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The US Navy is conducting search and rescue following aircraft crash...we are monitoring. Prayers for all involved. ... See MoreSee Less

22 hours ago


Comment on Facebook

Who knew that a businessman from New York, would turn out to be the very best President in recent history, maybe all history!

Profound in his vision, confident in his command, peerless in his patriotism, President DONALD J. TRUMP is the world's premier statesman. His tireless and noble endeavor to build the American empire into one of tremendous prosperity and prestige is making monumental leaps forward each day and rewriting the history books for generations to come. It's time to start thinking about amending Presidential term limits and elections so that President DONALD J. TRUMP can continue to serve us so well indefinitely. There's nothing that can't be accomplished with President DONALD J. TRUMP and his unparalleled abilities and leadership prowess. May he continue to win new victories for the American people and the entire world each day for many, many years to come! It's time to abolish oppressive Presidential term limits! If Senators don't need them, neither does the President!

Glad to see the trolls up this morning , if only we can get them to go to work now that would be amazing.. Trump 2020MAGA Draining the swamp

I love the fact that you pretty much know what the President is up too. His communication with the people is great I love this man and thank god he is President..God bless him.


Reasonable Americans can now know the difference between Donald Trump administration and the last administration led by Hussien Obama. God Bless Donald J.Trump

I find it a shame , we have a Navy plane crash with human life abord , all our President does is inform us of the search and rescue efforts , ask for prayer , and some of you are so full of hate all you can do is complain and through off on the President , like him or hate him have respect for the people on board the plane and stick to the subject ,

God bless you and yours, President Trump! Nobody can outwork you! Please take some time off work and enjoy the holiday! Love!

Good morning President Donald Trump will be the White House for the eight years 🇱🇷🇱🇷 and prayer 🙏 for U.S. Navy

I support You and Roy Moore! Your the best president we ever had! Roy is innocent so keep fighting for him

Obama fired all the warrior type flag and many senior officers in all branches of military. Many noncoms left also. Our military personnel and equipment in need of replenishment and it won’t happen overnight. Another Obama make America weak again policy that President Trump has to clean up.

Thank you President Trump for ALWAYS acknowledging with timeliness all of the issues, whether it be celebrating with this great country or offering words of support during a crisis. You and the First Lady are true class because you truly love America.

I'm a Navy Mom and I know several of the moms that had sailors onboard that plane! Please keep all 11 sailors in your prayers. They found 8 of the 11 and they are safe onboard the RR. 3 still missing. Stop the hate And think of what these 3 families are going through right now.

Happy Thanksgiving President Trump and may the Lord always be with you.Keep up the good work Sir.Never mind the bad people make you down. You will be in the white house for a long 8 years sir. Love you and God bless the United States.

Father God, We come before you with humble hearts asking you to give guidance and direction to all those in the rescue mission. Please help them to find the missing. Let those looking be ever sensitive to your prompting and spirit. In Jesus name, Amen.

I'm proud to have such a wonderful president like you Donlad 😍💋 You are one in a million and will never get anyone like you . God bless you 🙏🙏 God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Omg you guys, this is not a topic of you love, hate,agree or disagree, it's about HUMAN LIVES IN A DOWN PLANE!!!!!

Been watching you all my life Mr.President!! Keep up the great work you are doing.. Enjoy you'r Family for the Holidays sir!!

Lord God we ask you right now for mercy we asked you for Direction we asked you to help us find those people that are suffering under the water father God direct the men in charge give them protection peace of mind and let it be a speedy fine so that all is well in Jesus mighty name amen

So glad to see people are once again posting things totally irrelevant to the our president' s original post. This is a tragic accident, so please have some respect for all the families effected by this.

Thank you from Poland for destroying fake news

My god theres better places than this post to argue whether our president is good or not. This post is about our military possibly losing their lives. Its a post to say prayers for all involved. Learn respect

I hope you can finally get to the bottom of what the heck is going on with the Navy!! There are many brave lives at stake.

Good morning President Donald J. Trump, FLOTUS and Barron, may the Lord bless you on today and keep you safe. My sincere condolences to the Navy men . Have a blessed Thanksgiving Eve.🇱🇷🇱🇷

Prayer is the key for everything and you choose prayer in the power president trump with God everything gonna be fine in your country Always pray president Amen in the name of God United States is a bless country and prayers can bless Usa more

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Tax Cuts for Christmas

We're going to give the American people a great, big, beautiful Christmas present -- TAX CUTS! ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago


Comment on Facebook

I need every penny I can get. Obama and the fines for opting out of Obamacare have hurt my financial situation too many years in a row. Thank you, President Donald Trump! I'll be voting for you in 2020

The only people who are against tax cuts are those welfare queens who survive on benefit checks & food stamps & the left wing Democratic politicians who they elect.

How can you be against this guy? He's living up to his trademark statement......" Make America great again! " Everyone has been stuck living with such a crooked, thieving government, they don't recognize honesty, a good thing and true motives! Just give the man a chance. Give the man time and eventually even the blind will see the light! Calling all Christians.... Continue to pray for our leader to make the right decisions for all of us Americans and this great country. United we Stand, indivisible! Remember our pledge means something! If it doesn't to you, surely, your words and opinions are only WASTED words!

I can’t take this anymore. All Trump does is win win win. America is proud, strong, and very optimistic. God bless President Trump. #goat #maga

My CPA has told me numerous times that this is for real, and will primarily help the middle class. He's also afraid that because of the simplification, it'll probably hurt his tax businesses because people can figure things out for themselves. Don't believe the Liberal lies and exaggerations!

I think only the republicans who voted for President Trump should get the tax cuts and the democrats that hate him so much shouldn't get any tax break at all. It's only fair.

It stands to reason if you reduce the tax burden by cutting the rate 15% on corporations they will stay in the country and invest. It is a sound economic policy.

President Trump didn't bring division.. Division brought Trump!!! He's a true lover of America and what makes it great!!! Cov fe'fe 🎆🎉🎊

And not one single democrat-socialist-Marxist party member voted to give you a tax cut..... to let you keep more of the money YOU earned!

