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“I have been a contributing editor to Autograph magazine for over 10 years and an autograph collector for over 30 years. Of all the resources for celebrity addresses, Contact Any Celebrity is far and away the most comprehensive and useful tool I have ever used. Your success in contacting celebrities will increase many times over when you use their inside information.”
– Anthony Record, Contributing Editor, Autograph Magazine

“This thing is huge – the range is amazing!”

“Probably the most important tool for the autograph collector.”
– Bryan Schaffer, Entertainment Reporter, KDET/KCOT Radio

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“I signed up yesterday for your service and spent a few hours gathering addresses. I am also on other sites and it seems like you guys are a little better at getting “the best” addresses.”
– Jenn Lindsay, Brooklyn, NY

“Your website is great! I have a ‘celebrity pet gallery,’ and I ask celebrities to draw their pet along with their autograph. So far I have gotten Brigitte Bardot, Betty White, Mr. Rogers, Hayley Mills, Doris Day, Tippey Hedren and Shirley Temple Black. I send out more every few months, so your service is a big help.”
– Chris Altmann, East Meredith, NY

“I decided two Christmases ago that I was going to try to get autographed photos for my family by writing detailed fan letters to some of their favorite stars. Tyne Daly sent her autographed picture to my mom, Cyndi Lauper sent a special personalized photo to my older brother, as did Carol Burnett, and Debra Messing sent an autographed picture to my little brother. I also got a signed pic from Sean Hayes which I sent to a very big fan of his in Albany! What a success and everyone absolutely LOVED their photos. I only had to pay for postage!”
– Michael Andersson

“I finally wrote my first letter to a celebrity (Jeff Probst the host from Survivor). My sister is a huge fan of his, and I love Survivor, so I thought I’d try and get an autographed picture of Jeff for my sister for Xmas. I sent away my letter with a SASE and within three weeks I received a reply (not bad since I live in Australia)! Two signed photographs: one for me with a lovely note written on the picture, and one for my sister with a cheeky message written by Jeff for her (I’d told Jeff how my sister thought he was adorable). I couldn’t be happier!”
– Robyn Butler, Australia

“I started sending letters for autographs from celebrities on April 9. I have had great success. I wrote letters for one month only and decided to stop for one month to see what responses I would get. Today is May 28 and the following celebrities came in: George Jones, Jon Bon Jovi, Susan Sarandon, Loretta Lynn, Bill Clinton, Troy Aikman, Danny White, Mark Harmon, James Garner, Brooks & Dunn, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Reba McEntire, Michael Jordan, Lynda Carter, Henry Winkler, Don Johnson, Meg Ryan, Angelina Jolie, Confederate Railroad, Elizabeth Taylor, Aaron Tippin, Toby Keith, Randy Travis, Richard Petty, Neil Cavuto, Vanna White, Robert Duvall, Hulk Hogan, Muhammad Ali, Sally Field, Pat Sajak, Dustin Hoffman, Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Barker, David Letterman, George Foreman, Donald Trump, Montel Williams, Herschel Walker, Joe Diffie, Dallas Cowboy Coach Bill Parcells and 8 retired and present Dallas Cowboy players. Thanks to this website!! I will restart sending letters on June 9th and I will keep you posted on my responses.”
– Shell Cates, Hot Springs, AR

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“We received a fabulous personally autographed photo from both John O’Hurley and Martha Stewart. They are beautiful, wonderful people. Thanks for your service–I love it!”
– Shirley Cantrell-Jones, St. Louis, MO

“I want you to know that you do a great job. I have used many other address books and celebrity addresses I find on the net to get autographs, but very few of yours ever come back. You have the best celebrity addresses anywhere that I can find. I like your site and will stick with it for a long time.”
– Tom Causley, Bay City, MI

“You asked if there is anything else you can do for me, the answer is no, you have done SOOOO much already. You made me the happiest person in the world. I never thought that I would ever get Miss Jolie’s address and after searching for a year, I found it with your help. You do not know how much you have helped me and how excited I am to finally know that when I send my letter, it will go to the right place.”
– Michelle Fick, South Africa

