Contact Any Celebrity member Janet Foster from Clinton, Michigan, sent us this email about how she got response from celebrities:

“For my son’s graduation I wanted personalized photos from his favorite comedians—knowing that would totally surprise him the first time he paged through his graduation scrapbook. I wrote a letter to each comedian, explaining that my son was graduating from the United States Naval Academy, the challenges he faced, his upcoming deployment, and why I felt he would need a section in his book which I labeled “When the going stays tough, the tough keep a sense of humor.”

In the letter, I added at least another paragraph about how these individuals’ humor had influenced my son through the years and why their photo would be especially meaningful. I also enclosed a check to cover expenses.

I received not only personalized photos, but one comedian sent three video tapes and his latest CD. Another sent a book of Monty Python humor with a special inscription to my son in the front.

Most of them returned the checks. The one who cashed the check probably went through more than that amount in gifts and mailing. My son was thrilled and was still talking about it days later. I know these photos and gifts made his graduation book something extra-special.

Thanks, Contact Any Celebrity, for not only making agent addresses available, but for tracking down one of the comedians not on your original lists.”

– Janet, Cinton, Michigan

Janet had the right idea. She wrote a letter expressing exactly what it was she wanted; she outlined why her son was so impressed by the celebrities and received several fantastic responses.