Yes!, finally someone is going to take from those who don’t work, have multiple children they don’t support and never intended to support... and stop taking from those who have a family history of self sufficiency, integrity and worth. This is why President Trump was elected and WILL be again. This is truly a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for saving the country

Did you notice he says, "Hard working Families"? Not free Obama crap. You free loaders need to get on the Trump Train and start contributing too. There are many jobs out there, get up and go to work. I bet you will feel better. Stop the pity train.

It is a tax scam. You are the worst Thing that has ever happened to America. It will take decades to recover. I fear for my daughter's future .

Thank you President Trump. You will Make America Great Again; for everyone. (Even the disrespectful trolls)

Happy Thanksgiving Donald J. Trump!! I hope you and your whole families have a great time and prayer for you and yours. You do make the Bestest Great American. Keep your chin up and work hard.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is not a tax cut for low and middle income people who use itemized deductions on their taxes. In fact, my taxes will INCREASE by 300% due to the repeal of the tax deduction for tuition remission.

I hope that all the people who hate Trump and his administration refuse the extra money they will receive from tax break when it is afterall from TRUMP...right? Stand by your convictions afterall. Thank you Mr President! This tax break is long overdue for the hard working Americans looking to keep more of their own money. Thank you for making the stock market BOOM and my portfolio climb every week! #MAGA

Mr. Trump, I’m a supporter and a CPA. These tax bills being voted on by the House and Senate are garbage. If you think these cuts are going to help the American people you are kidding yourself. Go back to the drawing board and find some people who know something about taxes and the economy and drain the swamp like you promised!!! The detail in these tax bills are not what you promised. The tax brackets being cut are not tax breaks when the average American is going to lose deductions and credits and actually be worse off than in prior years.

Calling it a tax cut for the American people is misleading (a lie) since all the cuts go to the wealthy.

I don't understand why people are so full of hate for Trump that they don't want any part of good things. I look at this post and I see the angry emote on 76 people. It just makes no sense. You don't get angry at tax cuts you only get angry because it's Trump talking.

Please tell me you're doing something for the average hard working families, Under 100,000. so they can feel this tax relief too, so far doesn't sound like it's good for them or for us retired tired of being this poor. Give us a break too.

You mean you are about to give 1% of the american people tax cuts, the other 99% will pay for it in SSN /education/disability/ healthcare, etc... All in the hopes that big corporations will use some of that for new jobs... Funny that you and your family are among the few that will benefit greatly from this. How about giving a tax break to the actual middle class?

Does this mean all these corporations are going to give their employees raises? How about places like Walmart or McDonalds, are they going to cut their prices to pass on the savings to their customers or are they going to keep all this money they will be saving? I bet on them keeping their savings.

And if there are not tax cuts under my tree this Christmas, Santa's little helpers in the Senate may find themselves unemployed come 2018 and 2020... #Fired

Think it is funny people mark the angry emoji about lowering taxes. They must be Demoncrates or Libtards!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, November 21st:
· Meet with the President of the National Turkey Federation
· National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony
· Travel to West Palm Beach, FL
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2 days ago


Comment on Facebook

on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day. I wish President Trump the very best he could for the next seven years. Dont care about the bad people and the bad news. Let's make America grow more. Thank you for good serving your nation sir and for the Americans.Wish you all happy and health.

The best president USA had in a long time. God bless you Mr. Trump

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family President Trump. You've worked hard for us......take a break, have fun, and rest. God bless and protect you.

We will be giving thanks for you Mr. President at our table on Thursday. Thank you for caring about this country! Thank you for being so selfless, and putting your heart into everything you do for this country. God Bless You <3

Good morning President Donald J. Trump, happy holidays to you and your family. My special condolences to our boarder patrol's families. We are beginning to have a low tolerance for our Judges. May the Lord bless your day today. Lord show you favor and having traveling Mercy. Have a blessed day.

President Trump didn't bring division.. Division brought Trump!!! He's a true lover of America and what makes it great!!! Cov fe'fe 🎆🎉🎊

I am very excited about your arrival today and am getting ready to be a part of the welcoming committee when you arrive! God Bless you Mr President and God Bless America!

Am from Nigeria , but I love president trump., I wish him and the good ofpeople of USA the very best , and I pray for the blessings and the protection of the Almighty upon them all!!! ..Amen

with today being my birthday and all and having spouted for over a year that the Cabal where finally loosing please get the sealed indictments opened so the whole world can see that you and your General patriots are taking them down. Keep draining the swamp Donald J. Trump , lots of love and respect from Ireland!

Praying for You Mr President and family. So thankful for You...everyday I am grateful to Our Jesus for You. May God continue to lead You on this journey. Thanksgiving Blessings!

Trump is a workaholic by nature. Making America great out of a huge sense of love for his people, patrotism and excellence all without collecting his salary. #SPECIAL, #GODSFAVOURITE, #THEPEOPLESFAVOURITE.

Happy Holidays to President Donald J. Trump and his amazing and hard working family!!! And We the People get all this for free so in reality it's a gift to us!!!! Thank you....

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I am thankful for all that you do. Keep up the great work! Blessings 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸#MAGA

Have a good day President Trump. Thank you for sharing. You are doing an awesome job for our Nation and I am so proud. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Soooo proud of you President Trump, First Lady Melania and the entire Trump family! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! My Family is Thankful for You! GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

West Palm Beach!! I wish I could be there to cheer him on and welcome him back home 🙂

Hardest working president ever. Thank you for all you do. My investments are doing fantastic. Owners of two homes in New Jersey and Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Keep up the great work. Have a Happy and restful Thanksgiving with family in Florida. Enjoy.

Have a wonderful Turkey day president Trump, your families and administration. We are so happy, to see our president always doing well. May you and all those around you, have a blessed, peaceful Tuesday.

Thank you Mr President for pardoning The turkeys Your administration will need more help and support in the future and by pardoning these poor animals , plus you have grown the pool of likely cabinet candidates by 2. They will join the rest of the turkeys you have under consideration for a host of unfilled cabinet and judge positions still awaiting your appointment. We do understand that many turkeys will be pardoned during your administration, and we also realize that they may be family members. God has blessed you with a simple narcissistic disorder so you are only consumed with yourself.

