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This week President Trump delivered the world a message of strength, unity, and patriotism. This is true American leadership. This is REAL news. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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Please know Mr. President that you and the Patriots of our Republic are fighting against Satan and his demons for the very soul of our nation. Your supporters are with you and our resolve is unshaken. Please pray sir and stay strong. We are praying for you and appreciate what you are doing for us and our families. We are still here sir.

God Bless THE United States of America 🇺🇸. May God continue to guide, Bless, & Protect our hard working, Loyal, resilient, strong Leader President Trump! MAGA!Thanks be to God. Make America Safe, Sane and Morally Sound Again ASAP.God help U S, I pray.

Finally a President that is showing the world he means business and will not tolerate ignorant, fake people and media. President Donald Trump the Man, Our Legend and POTUS!!! IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT OUR PRESIDENT, THEN GET OUT OF AMERICA!!! #MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

We are so blessed to have you as our Commander in Chief and we KNOW it after eight years of Obama. Thank you!

the only president who could stand against the evil of the the elite establishment!! the most honest person i have ever seen!! love you trump!!

Rocket Man is heading for his own disaster!!!!! His own people need to take him out if they know what's good for them! They have a very important choice to make.

You get an A plus on that speech Mr. was bold, full of truth and to the point.....loved it!

I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!!! This is true leadership at its best. The American people is truly grateful to have you at the helm. MAGA!!!!!

prop·a·gan·da NOUN information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view: "he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda" synonyms: information · promotion · advertising · publicity · spin

Only real news when it praises you Mr trump? Sorry but news is both good and bad. Doesn't make it fake.

(Hey guys, before anything forgive any mistakes with my spelling - english is not my mother language) As a Brazilian I would like to thank president Trump, I feel safer knowing that America has a strong leader that is brave enough to stand up against terrorism and insanity. Be strong president Donald J. Trump, we, citizens of the World, need more than ever someone who is not afraid to defend the free world. And by the way - when you called that freak "Rocket Man" ... Oh dear God, you made my day. Thank you

Thank you president Trump for making the United States of America great again. You had my vote from the moment you came down your escalator in Trump Tower and you will definitely have it again in 2020. Don't let the Liberals and the do-nothing Republicans distract you. We have your back and we will be loading a lot of do nothing Republicans out in 2018 along with a majority of Democrats and hopefully replacing them with Republicans who will work for the American people and keep their word.

The MAJORITY of Americans ARE pro Trump. Period. The "Left" (cry baby liberals that still need a "safe space") want u you think that the majority of Americans hate Trump. It's just not true. And it's obvious that they're trying to push that idea so hard because they literally devote every waking moment of their lives to hitting the 😆 button instead of ... Oh idk.... WORKING

President Trump didn't bring division.. Division brought Trump!!! He's a true lover of America and what makes it great!!! Cov fe'fe 🎆🎉🎊

I am very thankful that we have a President we can be proud of. 44 was a disgrace who almost ruined us.

We love you Trump from Kurdistan it's time to accept an independent Kurdistan to stand against all the radical islamists and all those dictator regimes in the Middle East hand to hand with our brothers in Israel..... This is what the United Nations for to accept the rights of all the nations and we are as Kurdish people want to practice our rights through voting for self-determination in Iraq we don't wanna live any more in Iraq

the other politicians would have pocketed they money, and sent no help.. Obama would have gone play golf, while putting billions in his offshore accounts, as the rest. God Bless President Trump, for the good man he is..

No, the REAL news is that you are literally the ONLY person in Washington who thinks the Russia collusion story is false. Even people YOU appointed think so. And also didn't you say YOU were the ONLY person who could repeal Obamacare? How's that working out for you? The only people who believe this propaganda are mindless sheep and bots you paid to like anything you post.

