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59,000+ Celebrities & Public Figures
14,000+ Representatives
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7,000+ Entertainment Companies
Phone, Fax & Email
Verified Mailing Addresses
Dynamic Lookup Technology
Lightning-Fast Online Database
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Tequila anyone? “I’m not throwing away my shot”! Thanks to every mother-daughter-sister-friend-cousin-neice-companion-partner who joined us on the #Girl’sGetAwayCruise. #OmagonHAL #pajamaparty

A post shared by Oprah (@oprah) on

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I got to interview Oprah’s Team (Dr. Oz, Adam Glassman, Nate Berkus, Suze Orman, Martha Beck & Lisa Ling) and hear Oprah speak during the O, The Oprah Magazine’s Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Oprah Winfrey attends the 'O', The Oprah Magazine's Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center on October 15, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Oprah Winfrey attends ‘O’, The Oprah Magazine’s Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center on October 15, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey attends the 'O', The Oprah Magazine's Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center on October 15, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Mehmet Oz attends the ‘O’, The Oprah Magazine’s Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center on October 15, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey attends the 'O', The Oprah Magazine's Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center on October 15, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gayle King attends the ‘O’, The Oprah Magazine’s Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center on October 15, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Oprah Winfrey attends the 'O', The Oprah Magazine's Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center on October 15, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Oprah Winfrey attends the ‘O’, The Oprah Magazine’s Fifth Annual O YOU!, at the Georgia World Congress Center on October 15, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

This was fun! I surprised some WW. Weight Watchers Reimagined. members to congratulate them on their weight loss. Here's a clip of Eric's reaction to my call. Visit to hear the rest, including the incredible story of how Eric's WW community rallied to help him lose weight. Way to go, Eric! #WWwednesday #wellnessthatworks #OWandWW ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I don’t have words to express my gratitude to you, Oprah! This is the most exciting event that’s ever happened to me! THANK YOU so much for surprising me! I still can’t believe it happened! Also, is it ok that I call you my bestie now? 😉 LOVE YOU OPRAH!!!


Wow congratulations TANTIÔ super i am so happy everything for you thanks my love frist lady namaste

That call was the "bonus" of the effort. I'm sure he was not looking for a validation of his effort but it does help others to get motivated, of course not expecting a call from Oprah (or who knows) but certanly to understand that everything is possible. By improving and work on yourself you will gain better health and for sure new friends CONGRATULATIONS on your work Eric Gonzales

Beautiful and congrats to Eric

I lost 25lbs on weight watchers in 2013. It was great back I found it so easy then sadly over the years, I put it back on. I tried to get on WW last month with no luck. I found it so hard with the new point system. They have changed a lot of things. A little disappointed, hopefully I’ll find something for me. 💙

So fun! I saw the ad last night and loved how you made their day!

#OWandWW Congratulations Eric Gonzalez on your phenomenal weight loss! “What a wonderful accomplishment!”

Now my birthday is today one of my wishes to FaceTime with Oprah Winfrey this is so cool

I wish I will hear your voice

Beloved Oprah, what a Blessing you are. You never lost the common touch. God Bless

Congratulations wish it was me though

Congratulations Eric on your journey to great health!

🔹Oprah Honey🔹love that is so marvelous🔹a surprise and the joy of it 💛🔹

I love oprah it's my biggest wish to meet you I really proud of you as a woman God bless you madam ❤❤

This is Beautiful. Well done Eric so deserving of this surprise . You are the best Mama Oprah Winfrey . Its affordable and truly works. Weightloss Friendly Coffee with an added energy boost that lasts 10 hours!! 😃 No crash! Delicious!

wow! i wonder what will happen if i received a call from oprah,maybe,my life will turn into a fairytale!OMG! i'll be famous here in our country 😀😀 (JUST A DREAM😂😂)

O love you oprah love nice help mee

this must have been fun! i had some good effects with WW in the past, but currently i'm back a student and can't afford the abo 🙂 instead though, i started walking everywhere! *fingers crossed more or less i remember the parameters, but i just think WW is a great tool to use everyday to have some control and evaluation.

Please share and Help support me and my family. It’s hard times for all of us and I really would like to bring my mother home and or see her before her cremation so please everyone help us with just a small donation 🙏🏽

I am going to join...and WALK.....doing it for me...need to do "something" For me....tis time...ty Oprah. ..LOVE your food line...yummy!!!!!!!