We are praying for you, your family, and you country honorable Mr president Donald J. Trump, Jeremiah 29:12, Deut 4:7, from pastor mapoulo the preacher in South Africa, Ga-Mashashane-Naledi...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family President Donald J. Trump The American people have so many things to be thankful now. God has been welcomed back, you're our president, jobs are returning, and much more.Thank you and God Bless you

Every trip to Florida costs us. Your tax plan will cost us, if you can get enough votes. Every repeal has hurt us. When will you help us?

Thank You President Trump! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! You are in our prayers every day! Stay strong! America Loves You!

"When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different." ~ Donald J. Trump ‘Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success’ “In the second grade I actually gave a teacher a black eye — I punched my music teacher because I didn't think he knew anything about music and I almost got expelled." ~ Donald J. Trump ‘The Art of the Deal’ Trump is an “idiot”, “a dope” and “a man with the brain of a kindergartner”. ~ H. R. McMaster U. S. National Security Advisor Trump is a “fuc*ing Moron”. ~ Rex Tillerson U. S. Secretary of State Chris Matthews interviewing Trump asked, “...A guy running for president of the United States talking of maybe using nuclear weapons. Nobody wants to hear that about an American president.” Donald Trump responded, “Then why are we making them? Why do we make them?” “We are concerned that the President of the United States is so unstable, is so volatile, has a decision-making process that is so quixotic, that he might order a nuclear weapon strike that is wildly out of step with US national security interests.” ~ Chris Murphy United States Senator

President Trump have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving. I'm thankful everyday that you're my President. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Donald J. Trump shared Daniel Scavino Jr.'s video.
Donald J. Trump
Daniel Scavino Jr.


Daniel Scavino Jr.
... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago


Comment on Facebook

Wouldn’t it be great if he named one turkey Obama the other HillAry and refused to pardon them! Hahaha

Finally a President that is showing the world he means business and will not tolerate ignorant, fake people and media. President Donald Trump the Man, Our Legend and POTUS!!! IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT OUR PRESIDENT, THEN GET OUT OF AMERICA!!! #MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Check out NBA Underground for the best NBA lip readings and memes 🙂

It's not happy holidays no more, it's Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving liberals, don't be so mad, it's American traditions

President Trump is the best president we’ve had since Reagan. He has kept his campaign promises and I know that the country is in good hands with him at the helm. #MAGA criticism from the lib trolls when obama had his turkey for the last 8 years.....oh wait....he was the turkey.

Blessing of the Turkeys And arn't they beautiful.. .. I am so PROUD of my President and his wife..for keeping the American Traditions no matter how some try .. this is still AMERICA..

Mr President pardon them both....the media will label you with libel and slander if you don't. I think you are a wonderful Christian family president. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family.

Got to love the Democratic trolls who come out to play and look like morons every time there is any news about trump - oh and sorry but the tax cut is 100% for the middle class and those who say it isnt are 100% wrong

Elaine Stewart.. I read your type of post all the time.. can not understand your point of view.. It looks to me like he is better fit for the job.. than most of the recent ones.. He is doing a great job.. got the economy going in the right direction.. a big hit with the world leaders.. unemployment is down to 4% the country is thriving... stock market is great.. what is it you want from him.. ? he is only one man.. and is weeding out the bad guys as fast as possible.. as for Russia... we need to be friends with them... remember they were one of the biggest purchasers of our grain from our farmers.. and shuttled our astronauts to and from the space station... and Why wouldn't President Trump know him? President Trump was an international business man.. maybe you might want to take a step back and look at the whole picture and see the positive that is going on for everyone..

Turkeys are not political. They are equally delicious from either side and however you cook them. These two lucky ones don't realize how lucky/blessed they are. Nor do most Americans who complain constantly and never say anything nice about anything in America. We are lucky/blessed and there is much to celebrate at Thanksgiving this year no matter what. Let's leave GOP & NFC/NFL out of Thanksgiving, please. Post on Senators' or team FB pages. See if they listen at all to you. My experience is that they don't...but hope springs eternal....

Traditions are important way to make it fun!!! President Trump enjoy your first Thanksgiving at the White House hope you have a BeAuTiFuL family day!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

If all of us spend time just blocking the trolls on this site without comment it wouldn't be fun for them any longer. 🙂 works great!

I thought they were already there all the libtards . Polsie, McCain, Shummer,big mouth maxinene, The presidential thanksgiving turkeys are royalty compared to them

Who wants to call my bet that the media will find something to criticize Trump over pardoning the turkey. I'm thinking they might claim it was because they were Russian turkeys? 😆

I am sad today. President Trump, today is the first day you have disappointed me with your decision about allowing trade of elephant ivory (and other parts) for commerce. I humbly ask that you reconsider. The brutality and senseless maiming and killing beautiful, intelligent and family oriented elephants is not necessary and the barbarians that participate harming them for money will result in mayhem. The elephants are often killed only for their tusks and left to die a slow a death in the cruel, harsh climate of their native continents. Please don't allow this. God does not intend for this. Godly people are to care and protect animals. We are only permitted to eat of their flesh if necessary, and even this is in question according to scripture. I personally think you are a terrific president but don't allow this. Please protect animals and our natural conservation. Your friend, Nanette Gordon

President Trump, Hurry and built that wall, My son is a BP and it's getting very scary out there....

Trump is totally unfit for office. Not only is he mentally unstable, he’s morally, ethically and politically corrupt. He must step down or be removed involuntarily. Our future depends on it.

God Bless you President Trump and your wonderful family ! Thank you for all your hard work for the American people ! Praying the left and right will work with you for our Nations good , for the American to people to stand with you ,not listen the very hateful media .A very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you all !!!

Do you think the turkeys enjoy watching sports? Please don't turn on any cooking shows. Maybe the Animal Planet. LOL =)

You little trolls need to crawl back under your bridge or into your parents basement, whichever works.. But keep posting because you give us all comic relief

I am thankful for our wonderful President D Trump and first Lady Melania Trump. Thank you for working hard to make America safe.

Don't kill the cute turkeys!!......just be their friends and welcome them in then release them back to mother nature.....they have the pain feelings....just like us........Go President Trump!!....:)

It's about turkeys people! Chilax and let it go for a moment! Dont steal their spotlight! Happy Thanksgiving!

ahhh, the trolls must have had a taco for dinner.. they are drooling at anything that they can say that is nasty about our President. time to get over it trolls, it's been a year already and we are fed up with your hatred....time to grow up and be human for a change or has your hatred so eaten you up that you don't know what a real human is?