President Trump, Your message to the U.N. was about strength, unity, and patriotism.It was a Great Speech!!!! Of Course, the Fake News had to put a horrible twist on it..God Bless You <3

Great Job Joy!! Thanks for standing up for your beliefs and the courage to face the hate that plagues our President and his administration and Family as well as us the Voters that elected Him. You are Brave and I hope your career goes very far!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Only a loser needs his own news channel to brag about his achievements. Hey, doesn't Kim Jong-un do the same thing? You are both little brats.

Fitting that a lifelong con man and current puppet of a former KGB spy would push out laughable propanganda, and then point to someone else and say "you're fake."

This week, trump made a spectacle of himself at the UN. He blatantly called out his enemies, called Zimbabwe a gold mine for his friends and is trying to take away health care to millions again under the guise of its better for them. Trump has a job that he doesn't qualify for. When is America gonna fire him. He's trying to start a nuclear war. That's not really good leadership. That's trying to kill people. Peace is good leadership.

Mr. President, it feels so good to have real leadership in the White House. We are so proud of the work you are doing on our behalf. Thank you. We are, for the 1st time in many years, hopeful that our beloved country will once again belong to the people. Know that our household prays for you daily. For your clarity of thought & mind, your health, your directed focus on strengthening our country. May God Bless you & God Bless the USA. 🇺🇸

Rocket man said that he will test new hidrogen bomb in pasific why you allow him make this test . Rocket man must be die for usa safety.

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Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesnt mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before!

Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before! ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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President Trump!!! History will look kindly upon you, You're also the People's President! your nation needs you more now than ever, I think.

If he wants a NUKE .... Launch one and SEND IT TO HIM!!!!!! Courtesy of the USA!!!

Glad we have a strong president. The left continues to feel bad for the other countries that want to hurt us. You are my president and you speak for the majority. Keep us safe

If Hillary had took throne it would have been the end of U.S.A Hell would have froze over & wars would have started, it would have been a goodbye to your freedom folks....

Seems that the liberals don't really care much about Kim Jong Un, but have a fit if you want to protect our country!

Things my children will never see.. A president Hillary Clinton and a North Korea

If we don't take some serious action against North Korea, they're going to keep launching things our way until they hit us. They're not going to stop because we tell them to.

Thank you President Trump for once again making me proud to be an American. I love it that "there's a new sheriff in town." God bless you and yours and God bless America!

So glad we don't have an apologetic wimp in the White House. I don't agree with all the things you do but I do agree with you that it needs to be America first. Let the liberals cry in their safe spaces. You're the best president since Ronald Reagan. Keep us safe and make us great again, Sir President Donald J. Trump

And that's why you've threatened to wipe out the entire country, as if the poor starving citizens have any control over their madman leader and deserve to die.

I love and I mean absolutely love how these leftists hate Trump so much that they're openly supporting a communist dictator that plans to kill millions for his pursuit of South Korea and the threat he places on the rest of the world. You do understand that if you were living In north Korea you wouldn't be living in north Korea he'd have had you killed just because he wanted to

And Donald Trump of the United States, who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind seeing his people die from lack of medical insurance / medical care, is willing to risk millions of peoples lives by provoking a nuclear war.

You are trying to take away people's health care and rob them of their assistance for food. Tell me how you're different?

Pillsbury Jong Boy is a Sociopath. He had no problem feeding his uncle to lions, murdering his brother with a Neuro toxin, or starving the people & feeding his military. Good Job, Mr President. First president in years that has not kowtowed to NKorea.

I think he should be captured and tortured like he does to everyone else. I still feel so bad for that poor young man sent home to die after he had been beaten and tortured. His family is always in my prayers.

I say stop the name calling back and forth and take some action and shut him up he's threatened and threatened time to take action

You have given plenty of warning. No reason for anyone here to oppose your stance. People should really think about the consequences of that moron launching in our direction.. and THANK GOD they live in the United States with the BEST Defense Program, and most qualified Military Personnel on the planet!