Oprah, too funny!!! Love it! Congrats Eric! ( FYI- I think Imagonna loose weight now 😉 ring ring ring 🎶🎵)

You continue to do the impossible! 🙌🏾❤️

This was worth joining WW for. A real encounter with Lady O! So cool.💙💛💚

Elizabeth Lesser 2014
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Happy Easter Oprah, big love from Bali Indonesia 💝

Happy Easter blessings and Good day Oprah and everyone Watching from South Carolina ✌😇🙏🤗❤👋

Happy birthday 🎉🎂 everyone is blessed that you were born. So many lessons. Thank you for always sharing your wisdom

This is soooo beautiful. Thank you Oprah for all you are and for all you do. Thank you for bringing God in to our homes in different ways. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for sharing your amazing soul with us and touching our hearts for are truly a Blessing Oprah

Accepting Christ, knowing and trusting his love as salvation into eternity. Living in the now of Christ love is great.

If ever you come to Montreal. I will open my home to you with pleasure. Then we can have a family meal together and enjoy the day. You are my mentor sweet soul ❤️❤️

I’m so glad you did not listen to the nay sayers!! So appreciate this program and all the wise and inspiring messages!!

Happy Easter ms Oprah Winfrey love u always I use to love you and still do . U use to come on at 4 o’clock I miss the show but love u an you my roll model tunning in from Madison florida

Happy Easter Oprah from Madeira Island (Portugal) Hugs & Smiles 😘🙏🌻

Two great ladies that gave such motivations and self awarness to who we are and how to self heal happy eadter ELizabeth and Oprap happy Easter

Happy Birthday, Oprah!! I love you and am grateful to you for being a pointer in my life on my journey toward wholeness. Many blessings to you - 💚😘🎂

Been watching you since you first appeared on TV . I was a 14 I am 50 and Ive always been drawned to you such a great spirit. Love Love you. Thanks for being you 🙏

Gratitude is one of the best gifts ... I am beyond grateful to many that have touched my and our families lives 🙏🐣😇

My beloved Oprah wishing you all the best in life and more with long life much happiness all the years ♥️you’re an inspiration to all of us ♥️♥️🇬🇷🇬🇷

Oh my jeepers I so love and need this session ! Much love to you both amazing inspirational empowering ladies 💕💪🏼 Break Open !

Happy Birthday Oprah. You are an inspiration to me, i wish you well just about to finish reading Uberman . Almost Super Human so fantastic and fascinating

Elizabeth & Oprah thank you two for this conversation. I am in Brazil 🇧🇷 listening and learning. Thanks!

Thanks oprah for this great gift you gave us on this easter morning you are a special person that leaved a special love in our soul happy easter

I have always said that when we get to the other side we are all going to be surprised. The beauty is that we don’t know...

I was working so much that I couldn’t watch all your show when they were on. Then you were gone. I miss you so much! Anyway to get all your episodes on DVD ?

One of my all time favorite Super Soul Sundays! Happy Easter everyone! Let us all be thankful for our loved ones daily!

Happy Easter to both you guys Oprah Love covers a multitude of sin that's the word of God so Yass spread the Love

So amazing I'll pray to god to remove the veil for all of us too thank you Oprah for this great show 😍😍😍

Blessed Easter and also Blessed story ! Life is fragile but how strong is our spirit ! God works with us in very mysterious ways to enrich our life and get us back on track in a blessing way !

So Proud of you Gayle! And you Ava for capturing the spirit of her in your words. #Time100

So Proud of you Gayle! And you Ava for capturing the spirit of her in your words. #Time100 ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I love Gayle King. She is a super role model for all to see. Her role as a best friend touches my soul. Her smile on camera warms my heart. Her sweet humor is inspiration for everyone. She is a woman of great character. Sure would love to have a one on one with her. She’s my kind of lady. Oh, I turn on the morning news just to see what dress and shoes she is wearing. A girl has to have a nice dress. So classy. Lovvvvvvvvve a good looking dress on a lady. Gayle King you are not only a phenomenal woman but a woman that sparkles for all to see. Your future is so bright it burns my eyes. So glad you are YOU! You are a teacher, role model and fabulous friend. Congratulations!!!’ This is a well deserved recognition for a super lady that is classy and fine! 🎊🌸🎁❤️🥰😘😍💕🎉🎈🌸🌸

We're in trouble if she is in the top 100. I don't have a problem with her per se but the top 100 is a reach, mho

"Congratulations " Gayle..... a well deserved recognition for her true talent and professionalism in this world of women.. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😀😀😀

May the Blessings of the Lord for your life continue to overtake and run you down! 💛

Love Gayle King. A breath of fresh air on Morning Show. Smart, funny, curious and fair.