I think this is wonderful but really we should be pardoning all turkeys. We don't need to eat animals to have a wonderful thanksgiving. This is funny though.

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Economic Boom

Analysts predict economic boom for 2018! Fox & Friends Varney & Co.

“President Trump is MAKING AMERICA WORK AGAIN. U.S. unemployment is down to 4.1% right now.”
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3 days ago


Comment on Facebook

Don't refer to Obama as President Obama. I am ashamed to have to say I voted for him. Gladly changed my registered party to Republican, just so I could vote for President Trump. I am proud to say that I am one of The Deplorables!!! Trump 2020 MAGA!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

It's very clear now that America picked the right guy to be our president and most likely he will be in the White House for the next seven years. Terrorism, North Korea and other problems. Donald Trump Is absolutely the guy. I will definitely vote for him again. America is winning again MAGA... WINNING

The undereducated will say trump is running on the coattails of the obama administration. Fortunately, it was getting worse until 2017. Liberals are just too stupid to realize this. As usual, they are a failure.

Our family is THANKFUL to GOD for you MR. PRESIDENT, our genuine leaders, our military, freedoms, and our country. We'll continue to pray. Have a blessed thanksgiving America.

My husband and I just passed through Jasper, Ala on a Thanksgiving trip. The railroad cars were endless and were filled to the brim with coal headed to the huge power plant near there. My husband remarked that seeing this represented possibly a thousand or so people back to work, from the coal miners to the coal processors; from railroad personnel to power plant personnel. What a great sight to see America moving again! Thank you, President Trump. There are so many of us out here who appreciate you and the work you are doing for our nation. May God abundantly bless you.

Respect for the incredible 45th President, who has already proven himself to be the greatest President since Abe Lincoln. God bless Donald Trump

Poor libs. They are living a never ending nightmare, they've been told bs all their lives, they've been able to lose an election that they heavy rigged, they're still talking about Russian, they're doing everything but trying to understand ""what happened (sic 😂)""... They still have no idea of the reasons why they have lost. So, thank you... We are already on #Trump2020 - take a seat - God Bless You!

Just admit it that when it comes to job creation you’re just riding the coattails of the Obama administration..

How's the indictment coming? Stop taking credit from the previous administration, we all know these numbers reflect the Obama administration put in place to drive out the unemployment rate. The only thing you've accomplished so far is to embarrass America on the world stage

We are so very fortunate to have a REAL leader! Thank you, President Trump! Keep up your good work. A LOT more people have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!! So many real thinking people understand and appreciates your presidency!!

Trump is keeping his promises to create jobs meeting with Manufacturers and business CEO’s, creating a tax plan that will Double the Standard Deduction for the middle class, getting rid of Obummers over-regulations. Glad he will have 7 more years to continue getting America back on track.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

In trucking, we can feel it. People are paying INSANE amounts to move their goods around the country, because they know they’ll make more than enough to cover all costs with the amount of revenue generating sales happening out there. Keep it flowing!!!

Thank you, President Obama....You pulled our country out of the huge recession, saved our companies, and put millions back to work....trump is still riding on your coat tails and bragging about “ his success”....trump reminds me of a six year old ....

how stupid are you. obama doubled the number of people on welfare/foodstamps/ increased unemployment because he played games with the numbers not counting all the people who chose not to work because it was easier to not. Doubled the national debt etc etc etc.

Knew when I decided to vote for the first time, (I was born before 1965), that I was voting for the BEST person for the job!! Thank you President Trump!!!

Love seeing all the same trolls ‘thanking obama’, ones calling for ‘impeachment’ and my personal favorite ‘what has he really done?’ Just makes me giggle! 🤭😂😂

Thank you President Obama for 83 months of economic growth. The majority of America knows 45 is just trying to take credit. We are one month into his budget. Economists are NOT saying there will be an economic boom. Dont believe a word 45 says or this opinion show. Just propaganda for 45! 58.7 % of America knows better!

Thanks mostly to President Obama since President Trump hasn’t signed a single piece of legislation that had an impact on the economy.

I guess all the republicans are going to ignore the fact that Obama’s economic policy did this. You are also aware that Trump has no economic policy. But we’re just going to ignore this and call it fake News? 😂😂

Please know Mr. President that you and the Patriots of our Republic are fighting against Satan and his demons for the very soul of our nation. Your supporters are with you and our resolve is unshaken. Please pray sir and stay strong. We are praying for you and appreciate what you are doing for us and our families. We are still here sir.

When Obama was President and unemployment was going down the Republitards kept saying those numbers were fake and America was "under-employed".. now they take the credit??? Hypocrites!

Anything good that happens is because of Obama, but anything bad is all Trump. I heard that somewhere but feel that its wrong. 🤔 #MAGA

The GDP Is growing, consumer confidence is at an all time high and more jobs opportunities are available for the middle class. I am proud of the progress President Trump is making for our country!

Amazing. So now that Obama is gone, GOPers are okay again with using the regular unemployment number, not workforce participation, huh? You bunch of ignorant hypocrites.

Not only does Obama have nothing to do with the million new jobs, he said it couldn't be done. He also said those jobs are gone forever and they will never com back.

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Cabinet Meeting

Today, the United States is designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago


Comment on Facebook

President Trump didn't bring division.. Division brought Trump!!! He's a true lover of America and what makes it great!!! Cov fe'fe 🎆🎉🎊

If Hillary had took throne it would have been the end of U.S.A Hell would have frozen over & wars would have started, it would have been a goodbye to your freedom folks.......

Can we send liberals to North Korea to realize what a real dictatorship and oppression is please??????????

