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“I thought I hit the jackpot with a reference book of celebrity addresses, but I was so disappointed when more than half came back undeliverable because of their outdated information. But then I discovered the BEST way to contact celebrities was Contact Any Celebrity. I received over 50 high-profile celebrity testimonials for my self-published book using it. Now when I speak at marketing conferences I always tell people about Jordan’s incredible time-saving resource, which always has the most current information. These celebrity endorsements also helped get me on the cover of AARP Magazine, and now I’m a sought-after, well-paid national speaker.”
– Jacqueline Marcell, Author of Elder Rage, Irvine, CA

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“This thing is huge – the range is amazing!”

“Many small businesses, marketers and publicists want to get their products in celebrities’ hands. This is the solution.”
– Entrepreneur Magazine

“This online directory and its helpful staff will help you find any celebrity in the world.”
– Timothy Ferriss, Author, The 4-Hour Workweek

“Some of the best money you’ll probably ever spend. Can you think of ways to use the information in this site to leverage your publicity opportunities? How about a hundred ways? I don’t get a dime for promoting this. I just think it’s an excellent value and provides you (and me) with great opportunities).”
– Paul Hartunian, President, Free Publicity Information Center

“I strongly suggest you try this service out when you need to get endorsements for your books or products. In case you are running a charity auction, you can even use this service to get autographed items for your fundraisers. Lots more uses too.”
– Dan Janal, President, PR LEADS

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“If you opt to pursue a celebrity or celebrities on your own, to use in your advertising, or get a “blurb” from for your book, etc. this is THE place to get contact information.”
– Dan Kennedy, Author, No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent

“The best resource and a GREAT deal. They have everyone.”
– Peter Shankman, Founder, Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

“Useful for authors who want positive quotes from celebrities to put on their book covers, fans seeking autographs, and charities looking for celebrity endorsements.”
– Robert Skrob, President, Information Marketing Association

“The best service for contacting a celebrity’s agent, manager, publicist, or production company.”
– Joan Stewart, President, The Publicity Hound

“The site has helped me tremendously in contacting various individuals about projects and sending information regarding my own projects. It is a great resource as an entrepreneur and I love using it.”
– Jeremy Andrews, Hamden, CT

“Penfriends for Pets is a small e-commerce business based in Australia. Subscribing to Contact Any Celebrity has assisted our business in providing the first point of contact for our chosen Celebrities in a manner than is seamless and professional. Prior to using Contact Any Celebrity we used an inordinate amount of resources in just researching which contact would give out business that vital break through. Now with Contact Any Celebrity its one phone call and email and the contact process has begun. Using this service from Australia has been effortless. The very few queries that have arisen, have been dealt with expeditiously via email in a most professional manner. Penfriends for Pets will continue to use Contact Any Celebrity to assist our business in locating interesting Celebrities who all share a passion for their dogs.”
– Caroline Andrivon, Penfriends for Pets, Australia

“I love your site. It was a great help to me when finding addresses of people I put in my movies’ special thanks section. Thanks to your wonderful site I was able to put a copy of my unreleased movie in the hands of Quentin Tarantino and Drew Barrymore who both wrote back with some wonderful advice and encouragement. So thank you very much for that.”
– Adam Anthony, Ramsey, NJ

“As a new fashion company we are just beginning to approach celebrities and introduce our products to the media. Your site has given us instant access to any publicist, producer or celebrity that we have searched for so far and the info has been totally accurate.”
– Nicole Arnett, Ginch Gonch, Vancouver, Canada

“So far the list has worked well for us for research on celebs who we may be working with for past and present projects.”
– Brian Barry, President/CEO, Brian Barry Public Relations, New York City

“I use the site frequently to contact spokespersons and am really pleased that your info is up to date and thorough. I’ve used similar services before and the information was very seldom accurate.”
– Kathleen Boylan, Chicago, IL

“Karen Cadle is currently booking the very prestigious Moscow Film Festival and has used Contact Any Celebrity for several of the #s, etc. for a list of major stars including Keira Knightley, Cate Blanchett, and Sandra Bullock. Karen Cadle International, who books very high-profile stars both nationally and internationally is also booking a jewelry campaign out of Italy, and your service has been very helpful when reaching some of the biggest stars in the world for the campaign.”
– Karen Cadle, Encino, CA

“At the moment I use Contact Any Celebrity to contact celebrities to advertise my luxury playhouses. So far I’ve heard from Michelle Pfeiffer’s agent and Clint Eastwood’s wife – she was really nice. Thanks for all you do!”
– Gregory Cheadle, Oakland, CA, Uncle Greg’s Playhouses