“I was impressed with you and your website. No others offer so much. A website, a book, and to top it all off an email with free addresses during the week of celebrity birthdays.”
– Rhonda Fletcher

“Thank you very much for your service. My mother went to school with an actress and you had the information on her. I wrote the letter to her and told her I was my mother’s daughter and she responded. Needless to say, she and I have much in common in personal life and I met her 3 weeks ago. She is a wonderful lady. It was an experience I will never forget.”
– CeCe Fowler, Los Angeles, CA

“Your list and service is the best I’ve ever used. I have an autograph collection of over 8600 and I do all my collecting in the mail.”
– Michael Gerstley, San Jose, CA

“I sent out over 60 letters to various celebrities and have had a pretty good response thus far. My first autographs came within 1 week, it was from the Donald Trump of course. Since then I have gotten 8 more autographs including those from Wentworth Miller, Angelina Jolie, Paul Michael Glaser, David Spade, Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, Liz Taylor and Jennifer Lopez. They just keep rolling in.”
– Michele Govea, Burbank, IL

“On March 3rd I sent 2 books of her poetry to Maya Angelou using the address you listed. Both were received today, inscribed to me, signed and dated. Every list and publication seems to have a different address for this woman. At the moment at least yours works.”
– Dr. William Hanson, Albany, NY

“I sent for an autograph from James Taylor. I received a nice hand-signed autograph. Also sent for an autograph from Bruce Hornsby. Took only two weeks to return and I received a nice personalized hand-signed autograph. Thanks a lot!”
– Mark Hart, Richmond, VA

“I sent a letter to Paul Michael Glaser, asking him for an autographed photo, using the address your service supplied. I got a nice photo of him a week later! Thanks!”
– Mary Hazard, Chandler, AZ

“I signed up for your service to get contact info for the one celebrity I was interested in so I could write a letter. Your service worked perfectly and I got the needed info in minutes. Your competitor’s site (X-Line) made me crazy because the PayPal did not work and made me furious. You accepted credit cards and it worked perfectly.”
– Steve Hines, Glendale, CA

“I would just like to write to you and tell you how much I LOVE contactanycelebrity.com…it is the coolest…at first, I wasn’t sure whether the addresses you gave us were real or not…until I got an autographed photo of my idol Sarah M. Gellar.”
– Samantha Jarvis

“About two weeks ago, I sent a letter to Elizabeth Taylor, asking for an autographed photo. Today I received a beautiful 5×7 photo of her in the mail that was clearly signed by this great movie star herself. I just want to thank you for the wonderful service that you provide and I am recommending your Web site to my friends and family.”
– Lena Jurgens, Redmond, WA

“I have been a member for about 6 weeks now and have sent out around 325 requests. Your addresses seem to be pretty accurate. I have gotten about 10 back so far that were either forwarding order expired or no longer at that agency. I sent out 4×6 pictures (copied off the net and printed off at Walgreens for 29 cents each) in 9×11 envelopes. I have gotten most of them signed but a few have also added in a signed 8×1 (Michelle Pfeiffer and sheDaisy). I got Morgan Freeman back (a 5×7 studio pic) in just over a week, and Michelle Pfeiffer in just over 2 weeks. I did get one from Julie Cialini back unsigned with a note from her asking for $15 signing fee per item sent to her (but she still signed the note LOLLOLOL). Great success so far. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!!”
– Tim Knopp, Hebron, KY

“This is, without a doubt, the BEST site for celebrity addresses!”
– Audrey Le, Texas

“I sent a letter to Bam Margera and he was cool enough to send it back to me. In the letter, I told him about how he is a huge inspiration to me and I love him for that. He actually sent me three autographed pix and a note with them telling me how much he appreciates it and now he’s always glad to be an inspiration in a good way. That was a major moment in my life that I’ll never forget. Thanx.”
– Lisa