I also meant to say im waiting on your new fragrance for men and woman we will call it The O scent !!!!!

Congratulations, Gayle! This is your time to shine.

When I retired several years ago, I would wake each morning and enjoy my coffee with CBS morning news. I was especially drawn to Gayle King, whose reporting style I could relate to. She's has such a natural demeanor in her delivery of the news and I Love her personal comments. I've never met Gayle, and yet I consider her a friend, someone I can trust to be honest and truthful when reporting. Congratulations Ms King.

Congratulations Gayle King!! So deserved!!! You keep Going!! I've been a FAN for years!! So happy for you!! ♥️🙂🙌

🔆Every time I want people to calm someone down, I be joking 'n softly utter: "Robert. Robert." 😁 She should had won an Emmy for that alone!!!👏 🔆(I watch 'n still tape the morning show!!!) 🔆 Congratulations!!!! 📖

I worked as a college intern with Gayle in the late 70's at WDAF TV in Kansas City. What a professional!

I'm giving up my twins for adoption,anyone who is interested should pm me so that we can do this officially...TIA

Wow. Wow. Wow. That's so awesome! Well deserved, Gayle!!

Gayle King, I start my day with you. Congratulations

Don't know what Time wrote but she always seems like a such a genuinely beautiful soul.

Friendship is what keeps us all going. Whether it is with a bff or a spouse, it is the highlight of the day or week to be able to share experiences and laugh. So happy for this recognition of Gayle who is a terrific friend but also a force on her own. Great example for young people everywhere ❤️❤️

Wow!!! A huge congratulations to you Gail!!! Amazing.

Congratulations! Gayle is very professional in all she does...especially when she sits in the car waiting for a tune 🎶to end, much like most of us do! 😂 All kidding aside, this was a well-deserved recognition of her true talent and professionalism.

I am such a big fan and after her interview with what’s his name.... I really was impressed at how calm Gale remained..for if I was in her shoes-I would have lost my cool! Way to go Gale and I love how you accessorize with glasses!

We all adore Gayle. What a phenomenal woman, down to earth, funny and very smart🌟✨🤗

Thanks for sharing this Oprah,Gayle is Awesome,also what a Beautiful Cover Photo!

Oprah thank you for sharing this awesome news. It is a well deserved recognition. Congratulations Gayle King! Love, light, peace and blessings. 🙏🏾❤️😂👏🏾🎉

Awesome! Congratulations Gayle King 🎉 You are one smart and classy lady. Your love for news is obvious to all! I was honored to meet you on the Girls Get O-Way Cruise.

You deserve it Gayle. I still miss you XM radio show. Congratulations!

Congrats to your bestie Gayle on this momentous achievement 👏🏻

BJ Miller
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

My daughters body was covered with flowers before she was cremated.It was very comforting and beautiful.She was also covered with a sheer white cloth and that was beautiful.💝

Good Morning Oprah lot's of blessings watching from San Antonio Tx

Thank you Oprah for this fabulous show, it has bless my life so much. God bless you. #oprahWinfrey #OWN

Life is really truly what you make it and it’s important to be thankful for everyday we are given on this beautiful earth!

I experienced that with my father when he took his last breath. It was a wonderful event. Words can’t explain that feeling.

Amazing positivity and living in the present moment. Truly an example to us all. God bless and keep you.🙏❤💕

I've given up my life to help my mom take care of my daddy. Im so blessed that I can spend a lot of time with my parents!-♡♡♡♡

Good morning #LadyO!♡ Thank you and your BFF Gail King for those beautiful Oprah magazines, I greatly appreciate them. Now my next step is to meet you and your bestsie, and do a lay out model print ad in your magazine.

Good morning Oprah thank you for all you do for this world. I remember when I was a kid we loved watching you on the news here in Baltimore. Thanks for sharing this story.