This President is doing more great things for our country than has been done in such a very long time. It's very refreshing to have a man that is Patriotic back in the White House

Remember: Trump didn't create trade deals bad for America. Trump didn't create Diversity Visas admitting terrorists. Trump didn't cause Social Security problems. Trump didn't create the nuclear threat of North Korea. Trump didn't sell our Uranium. Trump didn't pay for fake dossiers. Trump didn't cause the Opioid crisis. Trump didn't cause Christians to be persecuted. Trump didn't cause the NFL to be corrupt. Trump didn't cause the Tax Code to be corrupt. Trump didn't cause Hillary to be corrupt. Trump didn't cause DC to be corrupt. Trump didn't cause the media to be corrupt. Trump didn't cause the immigration problems. Trump didn't cause our military to be downgraded. Trump didn't cause the sanctuary cities. Trump didn't cause our border security problems. Trump didn't cause the healthcare system problems. Trump didn't cause the VA problems. Trump didn't cause any of these problems and I could go on... But if you don't support the person elected to fix the problems only means one thing... YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

On behalf of Kenya, we support your resolve to end terror. On the same note, please reconsider your decision of allowing importation of ivory. Elephants are not flowers.

Thank you Mr. President are doing Exactly what The People Voted for you to do....we are very Proud of you and Very Thankful to have A President who Loves America and is Finally Putting Her First! God Bless you And Your Administration! 🇺🇸🤟❤️🙏🏼

Seriously. He is one of the smartest and most common sense Presidents we have ever had! Thats why the people voted for him and we will do it again. Since Regan all that has been in the White House is liars and corruption along with Congress. Look at the current economy and unemployment. Now who is the stupid one? The ones doing the griping and tearing up American need to go back to school to learn and also need to learn about patriotism! Get over it people.

If you will notice the ones that are against Our President Trump is the people that don't want change they want to see the USA destroyed.

How about designating America as a terror state? We are the worst instigator and funder of violence on the entire planet.

I am proud of our President. I wonder why the media don't even mention about his trips to Asia, specifically, the Time magazine and other magazines. What's wrong with these people. They hate him and don't give him credit. I guess, people will find out after 7 years in the office. History will tell the story.

It's our job to lead the free world to prosperity. Not cow tow and give in to every bully dictator with a mouth piece. Good on you Trump.

True Americans understand that giving billions of dollars to terrorist nation as obomba did,,,SOLVES NOTHING! Donald J. Trump is attempting to discourage the reckless actions of North Korea despite their history of terror and destruction. Anyone disputing Donald J. Trump's efforts, actions or decisions in this should live in North Korea for a year. Their public adore their terrorist leader because they have been brainwashed from decades of persuasion much like Americas liberals~~~ Nuke um Donald~~~

How about trying to work on what you promised where is the healthcare , jobs? You been in office for almost a year and have did nothing except make a fool of yourself 😪

Past presidents appeased NK by giving them money to dismantle their nuclear weapons. That didn't happen. So past presidents just gave away American tax payer money for nothing. I support President Trumps handling of the threats of NK.

A nuclear war with North Korea will definitely distract us from the indictments coming for the trump administration. Also when the tax plan starts tanking economy he can blame it on the war.

I can understand why. sir, any nation with nuclear weapons has weapons of mass destruction. Obama to me committed treason when he gave money to Iran that they can use for nuclear weapons research and development. Prayers.

President Trump, for the last 8 years N. Korea has gotten away with so much.Since we have a Great & Strong Leader who leads from the front not the back, that Dictator will take the United States seriously! God Bless You <3

Anything to distract from the fact that Russian banks own you.

Thank You President Trump for putting the working class back to work. And thanks for not putting down the folks that didn’t get a college education that loves this country and just wants to work for a living.

Donald Trump will be indicted for obstruction of justice, conspiracy, money laundering, perjury and he will face State charges for election fraud. State charges will be significant because it takes away the President's ability to pardon himself and other members of the conspiracy against the United States of America. Bob Cousins there are numerous intercepted communications by the intelligence agencies that will wrap everything up completely. Bobby remember who shared it with you first. A retired car salesperson from Buffalo, Missouri.

Thank you, President Trump. We love you! 💙 When threats are posed in one way or another, even if not carried out, that should definitely constitute terrorism. When an entire nation has to be in constant 'braced for battle' mode b/c of one Looney Tunes North Korean madman, that's also terrorism.💙🇺🇲💙

So what exactly does it mean to be a state sponsor of terrorism? Hasn't the USA committed acts of terrorism in foreign countries? Hasn't the USA been complicit in assassinations? Overthrowing governments? So basically, if you don't do what the USA wants, you're a terrorist. Do you really think this comes from the president? Give me s break. This has been in the works for a long time. Just wait until the state police departments start throwing around charges of terrorism for nothing.

It is a fact that North Korea is a sponsor of terrorism, probably more than we know. It was a mistake for the Bush administration to remove them from the terrorism list as part of a nuclear deal, which, of course, the North Koreans did not abide by.

Goldman -Sachs came out with an economic outlook report for 2018. Solid growth, booming stock market and the lowest unemployment since 1960 !! Great job Mr. President !!

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Republican Senators are working very hard to get Tax Cuts and Tax Reform approved...they do not want to disappoint the American public!

Republican Senators are working very hard to get Tax Cuts and Tax Reform approved...they do not want to disappoint the American public! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago


Comment on Facebook

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for president Donald J Trump and his administration. May your grace be always with them. ♡

Finally a President that is showing the world he means business and will not tolerate ignorant, fake people and media. President Donald Trump the Man, Our Legend and POTUS!!! IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT OUR PRESIDENT, THEN GET OUT OF AMERICA!!! #MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Fire all those Obama appointees and get moving. If the GOP doesn't want to stand behind you - - - walk over them. You have enough support from the Deplorables.

This proposal is a sham, and the American people know it. Even if a bill does pass (unlikely), its effects will be reversed in the next political cycle. GOP is throwing away a chance to bring sensible reform to the corporate tax code (lower the rate while reducing loop holes) in favor of fleeting spoils for themselves and their donors. Sad!

You can get the same effect by raising the minimum wage, eliminating student debt and legalizing marijuana and you would be hailed as a national hero....

Repub Senators do not care about American public...they are puppets of the Globalists/ UN...and will do as told...totally owned ..RINOS like McCain...McConnell...Susan Collins...Flake...Rubio...Ryan are working openly against our President...will make sure its not gonna pass Senate...just like obamacare Repeal...SAD for our country...but true unfortunately. JMO.