“The site is working fantastic. Thank you. My boys & I are working on a project, sending letters to family, friends, and admired celebrities to ask for an answer to a specific question and autograph and your site has been an invaluable tool. I had tried another site previously but was very disappointed to find addresses horribly out of date (even after notifying them of returned mail…a year later that particular invalid address is still being given). That’s when I started searched for another source and found your site. So far there has been no returned mail to the addresses I gleaned from your site. Thanks for keeping things updated and also for your guarantee against returned mail. That tells me you care about keeping things current.”
– Shirley McCarter, U.S. Armed Forces

“Before I became a member, I’d built up a huge stack of “return to sender” letters because of bad addresses from other sources (CDs from eBay, other celebrity address books, etc…) I’m glad I saved them because I was able to obtain the current contact info for all of them from Contact Any Celebrity. And now, I only get about 1 return from about 50 requests and when that happens, I just send a note to “research requests” and within 24 hours I have the current, updated request. I don’t even both with using their postage reimbursement program for bad addresses (a really good service) because the service provided is AWESOME. It’s EVERYTHING it claims!!! I’m making a ton of cash reselling them on eBay and the celebrities who are gracious enough to personalize the pics with my name AND a note are just extras that I keep for my personal collection and it’s getting very large. I’m taking my wife on a nice vacation soon, paid for entirely by my profits and all I have to do is write short letters while watching TV every night, then stuff them into envelopes. Money well spent. Thanks guys.”
– George McDonald, Griffin, GA

“I was able to contact and get an autographed picture of the beloved Barbara Billingsly who used to play June Cleaver on “Leave It To Beaver.” She is a wonderful person and I also received a photograph from Janet Leigh.”
– Tom Mezzo, Garwood, NJ

“I’ve tried your services and contacted Jensen Ackles to ask him some questions. I got really great responses. He talked about his experiences on the set, how his fans inspire him and how he and jared spend their time when they are not filming. You know stuff like that. I really got to love Jensen more because of this opportunity. So I really am thankful.”
– Francine Michaels

“I received today the photo I had requested of Mel Gibson. I cannot wait to see my mother’s face when she opens it, as it was intended for her 80th birthday. Thank you for your service.”
– Ada Montalvo, Miramar, FL

“I contacted Paris Hilton this year and had gotten her address from Contact Any Celebrity.com!!! I wrote her a letter and I had received an autograph, the House of Was poster, and a Heatherette poster with her on it for free. I know that I would not have reached her and I would have not gotten anything from her if it was not from Contact Any Celebrity.”
– Jimmy Osborne

“Thanks for all your help, I have received 100 replies so far to my requests for autographed photos, letters or notes for my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary album. I get more every day and it’s been so exciting for me. I’ve gotten some really cool responses that I never dreamed I would (Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob and Elizabeth Dole, John Travolta, Perry Como, Art Linkletter, Queen Elizabeth’s secretary, etc.). Can only imagine my folks when they open that album. If they only get a fraction of the pleasure I have gotten putting this thing together, it will be well worth all the effort and expense. My only fear is the letdown I will have when it’s over!”
– Betty Plough, Traverse City, MI

“By the way, I REALLY enjoy your newsletters. I work for the local school corporation and forwarded your “freebie” teenybopper addresses from your last newsletter to one of our teachers. Each year she has her 6th grade class write letters to celebrities for autographed pictures to sell at their fundraiser auction. So I’m making points with everyone all around…at home…at work…haha…thanks to you.”
– Amy Pratt, Plymouth, IN

“I was impressed. I also received an autographed picture from Yogi Berra, Bucky Dent, Hank Bauer, Tony Bennett and Jerry Vale. I was skeptical at first as to whether the addresses were valid, but it appears that ContactAnyCelebrity.com is a great website. I did not even send anyone a return self-addressed stamped envelope. I think I just wrote an impressive letter with photos and a unique birthday invitation.”
– Carolyn Puglisi, Lyndhurst, NJ