Beautiful guy brilliant interview thank you for sharing your wisdom 💜💛💚

I love Dr BJ Miller. Thank you for sharing.💞💞💞

Oprah brings another life enhancing informative real soul filling story. I love you Oprah 🙏 hope to meet you in my life, on my bucket list💜

Good morning from Kalama, Washington. Love you Oprah. Your compassion for life and others shines. <3

Ok Soul Sunday family. Gotta run. Have an amazing week and please be kind to yourself and surround yourself ONLY with people who see you as a priority!! 😍

You need to meet my daughter. 19 years of chronic pain and illness. Decided to take herself off narcotics and have pain and life instead of being drugged. She wrote about it. Amazing!

Wow. That is true. We do become part of the earth and trees and water. That must be why I feel so energized and my creativity opens up when I'm by the water. #mindblown

Good Morning so are we going to just not talk about this completely false Michael Jackson documentary that just blew up in everyone’s face 🤷🏾‍♀️ ☕️

Hello Oprah, my first time catching your show live. I am sure you have something for all of us to enjoy. Thank you for all you do in this world.

Anything what Oprah is doing or any interesting interviews is fantastic! Lots of fab motivational informations like her! Greetings from UK 🇬🇧. Lichfield!

Good morning 😃☀️🌞 Oprah you look gorgeous and beautiful as always, You have a wonderful day take care be safe god bless you your family and friends from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 with love ❤️🙏✌️❤️

Life is about living, so let's make the best of it. We only live once, as far as we know. So don't sweat over small stuff. Love!!!

Oprah, my daughter is a product of the opiod big pharma of the 90s. Just wrote about it and her choice to get off the drugs and live with pain. Read Jessica Jorgensen "Revelations " 1, 2 and 3 on Facebook.

Oprah, I am still waiting to hear from you! Did you manage to read "The Persian Lover" ? It is now in Screenplay!

Yes, my dad has grade 2 brain cancer.. 3 years and 3 brain surgers followed by 2 blood clots that went through his heart and into his lungs.. ots been so hard! I cry everday!😭😭😭

We are here on this earth to help our fellow man how ever we can, even if its only a hand shake, or a smile. You do not know what is going on in someone is going through until you ask them.

Ran into Brie Larson back stage at Women In The World. She was wearing the cutest outfit ever and gave me lessons in French Tuck-ing that Tan France had given her. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Everyone look so beautiful and happy. God bless you guys.

Superb favorite Lady adore I love you⁦❤️⁩💞💕

Oprah your wonderful!! Just love this show and love you!!!💞💞💝💝😍😍

Love you Oprah you have the most beautiful heart on the earth 💋God bless you baeb❤❤

"I have never seen it look this good". That was so thoughtful and encouraging. If I tried this look I would look pregnant. I have a belly. 🙂 But it does look nice on her. Have a beautiful day ladies.

You both look beautiful I like it it's real.

Oprah your wonderful!! love and love you!!!💞💞

I will say this.. when I see Oprah, and that hair.. I thank god for my stylist.. I got that hair.... yes... yes... I love my stylist... and it's funny when ppl see me they want to touch it aka just to see if it's my own or extra stuff.. I just laugh... I like her boots..

Love love love your jacket Oprah 💕💕

Love Brie Larson!! Beautiful girl inside and out!

I love Oprah’s dress! It Looks so pretty!!

I am praying God one day I have the opportunity to meet you Oprah send love to your way sister

Congrats on all new ventures, love those glasses

Tan from Queer Eye is amazing. Love that "French tuck" on you!!

Thanks Mam Oprah for making us all happy and inspired

Oprah, loving that hair do of yours you look so classy !!! And your outfit is cute !!!! I think purple and sky blue looks best on you !!!!

Learn something new every day!!

I've been doing that for years, i didn't know it was called the french tuck. I just wanted to show off my belt. LOL

we wore that same style outfit in the 70's. loved it then, love it now

Oprah!!!!! You are the “Hot” one w/ that jacket!!!! Your outfit is sooooo cute too! Thanks for sharing ⭐️

I like your outfit Oprah, you look fabulous 😊

You are looking great! Oprah keep up the good work..

i think french tuck was her favorite words

So some person did this and decided to call it a French tuck and now it's a 'thing' even though people have half tucked their shirts in for decades cause they wanted to? 🤣🤣🤣 Love Oprah ...but this is just silly giving a half tucked in shirt a name cause a dude in fashion (or whatever, I don't even care) named it and capitalized on it.

she does look great! and so do you and Galye.