This is the best you could come up with? I thought you were the best negotiator the US has ever seen? You told us that North Korea acquiring a nuclear bomb would "never happen". You really think that throwing insults at a nation will get them to comply with international pressure? Enough rhetoric, do your job!

Kim Jogn Un is so typical of those who can not debate the facts. So glad you are calling it like it is. Thanks President Donald Trump!!! Millions of Americans back you with support and prayers!!! Prayers to the infinitely good God for protection and blessings!!!

America remains the greatest country in the world, North Korea cannot exhibit his madness and arrogance towards America and won't be punished. My only appeal is that only Kim and the old men around him should be the ones to face the consequences of their recklessness, and not the innocent and poor North Koreans.

The american government has no problem killing its own people just as the branch davidians or family at ruby ridge or any number of people killed in law enforcement related bungles. Weve got no reason to threaten the DPRK and they have every reason to pursue nukes given we levelled the country in 1951 and then occupied their border with a large army ever since and regularly threaten them. Howabout a peace treaty for instance?

Libtards..... You lost the election now get over it because you have 7 more years of President Trump!! Oh BTW how's your Russia investigation going....besides unveiling the fact that the Clinton Foundation has taken millions upon millions of dollars from RUSSIA!!

This rhetoric is ridiculous. Trump needs to be gagged, and let what professionals he has to deal with North Korea.

Dear Mr Trump, There are many haters who deride you, try to belittle you, say you are crass and ignorant, but there are many who stand not in awe but in respect of you. I am an Englishman not an American and yet I wish we had just one politician, nay man who would stand up for our country as you stand up for America. I would come to your country in a heartbeat and pledge allegiance to the flag Praise where praise is due. Yours respectfully, Ricky Travis.

I certainly would agree with him being a madman . Case in point feeding his own Uncle to hungry animals is beyond words . When he finds himself burning in hell for eternity is when he might get a clue . But I wouldn't count on it .

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I hope Republican Senators will vote for Graham-Cassidy & fulfill their promise to Repeal & Replace ObamaCare. Money direct to States! A GREAT Bill! ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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President Trump didn't bring division.. Division brought Trump!!! He's a true lover of America and what makes it great!!! Cov fe'fe 🎆🎉🎊

President Trump, with all the danger you are in, the deep state's efforts to get you out of the office, all the lies, slander, hatred of you by the global elites, Hollywood, Democrats and by people who believe in fake news etc ... I just want you to know That you are very loved in Israel and we pray that you succeed in your work!

We want complete repeal and NO replace as promised...or we will vote the establishment Republicans out of office during the primaries..

Americans, please don't fall for the ignorant talking points about the health care bill that the liberal echo chamber is pumping. OF COURSE, the Republicans health care bill doesn't include covering certain things. Thats the whole point! Our bill doesn't tell anyone what to buy or tell the insurers what to cover. But you will be able to buy policies with that coverage if you want to. Just like with your car you can buy full coverage or just the minimum, its up to you. You buy what you want, from who you want, when you want. And medicaid IS still intact for low income. It's another lie that the poor will be kicked off. Not true. OK

My grandson was on Obamacare before he could be covered by his company. His premiums were over $800 per month for his family of 4. The deductible was $7500. How is that affordable? Obamacare is a disaster and this new bill is a start to overturn it. Things can be changed or added later.

GOP holdouts better get this repealed. If they don't, mccain mckowsy, collins & rand WILL be OUT of a job in their next election cycles. We the people are paying MUCH closer attention this time.

It's a horrible bill, you are a horrible unqualified president and I have called every senator to ask they vote no. You are so hell bent on dismantling Obama's legacy, you don't care who suffers for it. You don't understand healthcare, you never had to worry about affording it and you should just shut the hell up and leave ACA in place.

I believe the majority of Trump voters only wanted repeal, no replace. Get the Feds out of the health insurance business. 😡

I'm not trusting this bill. It's just a bandaid that I can guarantee you we are all going to regret. Full and total repeal of obamacare is the only answer.