“I wanted to say what a hell of a site you guys have! You beat Chip’s Celebrity Addresses hands down!”
-Stan Richardson, Vero Beach, FL

“I have been using your addresses for over 4 months now, and have had a success rate of 70 percent. Which I feel is a very large number. Celebrities change addresses as fast as we change our clothes. Your addresses seem to be the most up to date, and most actually get directly to the celebrity. In the past 4 months, I have received over 45 autographed pictures using your addresses on your site.”
– Jayson Saffer, Gainesville, VA

“I have so many success stories. I have received a lot of autographed pictures through the mail. I have Al Pacino, Henry Winkler, Don Johnson, Colin Powell, Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, John Travolta, Meredith Baxter, Samuel Jackson, Anthony Michael Hall, Britney Spears, and lots more. I will write more success stories later. Keep up the great work CAC!!!”
– Linda Salas, Hagatna, Guam

“I have gotten some success from the site…I would say I have mailed out about 30 and have received 18 back…those include Muhammad Ali, Al Pacino, Walter Cronkite, Martha Stewart, Dakota Fanning plus a few other great ones…so I have been very satisfied and waiting patiently to get more back…once again thanx!”
– Carlos Salazar, Nottingham, MD

“I’m just writing to say this is the best celebrity addresses site on the web…I have received back over 30 autographs in less than a years time…I’m always thrilled when one comes and my collection impresses everyone who sees it…everyone always asks how I got all the pictures and I tell them from Contact Any Celebrity on the web…thank so much…”
– Rachel Selisker, Newport News, VA

“I am a screenplay writer from England. Your service is invaluable to me because you provide accurate contact info. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to contact the ‘movers and shakers’ of Hollywood.”
– Dawud Shanan, London, United Kingdom

“My name is Navy Chief Michael Sipes, stationed at Buckely Air Force Base in Colorado. I recently returned from Afghanistan and have used your site to assist me in helping my deployed troops in the past. While I was deployed celebrities sent tons of stuff. I cannot express the gratitude my Sailors and Soldiers had when they receive items from the favorite celebs. Thank you for your time and God Bless.”
– Chief Michael Sipes USN

“So far, love the service! Sent out a lot of requests, already have 3 back in less than 2 weeks. Thanks for this fun (and safe) way to contact celebrities for autographs!”
– Jennifer Toth, Castaic, CA

“I am a script writer and producer here in NYC. The good thing about your site is that I find some specific actors I want to cast or contact when in pre-production. Last year I was producing a Japanese feature film and wanted the actor Pat Morita to do the voice over. Your site was the only way I could find his agent and contact him, so I bet there are many other filmmakers using Contact Any Celebrity. Keep up the good work.”
– Marcus Tozini, New York, NY

“A few months ago, I wrote to Al Pacino, and requested an autographed photo and he sent me a 5×7 personally autographed photo of his gorgeous self!! I am so glad I found this web site and am going strong with my new found hobby!”
– LoRain Trujillo, Wahiawa, HI

“I sent a photo of Clint Black to have him autograph it. I also sent a 3×5 card and asked him if he wouldn’t mind just writing a little something on it. He was very gracious in not only signing the photo, but indeed also wrote a little note for me. He sent it back lightning fast, too! What a great person! I sent it to the address provided by Contact Any Celebrity. Thanks!”
– Cindy Turner, Charlotte, NC

“I just wanted to let you know that since the end of April I have received three different autographs. I received Harrison Ford the quickest in three weeks. Then in about 4 weeks, I received a personalized autographed picture from Ben Murphy and James Garner. They all are very nice pictures. I will frame then and hang them on my wall of fame.”
– Sally Velthoff, Davenport, IA

“I recently asked for an address update for actor David Naughton. The new address you gave me came through as I received two photos from his film “American Werewolf in London” which he inscribed to me and it only took a week and a half for the reply. Thanks a lot.”
– Justin Volpe, Peekskill, NY

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