A little powder, a little conversation, and a lot of Trevor Noah! See y’all later tonight on The Daily Show. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

This is awesome, you can see the mutual love and respect they both have for each other #lovethis

Love the energy from you both 💞 god bless you 🖐️

Awwwww 💙💙 all that love for Trevor 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Gosh , love you both, what amazing energy in that room!♥️

Love you Oprah!!! Great Show!!! Can't wait to see💞💞💞💝💝💝😍😍😘😘😘😃

Nice footage. Great hug action Oprah!! He’s so cute!

Love love love! But why does Trevor look SO uncomfortable? 🙁

I love the way Oprah is showing some love to Trevor.

Soooo special! Coming from South Africa and having a similar background like Trevor, I can tell you your visit probably made his heart skip a beat and he probably went home saying a prayer that he was blessed to have you on the show. Thank you for being so kind and loving.❤️

Trevor is so handsome . Just adorable 😍🤗

sorry I love Oprah but if a man touched a woman he wasn't married too like that OMG it would break the internet,, hey isn't she like 40 years older,, double standard,, just sayin

I love this exchange so much! 💓❣️💝 SN: I bet Oprah smells unicorn tears mixed with exotic fruit. 😂😂😂

I could use a big ole hug from Oprah! I'll bet that's pretty awesome and genuine. Looking forward to the show. xo

It is a great connection as Trevor is from South Africa & Opray has her school located there. (& I am from South Africa as well!)

Wow Trevor is making us Proud all the way...

My Trevor Noah... Enjoy my bro.. Doing good job mkhaya🤭😁

Trevor Noah! Loved him on Super Soul Conversations! Gotta catch this interview on demand!

You look great Oprah.

I’m in love with them both. Adopt me

Oprah is all up on my honey Trevor!! 🥰

Oprah having a lot of fun with Trevor Noah!!

Stop pretend like nothing happened. You were in Neverland in 1993, you know very well there was no train in that time!!! How can you try to justify 2 years with Thursday or Wednesday discrapency. You cannot run from the true - you do everything for Geffens money and to protect your dear friend Weinstein. Shame on you 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

Love how Miss O just drapes herself over T.

Love this So much love in this room . Contagious laughter . Mama Oprah Winfrey and #trevornoah they like Mother and Son

Wish I was the one get that hug

My first time doing The Daily Show and I walked into this surprise from Trevor Noah! Tune in tonight at 11 PM. ... See MoreSee Less

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Alright now......Lady O looks great!Oprah's hair looks fabulous, beautiful, gorgeous! Love it! ❤❤ Yaaaassss Queen!👑

My beautiful angel u guys have fun ❤️

I love you oprah winfrey😍😘😘♥️♥️, you motivate me to fight for my dreams .

@Oprah, you introduced me to your favorite Tequila (at Favorite Things 2017) and now I love it too. Thx you!! <3

You look beautiful. I love how happy this gift made you.You lit up like a Christmas tree.God Bless you.

Oprah you are an amazing example of gratitude, and your friendship with Gail is absolutely a gift from God. I can feel the love and respect that you two have for one another, what a blessing!💖

This is going to be a good one! and I have classes tomorrow 🤦🏾‍♀️. Well, bed at midnight. #staygroovymyfriends and see you at 11:00pm!

Love your hair Oprah very SEXY

Just amazing... this is a woman who can have anything that money can buy and she is still so appreciative of this nicety from Trevor...class.

I am soo happy and giddy.... Two of my favourite non blood people on earth... Thank you Lord... xxxx

Sharp Shaw Oprah 💛 love the look 🎵🎼🎶 get in merry 🎉 💛💛💛

My Dear Oprah. I need you so much right now. Your influence, wisdom, knowledge and compassion is what I need right now. Please call me: 419-788-0804. Elizabeth Hoch. I need your help.

Wow am sure Trevor dreamt of being interviewed BY Oprah.. But this is when God triples your blessing and your dream becomes a different reality.. Better than you initially thought and it starts with dreaming and working hard. We are inspired as South Africans

Blessings to everyone 🌹 I pray that we meet soon Oprah Winfrey you’re always awesome 🌹

Oprah You look beautiful

Miss Oprah your hair right now is complete 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️ can’t wait to see you on the daily show tonight!