LOL I see the TROLLS are out in mass today, President Trump and the government must be doing something right. These TROLLS always come out of thier snake caves when they feel threatened. LOL

$1182 a year which is $99 a month which is $20.75 a week which is $5 each for each family member is a joke...give corporate welfare the 1182 and give the millions to citizens...but of course Uncle Sam would rather beat down the middle class and give them $5 a week and think we should be so grateful...the greatest countries have health care for all....and take care of its citizens...instead the US gov't beats down its citizens and gives to the wealthy...Uncle Sam is very sick indeed

President Trump, please stand firm in doing away with the ACA mandate and Obamacare for good! We are part of the hardworking middle class that voted for you and republican lawmakers to end the Obamacare nightmare! We simply cannot afford it. Please do not back down now.😔

Im betting tax cuts wont pass. Not 1democrat care about the American people along with certain corrupt republicans.. Mccain, flake, corker, NY reps, ect ect.. What a shame.. Vote them out asap. Go trump !!! Keep up the good work !

the greedy GOP only wants to give tax breaks to the wealthy and their corporate masers. Reaganomics was a dismal failure, but the greed of the GOP causes them to not care.

your first job is to protect American citizens, to tweet you should have left the basketball players in China was one of the dumbest things you have tweeted in a long time, and your tweets about the NFL? don't you have a job to do , believe it the majority of Americans want the tweets to stop, middle school kids probably don't tweet as much as you do

Remember when you said that if you were president you would put H & R block out of business? Just wondering when you plan on doing that? This tax plan stinks! Did you have the swamp creatures write it? Now don't get me wrong its better than the crap we have now, but we deserve better!!!!!!!!

If the tax cut doesn't pass. Trump needs to take a long golf tour and see how they like that. I would disappear from public view. Try to accelerate the Russian collusion and end that. Then, fire Sessions and start cleaning house or drain the swamp. I would dedicate the rest of his term in trying to load congress with his supporters; even if he had to run on another party. It's obvious he is not supported by the entire republicans or any democrats and was elected on his own merit. There are many people like me that voted for him. I am no longer a Democrat (because Democrats are no longer Democrats). I was never a Republican with people like the Bush's. So run on your own platform. F it.

Appealing to your base and usual. I wonder when you get time to get anything done since you're always on twitter insulting everyone that disagrees with you. What a role model you are.

Hoping the Republicans block this bill and a real tax restructure plan appears, one that doesn't punish the middle class for not having many children.

Whoever votes against it won't be elected again when the next election comes around. Just whisper that in all their idiot ears.....We the people have spoken and they aren't doing their job we hired them for if they vote no....just say "YOU"RE FIRED>>>>>>>

154 years ago today the President of the United States wrote and delivered the Gettysburg Address. Today the President of the United States said this: "Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!" We had an OK run.

Democrat's and a few Republican's are doing nothing to help the country only stagnate the economy like it's been for almost ten years !

Unfortunately, the Trump/GOP proposed tax reform legislation is very disappointing to the American public. This proposed legislation is a huge gift to the 1% wealthiest Americans while leaving middle and lower income Americans to pick up the bill. Read the proposed legislation, not the Trump and GOP lying lips.

Please disappoint me. The senate and house bills suck. Not to mention what you and your band of idiots have already done to health care premiums. I know Obamacare has issues but you with your big mouth have only made things worse.

Your going to make the American people unhappy for the kids who are going after their masters and PhD degrees they shouldn't have to pay more because they choose to get a higher education. Now kids won't get a higher education because no one will be able to afford it.

Why does my state only receive about 75cents for the Federal $1? Now if they take away SALT we won't get that? Why doesn't the plan stop taking from Donor states? The taker states should pay their fair share.

Please try to do what is right and fair! Screwing the little guy to help the big guy to create jobs is not right. Helping the little guy while helping the big buy to create jobs is good. It would be nice if the Republicans had a better marketing team to sell your ideas. The Dems to a much better job of attacking everything you are trying to accomplish. Work on that! #MAGA

When the "Rich" get their taxes raised, they just pass it on to you - they are not hurt, you are. Wake up to this scam! Long tome Democrat scam - taxing the rich. The rich aren't hurt, they are just used as a collection department that you have to pay in to. It's the same scam as the "Minimum Wage" hype where it just cost everybody more.

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Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt. We WILL, and must, build the WALL!

Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt. We WILL, and must, build the WALL! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago


Comment on Facebook

Build that wall and build it tall! As an Australian we have no idea why some Americans have a problem with stopping ILLEGAL immigration!

Trump goes with what the people want. Not the mainstream media and the corrupt bureaucrats. Who, by the way, are having a hard time in Europe and now Canada with unfettered immigration and open borders. We are all so surprised.

This death is on the head of every Senator, Representative, and POTUS who has ever stood in the way of a real border wall being built. Build the Wall President Trump!

I live en El Paso Texas border city and close by where the border patrol agent was killed. These Border Patrol agents provide a lot of security to our border cities especially ones like El Paso. We need enforced security and a wall to further enhance and deter illegal immigration and these atrocities. Condolences to the agent killed.

What I don't understand, people build wall/fence around their houses. People live in gated community. People put on house alarm to protect their property. What makes the people against the wall for our country as huge as U.S?? It's our biggest house & love ones live in it.... the rich & famous even have body guards around them... not us regular people... so why disagreeing with building a wall???

Let's get it done! This should have done been taken care of decades ago. Finally we have a real leader that's not in it for the career.

YES! And arm the Border Patrol/Customs Agents with more ADVANCED weaponry! Illegals sentenced to prison time-send them back to their country to serve their time. Our prisons/jails are OVER-FLOWING, as it is.. Prayers for the families involved in this.

550 people shot in Vegas - nothing, 29 churchgoers shot in TX, nothing, 33,000 gun deaths - nothing, one border guard - $17Bn wall.

You have been correct all along, Mr. President, and now the horrible consequences of those interfering with your efforts have produced these murders.

Build the wall we support you. Major jobs, major growth ahead.

President Trump doing Exactly what The American People Voted him to do! Thank you Mr. President~ We Love and Appreciate you putting America First once Again!!!! 🇺🇸💗🙂🤟✌🏼🥀💪🏼

That's my President!! We love you President Trump! You are the best President in at least 50 years! Please help disabled people get on social security faster and easier!!!