“I have a business where we design and manufacture exclusive hand painted silk scarves. You sure have a resourceful website. Keep up the good/hard work!”
– Lorraine Coelho, Secunderabad, India

“Your service is fabulous, affordable & fantastic!!! You guys have saved the day for me several times – and I have no problem saying it.”
– Joyce Coleman, President, The Coleman Connection, Los Angeles, CA

“Great site! When I need to find a celebrity for a TV commercial or product endorsement, I find them immediately and oftentimes manage to speak to their office, agent, or manager within minutes.”
– Roy Connors, Sr. Vice President, Green Advertising, Boca Raton, FL

“I work for a radio station and looked up Damon Wayans as he will be performing at a casino near our station soon. Anyways I called up the agency and they gave me his PR and we ended up with an interview with him. It was neat. Hopefully I can try to get the bigger celebrities and see if we can get them on our show.”
– Joe Crawford, Ontario, Canada

“Contact Any Celebrity is THE resource for finding celebrity addresses and the names and contact information of “their people.” I even got an email back from Tom Cruise’s PR person.”
– Donna Cutting, President, Donna Cutting Presents, St. Petersburg, FL

“This service is fantastic. You provide a lot of value for a reasonable fee. I am lining up endorsements for a film and Contact Any Celebrity has been an amazingly helpful resource for me.”
– Troy Dayton, Promotional Director, BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

“I first started utilizing your site for assistance in locating managers/agents of celebrities. I work for a company called Blue Star Jets. We are a private jet company based in New York providing private aviation services to athletes, celebrities, high net worth individuals, as well as executives from Fortune 500 companies. Contact Any Celebrity has been helpful to me for figuring out the hierarchy of various management firms as well as which managers work with specific celebs.”
– Alex Drayer, Blue Star Jets, New York, NY

“I just got a call from Tori Spelling’s Assistant and Tori wants the painting of her dog Mimi LaRue Thanks your help. I will be delivering it when I am in LA in April (14th-21st).  YEAH!”
– Emily Griffith, Pet Portraits by Emily, Alpharetta, GA

“It is still unbelievable that you all provide the services that you do. I just wanted to say, personally, thank you. I am a writer and a promotions director. Contact Any Celebrity is an amazing tool.”
– Traci Henderson Smith, Henderson Smith Corporate Consultants

“We had a client that was in need of placing their clothes on artists to launch their new clothing line. They requested a few artists that we lost contact with. With Contact Any Celebrity we were able to reconnect with them and provide our clothing client with the celebrity they requested. Thanks!!!”
– Robin “Bee” Herman, BuzWorthy Management, San Francisco, CA

“Contact Any Celebrity has been such a wonderful resource for me being able to my product in the hands of celebrities; and being able to target the right people who care about this important issue to stop the insane torture of animals. I can’t thank you enough for your due diligence and passion to share with others, the opportunities that might not happen if Contact Any Celebrity was not available. Marketing is not my game, but your company has opened doors for me to walk through and that is good marketing.”
– Peggy Jones, Branded J Collections, Sherman Oaks, CA

“The service is fantastic. I have been able to contact several celebrities. Like Eddie Murphy and LL Cool J. to name a few. It is assisting me with my Celebrity Oil Painting commissions. Thanks for the great service. It is really helping my business take off.”
– Lisa Lichelle, Centereach, NY

“Contact Any Celebrity offers a wealth of information including a comprehensive database of celebrity contacts, celebrity gift bag opportunities, success stories, expert interviews and step-by-step guides on how to use these resources to grow your business.”
– Rebecca Lightsey, Gifted Presence, Atlanta, GA

“I signed up yesterday for your service and spent a few hours gathering addresses. I am also on other sites and it seems like you guys are a little better at getting “the best” addresses.”
– Jenn Lindsay, Brooklyn, NY

“We have used the site with success. In fact, the nature of my business (advertising agency) has caused us to refer to your site several times in just the past few days. In one case, we needed the contact data for the legal representative of a major film celeb. The info provided was accurate and up to date. Next week, we will be using the site again to locate contact info on several more celebs to ask them to serve as a Grand Marshal for a client’s upcoming event.”
– Frank J. Macri, Minneapolis, MN

“First I want to thank you for the information and I am proud to be a member. Last year you placed in your member newsletter asking for donations for a gift bag that Heather Thom was giving out at her party. I wrote and called her PR person and was able to do chair massages at the party. That was a great opportunity. Thank you again.”
– David McRae, Tender Touch Massage, Los Angeles, CA