So Special, Fabulous Oprah Winfrey!

Cheers, Queen! You deserve nothing but the best! 🍸❤️

Trevor just needs to show up and I’d be happy.

They both look amazing!

Wow, haven't seen Oprah in a while. She looks fantastic. So classy!

We love you Oprah!!! #PuertoRico #Oprah #OpraWinfrey #ThankYou #LinManuelMiranda


Oprha and her lap dog Gail apology to Michael Jackson family tell how the 2 mens lied do a special on that.

Nice Trevor, the key to a gals heart is good tequila.

Getting ready to go on CBS This Morning for my book #ThePathMadeClear. All my proceeds from the book are going to the Boys and Girls Club in Kosciusko Mississippi! ... See MoreSee Less

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Love you Guys! Thanks for this!

I wish I had a friendship this pure and reciprocal. You guys are truly blessed to have found each other. I love and admire you both! God bless you!

Good morning love you all from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

Fabulous and love this book!

Totally Awesome Oprah!! Great Book. Great Works!! Good morning and have a great day!!!💞💞💞💝💝💝😍😍😍😘😘😘

I sure love you two..Gods's blessings to you both!!!

I love and wish I had a friendship this natural! BLESS.

I am in the process of publishing a book in the UK entitled 'My Journey Into Native America', all profits from sales will be going to The Boarding School Healing Coalition and the Immersion Nest at Sitting Bull college. It will be available on Amazon in the next couple of weeks. Should anyone be interested in finding out more, feel free to ask. 🙂

Good morning, I love you both... Oprah and Gale..I am just finding out, I am related to the Beloved Coretta Scott King can you imagine?...So, I wanted to invite you and Gale to the family... The Scott Atlanta, GA! Thank you both for inspiring me!

I love how you two are Such the best of friends! 💗

Oprah congratulations on your new book, The Path Made Clear. I am looking forward to reading it! 🎉🎉🎉 l trust that you will one day read my book, One Breast To Love And Living Life Victoriously. Hugs!💖

Congratulations, you unstoppable DivaGirl, Oprah. All the best 🎉. Keep soaring! The Lord bless you as you continue doing your little part to help God’s little people everywhere. (Boys and Girls Club, South African girls, and more). Congratulations and blessings to you, Gayle. You do your ministry well; consistent and unselfish in the most public “best-friendship” in the world. What a legacy! Thanks for showing what it means to be a friend one can trust with one’s life. You both enjoy today’s moment. Love and joy from my end.💕

It's a blessing when we can give back from the blessings we receive. Love the Boys and Girls club !

That is awesome that the proceeds go to helping the babies!!! 👍🏾💚💚💚

Dear Oprah! YOU and Gayle makes my day.. 😍💐💐😍 Love from me to you! 🤩🤩

Congrats life has been deeply inspired by your light Oprah all my grown up years....can't wait to read your new you Oprah

This book could not have come at a more perfect time I feel in my spirit. As I will be 45 in a few weeks and have made life changing decisions. Oprah, you words of wisdom I have held closely for years ❤️. #StCroixVirginIslands #ThePathMadeClear

I love you and cannot wait to meet and share my book with you.

Much success with your book. Come back to High Point,NC . Bring Galyle and Tyler Perry. 😊.. Be blessed

Love oprah and gale. Great friends

I love the book. I read it s night where my mine is ready to gather all the information before I go to bed.

Love Oprah and Gayle... you are true sisters and friends. <3 <3

Hello from Australia to the both of you. Loving the Book. You are wonderful Mama Oprah . That is amazing that all proceeds are going the Boys and Girls Club Kosciusko

My husband is from Kosciusko! Thank you for your continued support of the Boys and Girls club in Kosciusko 💕💕💕

Hey there I have a friend just like you have.She helped me take care of my great grand daughter 30 years ago.I was working and she was my sitter we use to party every week end so then we started to get fat ,I am now still working at82 I am writing a book about my life and I will be on your show one Sunday I can’t wait to see you with Gale. I’m calling those things as though it has happened see you soon.👠👠👠

Welcome #WW’s newest ambassador Tamela Mann to the family! Tamela, we’ll be here to inspire and support you on your wellness journey. #wellnessthatworks #OWandWW ... See MoreSee Less

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This is wonderful congratulations Tamela Mann

We love her and her husband! Way to go! Congratulations! Keep up the great work and stay blessed! Remember. "Team work, makes the dream work!"