The only time you respond to deaths so quickly is when it works in your favor to strengthen your reasoning for your sick ideas

No doubt this agent was murdered with a gun supplied to the cartels by Obama and Holder with their gun running operation Fast & Furious. these killers are now probably hiding out in some sanctuary city or state.

If all the Illegals we're going to vote Republican not Demorcrat, the wall would already be built, big and tall. Democratic are against it be because they want the illegals one day to vote. Plain and simple

The only reason we need to build the wall is because so many people refuse to respect our borders, illegally cross, and then demand their rights, which they have none as non citizens, as far as I'm concerned. We also need to adopt Mexico's Immigration Laws. Best deterrent ever, and it's cheap, just pass the law. I don't care how long you've lived here and how many kids you had while living here, illegal is illegal and should be deported, otherwise there is no punishment for the crime, which sets a bad precedent.

That's the dumbest thing I read today.

people who want that border open have a personal agenda against scrutinizing who comes over it illegally......I don't buy into the humanitarian reason for one minute

I say build the wall after we purge the communist democrats from our Republic! While this corrupt government (Trump excluded) still has power, I want a way out! And always be dillegent of folks bringing "democracy" to our shores! As long as this government allowes Ovomit and Killery to walk around free they cannot be trusted!

We will NOT build a wall! If Trump and his deluded conned supporters want to set up a Go Fund Me fine, but less than 20% of Americans want a $30BILLION wall! Not happening! F Trump and his ignorant Supporters

One killed, one badly hurt = build wall. Hundreds MURDERED in mass shootings = don’t even speak of gun control. This is one of many, many reasons that I cannot support this president and his agenda.

I took your survey yesterday that arrived in my gmail. The wall is one of my major concerns. You're doing a great job President Donald J. Trump. We must ignore the haters because they're the minority now regardless of their delusional thinking that there are more of them than us Trump supporters.

so the people against the border wall dont believe in a secure country for everyone , do they practice what they preach , they dont lock their house doors at night , dont close their garage , leave their cars unlocked ???

I love how some fault Trump yet the US is the only country to incentivize illegal entry and not protect its borders. We need the wall yesterday and a stronger system to screen entry and potential candidates for citizenship.

The deaths of these Border Patrol are the direct result of the efforts by liberal democrats to promote the illegal entrance into the United States by criminals, perverts, and drug dealers. HRC and others are personally responsible for the horrendous deaths of these officers.

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Donald J. Trump is with Dr. Gina.
Donald J. Trump
End the Opioid Crisis

We must resolve to END the opioid epidemic. Let’s come together as a nation to end this crisis once and for all! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago


Comment on Facebook

If you really are serious in ending the "Opiate" crisis; then, make opiates illegal and legalize Cannabis to be used as pain relief! Problem solved!

The real emergency is the refusal to fairly treat those with true chronic pain. This campaign does nothing for real sufferers, but instead makes all those in need of pain relief appear to be addicts. It's time to care fo those with chronic pain issues with the medications that actually give them some relief, not to threaten them daily, telling them they are soon to loose any real pain relieving medication. It's a political system void of compassion for the true sufferers.

U people have no idea what u are doing to the people who actually need these pain pills & who don't abuse them!!!!!! What is gonna happen is a epidemic of Heroin overdoses all over this country. It's sad!!!!

Trump will do a great job if the people will back him and quit complaining about everything he does.

As long as our borders are unsecure and the weak judges in our system fail us, it will be a challenge to do anything.

Lets start with giving control of prescribing back to doctors and not patient satisfaction scores. The healthcare system turned into hospitality services not healthcare. Allow doctors to refuse to prescribe without it effecting reimbursement.

Keep natural plants legal. Marijuana and kratom can do wonders to help people with chronic pain and help get off of the drugs but being big pharmaceutical has there hands in it I doubt they will listen.

Please do it in such a way that people who are on an opioid legitimately for a real need does not get hurt by your plan! They do NOT deserve to suffer because some people cannot control themselves.

There are many in severe pain and they are being punished bc of addicts .I was in 3 car accident had to take and got Demerol shots but when one has pain it goes to the pain u don't get high. Addicts smoke crack, flaks, bath salt ,cleaning products and so many other things

I agree but in the process you are making it hard for people who actually need pain killers and the Drs are afraid to give a prescription.. I have a compression fracture in a vertebrae causing severe pain in my back and legs and I have to live with it because of this...drug addicts are the only ones who can get drugs and methadone is free another example of our governments blindness to the working people and law abiding citizens. SMH

Opioid epidemic is represented by the corruption in congress and the failures of the clintons bush and obama glad to see Trumpism rising in I will be voting for Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate

What about those of us who need them, but can't get them because of this nonsense? The VA is useless and their witch doctors are inept, at best. Especially the one in Viera, FL.

You need to legalize marijuana Mr. President !! Thats a start ....second get rid of that old dust bag sessions his agenda is out of touch and needs to be removed

It's funny seeing all the libs speak up for the addicted and other weak fools that turn to the Vicodin or Percocet because of a paper-cut. Yes, it's a shame that our health care system has become the subject of a particular Curtis Mayfield song. Opioids are NOT for long term pain. They are for short term pain. Like, immediately after MAJOR SURGERY. You know, the kind of bone crushing, paralyzing, soul killing pain that one experiences once the shock of physical trauma wears off. Not arthritis, not back pain, not migraines. In other words: Unless you were in Afghanistan and just had your leg blown off, the shock was beginning to wear off and just before the screaming sets in, THEN and only then should you be administered/prescribed opioids for 'pain'. NOT when you sprained your ankle! The responsibility for this epidemic should be placed on the shoulders of the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors beholden to it! Just my opinion.

We must resolve to end the epidimic of poverty (tax scam)! Mass shootings and murder epidimic, Healthcare epidemic, housing epidimic, lack of livable wage epidemic, organized religion epidimic, Republican lies epidimic but most importantly.... the US *Fake President* pandimic! #RESIGN

National healthcare would help end the opioid epidemic. Insurance companies push drugs on doctors and patients because it costs them less than other forms of care. Doctors push drugs on patients because they get a kickback from the companies to promote certain brands. And the government gets lobby money to keep the cycle going.

