find the names and email addresses of these media in order to contact them.

* How Elizabeth got booked on the Today Show without a publicist. You’ll also hear how she’s become a repeat guest who has appeared on the show over 13 times.

* What to put in the subject line of an email to stand out from all the spam producers and journalists receive.

* Would you like to become the person the media calls for a quote when something related to your field happens in the news? Steve will share what a college professor does to get major media to call him almost daily requesting interviews.

* How to use social media to grab major media coverage.

* What most people don’t know about turning a ‘no’ from the media into a ‘yes.’

* Plus much more!

Go here now to register for Thursday’s teleseminar on landing your first (or next) major national media appearance!

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m an affiliate for this call.


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Secrets to Getting on National TV

Friday, February 5th, 2016

National Publicity Summit

Want to get on National TV?

In case you missed our teleseminar with TV producers from Live with Kelly & Michael, Rachael Ray and Wendy Williams, here are the Cliff Notes…

* Publicity is better than advertising because it’s free and more credible (people know you paid for an ad).

* Watch the shows you want to get on. Every producer interviewed on the call emphasized this, as many times potential guests haven’t even watched the show, which turns producers off. This ends up not getting the guest booked. It also helps you know which segment to pitch.

* Email producers instead of calling. Producers are busy, have stressful jobs and are often on set. They prefer email to phone calls so they can respond when it’s convenient for them and you.

* However, they look forward to the National Publicity Summit because it allows them to meet 100 potential guests in person and face to face, which is much easier than email or phone pitches.

Apply to the National Publicity Summit!

* Have a unique hook. Lauri Quinn Loewenberg is a dream analyst who got booked on Good Morning America after meeting a producer at the Summit. She did a segment on how nightmares are actually good for you during Halloween. When you attend the Summit they will teach you how to find your own unique hook.

* Share content, don’t just pitch your book or business. Sponsors pay shows hundreds of thousands of dollars for commercials, so they can’t just do an ad for you. However, they do want to share tips and useful content for their viewers. Think of a housewife at home watching – what can she learn from you? Producers will, however, mention your book or web site, and you can use the appearance on your own promotional materials (‘As Seen On’).

* For example, Captain Meryl Getline, a female airline pilot, got booked on The View after attending the Summit. Instead of just talking about her book, her segment was on the top questions airline pilots get asked (should passengers be afraid of turbulence?) At the end of her segment, The View showed the cover of her book and host Meredith Viera recommended it.

* Dress for the part. When you meet producers at the National Publicity Summit, dress like you would if you were appearing on national TV that day.

* Speak in sound bites. When you sign up for the National Publicity Summit, they will teach you how to do this.

To apply to attend the upcoming National Publicity Summit in NYC where you’ll get to personally meet over 100 top TV producers and journalists for The View, CNN, Fox News, O The Oprah Magazine and more go here now!

Hurry, only 100 spots available!

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m an affiliate for this program.

Apply to the National Publicity Summit!

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Contact Ellen DeGeneres Now!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Contact Ellen DeGeneres

Join Now To Get Ellen DeGeneres’s E-Mail, Address, Agent, Manager & Publicist!

Contact Ellen DeGeneres Now – FREE Trial!

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Last night we caught up with the two Las Vegas Newtons – Wayne Newton and Olivia Newton-John plus Holly Madison (and of course, Santa!) at the 10th Annual Las Vegas Great Santa Run Benefitting Opportunity Village. Opportunity Village provides programs to men and women of all ages with disabilities to help them live the life they deserve.

Contact other celebrities who support disabilities when you join Contact Any Celebrity now!

10th Annual Las Vegas Great Santa Run Benefiting Opportunity Village
10th Annual Las Vegas Great Santa Run Benefiting Opportunity Village
10th Annual Las Vegas Great Santa Run Benefiting Opportunity Village
10th Annual Las Vegas Great Santa Run Benefiting Opportunity Village

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