Best of luck, There is a business Idea I have involving WW which I would love to discuss. Who should I contact?

Tamela, I am so proud of you joining the WW program, you are one of my favorite people. From my heart to your heart to God's wishes for you, you are ready. It's going to happen. God's going to show up and shout out. I am praying for you. You can do this, right Oprah?

Congratulations ! That’s so wonderful 💞💞💞

Love her! God bless you on this journey!

I am so happy about W.W but I cant get with the new system I have joined like 3 or 4 times and no one can explain how to follow it .I did W.W along time ago and that system does work I lost 65 pounds but when my dad died I went into deep depression and all I did was eat so I gained it all back .And so I decided I would try again and see if I could loss some weight cause I need to loss weight due to me being a diabetic and my sugar is never below 300 so my health is a big issue and I could use alot of help and in learning how to use the new program .

Wishing you well on your WW journey! My friend goes to WW meetings and is doing wonderful! She loves it!!

I love Tamela Mann... A beautiful woman of God 😍

Awesome addition to the team! She is such an inspiration.

Wonderful oprah,congratulations

Hi everyone, please help us to to raise the fund we need to support Papa's medical expenses. Thank you so much. All your prayers, financial help and support are all appreciated. Thank you! 🙏🙏🙏

Congratulations Tamela Mann...

Grace got you, and you got this. So proud of you Tam🤗

I want to see them all win because having a lot of weight on you is not good.

To: Oprah Winfrey. I am using someone else's computer, so I will have to send a letter to you, this way. I am sending payment for my Oprah Magazine and two coloring books to you and Iyana that I said I would send, last year. Have to go to the post office. Would you publish my coloring book, "Love Ya Series," for me. I copyrighted this book when my child was placed in a foster home when he was nine months old. I am the mother of eleven other children when I was married. This one was out of marriage at 39 years of age. His dad said that a child should be brought up in its old culture. Anyway, they turned out all right so I started writing. My first book was this black coloring book in 1981 when I worked at Sir Speedy's in San Diego. I next wrote, "The Wordless Pimp, She Should Have Gossiped, Martine's Planet, The Little Black Fir and my autobiography. I will be 81 on April 18th, this month. I need an agent and I took one to Steven Spielberg's office and I guess I will have to be my own agent. Anyway, if you will put my coloring book in your book club, this will help, since I am self-published. If you need a worker, I am available. My credentials are as follows: Saint Peter Claver Academy, 203 Nolan, in San Antonio, Texas, when we could not go school with the whites, in Texas. They sent us to St. Peter Claver. I had a 4.0 average and three scholarship, one to Saint Phillips at 2111 Nevada, Tx. with a 4.0 and 3.7 average, one to Xavier and one to, well now is Bishop College. I quit St. Phillips, my sophmore year and got married to Willie T Thompson and had eleven children, baptized in the catholic church. Now, I am a widow and 81, trying to stay alive by writing and painting. I am working on another coloring books that I am getting copied at Copy Mat in Hollywood. I worked as a substitute teacher in the black and white schools in Snyder, Texas and a maid. Then, I worked as diet aide at Doctor's Hospital in San Diego, Ca. and a maid at Vacation Village, cleaning ten units a day for sixty dollars a week and then as a computer operator at Accounting Corporation of America, and Texas Bank and Blue Cross in Dallas when I was married. He worked but the baby I had by pimp after my separation from my husband, did not pay off, but my son is here. I am still trying to sell a book so that I can buy a home for him. I did not get a chance to be a single mom, but I guess that was meant to be. Anyway, I would like to be like you and make a million on one of my books which are self-published. I know you are tired of listening, so I will sign off, as a worker for you, if you will hire me as your confident and secretary or general flunky. Yours in Christ, Esther Lee Gift/the Unknown Writer. Hope you get some of my work by next week. Love Ya Series, and worker. Esther Lee Gift/the Unknown Artist. O, I got three pictures painted of you of the front covers of your magazine. 10:33 am 4/9/2019

Maybe is not the theme here, but I just want to tell you THANKS Oprah, thanks for all your help for us in Puerto Rico. Thanks Oprah. I can not be more grateful, thanks and sorry for my spelling my first language is not english. Thanks Oprah.