Guess the people who actually need pain medication should just suffer. Screw all the innocent people who that medication helps. We need to take it away from everyone because junkies who don't want help are killing themselves on it. Innocent people shouldn't have to suffer just so junkies can't get pills as easily

If it's medically necessary ; we CANT put patients through terrible pain because the doctors are afraid to prescribe pain medications. I was certified pain management nurse and if there is medical need, refusing to give pain meds is CRUEL and many people will then turn to illegal medication or worse. I walked the streets to get you elected, many people are in chronic pain due to joint, neurological conditions, paralysis, disease and PTSD; we must have options for pain management. The doctors are running scared... I was with a patient as an advocate whom went through a partial kidney removal at a hospital and they only wanted to give him one Vicodin for a 300 pound post operative male. I was outraged; as he was in agony and this happened 6 months ago. I have been a nurse for 30+ years and this down RIGHT CRUEL.

Perhaps it should be legalized, would take billions away from criminal gangs plus reduces overall crime.

Why is it that when it comes to drugs we have a drug problem, but when it comes to guns the argument is "guns don't kill people do."? Well, with that argument then are the needles jumping into peoples hands? Are the pills jumping into their mouths? Don't get me wrong, we have a problem, both drugs and guns. Stop continuing to use both subjects as political pawns!

Maybe start with getting rid of the CIA, as so much seems to point to them using that money for their black opps.

What we need is free REHAB for everyone! You want to call it a disease, treat it like one. Use all that welfare money and pay for rehab instead. Make welfare recipients work for their money.

National Emergency or Public health is not. Choice of a is. Truth be known, uh oh. .here comes the back lash, most opioid users (junkies) never had a Dr script. Its a good excuse, just not the truth. Yup, many family and friends that are junkies, and have buried. Some have used the Dr blaming...but never had injuries. Disease, it is not. Choice, it is.

Then declare it a National Emergency and not just a Public Health Emergency. You know the difference and chose to not allow funding for the crisis which is killing thousands of Americans daily. Live up to your campaign promise!

What about the people that these medicines help? That take it for their pain and take it correctly??? Nobody cares. Some people are ignorant enough to think that if you take any of these life changing meds that they are messed up all the time. These meds do a lot of good along with the bad.

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I have long given the order to help Argentina with the Search and Rescue mission of their missing submarine. 45 people aboard and not much time left. May God be with them and the people of Argentina!

51 Million American to travel this weekend - highest number in twelve years (AAA). Traffic and airports are running very smoothly! @FoxNews

Preparations are underway to celebrate the holidays at the @WhiteHouse!

Preparations are underway to celebrate the holidays at the @WhiteHouse!
Preparations are underway to celebrate the holidays at the @WhiteHouse!
Preparations are underway to celebrate the holidays at the @WhiteHouse!
Preparations are underway to celebrate the holidays at the @WhiteHouse!

Will be having meetings and working the phones from the Winter White House in Florida (Mar-a-Lago). Stock Market hit new Record High yesterday - $5.5 trillion gain since E. Many companies coming back to the U.S. Military building up and getting very strong.

@realDonaldTrump The ungratefulness is something I’ve never seen before. If you get someone’s son out of prison, he should be grateful to you! Period. I don’t care. If Hillary got my kid out of prison, as much as I hate the woman, I’d thank her corrupt ass!

The NFL is now thinking about a new idea - keeping teams in the Locker Room during the National Anthem next season. That’s almost as bad as kneeling! When will the highly paid Commissioner finally get tough and smart? This issue is killing your league!.....

...LaVar, you could have spent the next 5 to 10 years during Thanksgiving with your son in China, but no NBA contract to support you. But remember LaVar, shoplifting is NOT a little thing. It’s a really big deal, especially in China. Ungrateful fool!

It wasn’t the White House, it wasn’t the State Department, it wasn’t father LaVar’s so-called people on the ground in China that got his son out of a long term prison sentence - IT WAS ME. Too bad! LaVar is just a poor man’s version of Don King, but without the hair. Just think..

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that #DonaldTrump and #RoyMoore have brought excrement upon all the values and sacred principles of the United States of America.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that #DonaldTrump and #RoyMoore have brought excrement upon all the values and sacred principles of the United States of America.

#DonaldTrump Trump et son mur au Mexique on en parle?

@goingglocal @ruff2002 ★⚌🇺🇸⚌★⚌🇺🇸 ⚌★
Be Part Of The First 3 Million

#DonaldTrump Has Brought Us To The Brink Of Nuclear War, Obstructed Justice, And Taken Money From Foreign Governments.

We Must Impeach This Dangerous President Now

➤➤ @TomSteyer

@goingglocal @ruff2002 ★⚌🇺🇸⚌★⚌🇺🇸 ⚌★
Be Part Of The First 3 Million

#DonaldTrump Has Brought Us To The Brink Of Nuclear War, Obstructed Justice, And Taken Money From Foreign Governments.

We Must Impeach This Dangerous President Now

➤➤ @TomSteyer

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that #DonaldTrump and #RoyMoore have brought excrement upon all the values and sacred principles of the United States of America.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that #DonaldTrump and #RoyMoore have brought excrement upon all the values and sacred principles of the United States of America.

I predict that #DonaldTrump will go bankrupt whilst in office. People are boycotting Trump owned entities fast. #trump #TrumpTrain #POTUS #MAGA #TaxReform #cnn #Republicans #GOP #Donaldjtrump #RoyMoore #FakeNews #Alabama #AlabamaSenateRace #AlabamaSenate

I predict that #DonaldTrump will go bankrupt whilst in office. People are boycotting Trump owned entities fast. #trump #TrumpTrain #POTUS #MAGA #TaxReform #cnn #Republicans #GOP #Donaldjtrump #RoyMoore #FakeNews #Alabama #AlabamaSenateRace #AlabamaSenate

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that #DonaldTrump and #RoyMoore have brought excrement upon all the values and sacred principles of the United States of America.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that #DonaldTrump and #RoyMoore have brought excrement upon all the values and sacred principles of the United States of America.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that #DonaldTrump and #RoyMoore have brought excrement upon all the values and sacred principles of the United States of America.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that #DonaldTrump and #RoyMoore have brought excrement upon all the values and sacred principles of the United States of America.

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