“I sent a catalog of my hats to Eva Longoria’s PR agent. Her assistant called me and told me that I should send her a few hats and that she would give them to her. I made her 7-8 hats, with special labels saying, “this hat has been custom made for Eva Longoria.” I know she got them all because someone that was at the party told me she was raving about the hates that a designer sent her.”
– Naftali Abenaim Millinery, St. Laurent, QB, CANADA

“I sent out three of our designer pieces of clothing from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Both Goldie Hawn and Patricia Arquette sent thank you e-mails and promised to visit my store Magic of the Moon the next time they are in Cabo. I am so excited!”
– Anita Nelson, Laguna Woods, CA

“The site is TERRIFIC! I used to be exec VP of publicity at Paramount Pictures and now have my own entertainment marketing and communications company in Hawaii. I have been using it A LOT and find it wonderful. What a time saver. Thanks!”
– Blaise Noto, Kihei, HI

“We supply new celebrity moms and dad with Baby Swags gift baskets that are full of handcrafted or mom-inspired products. I now use your service to make all my contacts. Your database is always on spot which makes my job a lot easier. I have sent out about 30 baskets during my 11 months in business and I have had no returns, no wrong addresses and have even had some great celebrity feedback. It has truly been an amazing experience and I hope to continue using your outstanding service for many more years to come!”
– Phyllis Pometta, Founder, Baby Swags, Plainfield, IL

“I’m a jewelry designer and I use your service to get my product into the hands of the hottest celebrities. So far I have received personal thank you notes from Courteney Cox Arquette, Angela Bassett and Halle Berry…that was out of 5 gift baskets sent. My work has been included in the SAG Awards gift basket and also in one of the Oscar Awards post show events. Because of this, my jewelry has appeared on some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood! My work was also featured on this season of the hit show “The OC.” The costume designer was thrilled with our work and used almost all of the designs we sent her. As a direct result of our product placement, we received contracts to supply our jewelry to Amazon.com’s upcoming “OC” website. I’m always recommending your site to other designers.”
– Amy Peters, Amy Peters’ Studio, Pismo Beach, CA

“This is a goldmine.”
– Gaelle Poulain, France

“I am so glad I have subscribed to the site! I have a T-Shirt business and use the service to send Tee’s to celebrities. Because of Contact Any Celebrity, I was able to obtain a quote about my clothing line Wear Your Manners from Doug and Laura Savant (Desperate Housewives/Melrose Place)! I used Contact Any Celebrity to get their address and sent them Tee’s for their children! Within a few months, they emailed me a thank you and gave me permission to post it on my website and in press kits! I received a thank you note from Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View! I tell EVERYONE about your service and am so happy that I came across it when I started my business! Thanks for providing such an awesome resource!”
– Tracy Sanders, Wear Your Manners, Tampa, FL

“My livelihood is based on contacting celebrities and pro-athletes that fly private jets. After joining Contact Any Celebrity, I sent out a marketing mailer. The success of my mailer was based on the accuracy of the addresses. I now have 3-5 celebrities and pro athletes contact me weekly. Contact Any Celebrity has catapulted my business to the next level!”
– Jamison D. Starks, Blue Star Jets, Elgin, IL

“Your site helped me tremendously. I am a classroom teacher and my students were writing to famous people for a letter writing exercise. I had most of the addresses but there were several I couldn’t find. Thanks to your site I was able to obtain the ones I needed. I will probably use the site again next spring for my next year’s class. Thank you.”
– Amy Steckel, Amherst, NH

“I just thought I should let you know that we used your website to get some celeb addresses for a baby product we sell in Australia called the FLATOUTbear. anyway, we sent one to Sarah Jessica Parker and she responded with the most gorgeous email. From this we have had quite a bit of press coverage in Australia. So thanks.”
– Prue Trollope, FLATOUT Australia, Australia

“A few months ago, I wrote to Al Pacino, and requested an autographed photo and he sent me a 5×7 personally autographed photo of his gorgeous self!! I am so glad I found this web site and am going strong with my new found hobby!”
– LoRain Trujillo, Wahiawa, HI

“I have a Transformation Counseling practice. One of my programs that I offer is called “Drop the Drama.” I have used your service to contact celebrities who are in the headlines for experiencing “drama” in their lives. Initially I secured many celebrity clients this way (it only took one!) until my practice took off via referrals.”
– Maureen Whitehouse, Axiom Inc., Hollywood, FL

“I subscribed principally for one of our clients who had a “milk” type advertising campaign and needed to contact many celebrities for an ongoing campaign. It worked well so I have kept it on hand in case a similar need arises.”
– Larry Woodard, New York, NY

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