Oh , lovely WeightWatchers back in memory 🙏😍Bone chance indeed!!! ♥️😇

Congratulations on your journey Ms. Tamela Mann, you are a beautiful Woman of God.

Oh, I LOVE her! She’ll be a great ambassador.

Wish all the best! That is the spirit

Wow, wonderful!...thank you Oprah Winfrey...💘...💃

What about us that do not have the money so we can lose are weight. What about us??????????

Very exciting. Love her n her singing

Inyathi Child Care We begin in 2017 as we see the need in our place i am from a small town Murraysburg a small group of ladies Decided to begin a soup Kitchen as everday go the children's get more and more .We started Gaining info on How to start a Foundation in this.We are a NPO and we sit now with the challenge of get Donations ,funding .We are also un Planning of a starting a children Home.A home not far from in order to show these children their true values and a Positive Mindset We as Inyathi child Care wants to make a Difference's By Touching and Changing lives. Any Contribution Big or small will be Appreciated.for further Informaitoin please inbox me

Michelle Obama and Oprah
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Love our parents who loved us so much and helped us becoming the best version of ourselves!!! Miss my parents so much! Love you mom and dad!

I hope one day my family and I can meet you two ladies before I pass away because this is one of my dreams We love you both💋🙏🕊❤️

I’m going through a career transition now! Downsizing so, I can really decide what my next decade will look like! I’m so, excited at age 53! It’s not too late! 🙏🏽🙌🏽

I loved that you read this book for us on Audible!!! I was sad when the story was done. What a lovely way to spend my commute. You made traffic jams enjoyable!!!

I was living in Brookfield CT at the time of Sandyhook. It was only 10 months after putting my 20 year old son to rest. After he was shot at close range in the heart. He died alone on a side walk. 5:41 2-3-2012.

"Becoming a better person shouldn't involve change, it should involve growth." 😏😏 said someone wise somewhere on planet Earth.<3.<3.

I am from Guatemala 🇬🇹, the best and beautiful book 📖 📖 I am reading your book.

these 2 are so full of themselves i am surprised there is any oxygen left in the world

This is exactly why I became a health and life coach. To help others step into their greatness and see things in a completely different way. I help them have a heightened awareness of self and live a life they love! 💕💕💕

Ahhhh I love seeing my top fan badge on my comments. Makes me smile everyday 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊❣️❣️ Like if you feel the same way @TopFans!

Advice- since this was filmed a while back, there were plenty of time to add captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing audience. Perhaps this could be a good practice for all future repeat shows. Yeah, good idea? 🙏🏻

As a teacher, it hurts me to see the expectations the school system has for so many students who are in this state of “failure” because of their environmental situations.

We never stop growing. I'm 43 and I'm still growing up. Wanna register psychology soon.

Stay at home moms have a hard job. Sometimes harder than working on the outside.

Thank you! I can't wait to meet you two ladies! I'm a single mother from Mississippi currently living in Alabama for almost 20 years. I voice my opinion and try to teach her little I know. Growing up for me transitioned at the age of ten!

Absolutely! People love differently, see love differently and define love differently all from experiences from childhood. Love is love.

Kids in the broken community here in Africa needs to have you talk with them, how can that be arranged please?

I can relate! I still don’t know why I entered medical school other than people’s reaction and their admiration of that job

Loved Mary Tyler Moore. I got to see a young woman living on her own making her own way in the world.

Sometimes, it is the biggest wounds that cause the most healing. Having been brutally broken, but healed, Im stronger now than ever. 💪🏼

Yes absolutely! Kids need to go to bed so that the mothers have their life. Such a great honest Mom! 🥰👌🏽🥰

Hello hello from India.. watching both the lovely ladies is a time that i charish

Loved the book but your voice I lived for! so calm and delightful to hear you narrate your life!

I had to have two copies of your book Becoming Michelle Obama. One to make notes and highlighter markings and one to share with my guest. I love this book! Thank you.

It’s such a pleasure having theses BIG amazing ladies around this tiny table

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Verified Mailing Addresses
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