Marketing to the Affluent by Dan S. Kennedy“Celebrity endorsement bears risk — ask Accenture about Tiger Woods. Or Juice+ about O.J. Simpson.

But. Celebrity endorsement virtually guarantees better readership (or viewership or listenership) from ANY constituency.

I have had the very good fortune over year of having copywriting/advertising/marketing projects with use of celebrities and often, writing words for the celebrities’ mouths (for print, direct-mail, audio, video, online) — including football legend Fran Tarkenton; sitcom parents like Alan Thicke, Florence Henderson, Judith Light; soap stars like Gloria Loring and Victoria Principal; icons like Art Linkletter and ‘Lonesome George’ Gobel; business celebrities like Lee Iacocca.

I can tell you, from perspective of one of the highest paid direct-response copywriters in the world, that I much prefer writing copy to be ‘said’ by a celebrity than a non-celebrity.

– Dan Kennedy, Look Over Dan’s Shoulder

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