It does need to go. Why? Because my ins won't pay for anything until I pay out a $8000 deductible. It does need to go.

This is the worst bill yet. You are embarrassment. Did you even read it??? Or does it even matter to you. As long as you repeal the ACA you will be happy and the American people lose. Do you even care?

When I pulled the lever last November I was voting for complete repeal of Obamacare. Apparently Republicans have lost sight of that or are getting their palms greased but someone in the medical profession. Time for another Revolution at The Ballot Box and get those long-term rhinos out of office

So.... we are keeping Ovomit Care? That is not what we sent you there for. I want my $200 a month insurance back with the gov. out of it. My health is none of your business. I still back you but concessions with Democrat Communists are unacceptable.

To All you of Republicans & Democrats in Washington, "We The People" are watching who votes to Repeal & Replace Obamacare, the ones who vote against it We Will Repeal & Replace You come election time, so Get To Work or Get Ready To Get Out Of Washington, we're fed up!

I guess it’s more important to repeal and replace than do what’s right for Americans. This bill is exists solely so the republicans can say they did what they promised so they can get votes from the base without any regard for the people affected by it. This isn’t making America great again. It’s literally going to kill Americans and contradicts your promise on the campaign trail. Shame on you.

Mr Trump. I'm not sure I even care anymore. It's blatantly obvious that nothing will be done. Republicans and democrats are the same. The swamp will not be drained. You may as well smile and wave, because you can't get anything through a congress that doesn't want to make America great, if they even believe we are America anymore. We may as well be the United States of the globalist government.

This is no different than the current ACA. It removes the required mandate, but the money only shifts hands. We deserve better! Republicans on the Hill should be ashamed of theirselves. Instead of working on a plan, they did nothing for 8 years. I voted for a clean repeal, not another government ran option! Vote these clowns out and establish term limits.

Yes please somehow find a way to make health care affordable or get the government out of health care entirely!

This DOES NOT REPEAL ANYTHING. It's just a fix. What about the tax on our premiums that hits us Jan. 2018? No one is talking about that. Has any one completely read the ACA? All this bill is ACA lite. The Gov't has NO business controlling health care. REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL then stay out of it!!!

BS once again from the man who lies 78% of the time! Most of your supporters will suffer! The GOP don't give a rats azz about their constituents either! Sad!

President Trump is the only hope this country has. He can help the USA if the left will leave him alone so he can do his job! I have never seen such hate by the democrats and progressives before Trump. They can not come up with any proof of any lies or deeds they are accusing him of.

Your tax $$$ will still be given to insurance companies 🙁 This does NOT repeal Obamacare & will not reduce costs.#StandWithRand

Make it simple, completely stop Obama-care, (socialized medicine), altogether and let the chips fall where they may! If businesses are actually coming back, then let them provide healthcare for the people who go to work, the way it used to be before democrat rule came in and started killing businesses and made people dependent on government!

will Congress and Senate finally be forced to buy the same insurance they are pushing on the American people? If not, then the Government needs to get out of the healthcare business and go back to the way it was before Obama screwed it up in the first place.

Trump you are breaking your promise to your base to repeal obamacare totally we do not want a replacement government does not belong in health care it is not one of the powers we gave you, veto it if it passes

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Our hope is...a future of DIGNITY and PEACE for the people of this wonderful Earth. This is the true vision of the United Nations. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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Like many of you!..I've witnessed 30 years of the elite, politicians, corporations, media, illegals and citizens rape this country to the path of destruction!..The evil corrupt parisites hit a road block with President Trump!..this is way beyond him!..he's been chosen by God!

America picked the right guy to be our president and most likely he will be in the White House for the next seven years.Terrorism,North Korea and other problems.Donald Trump Is absolutely the guy.I will definitely vote for him again.America is winning again MEGA--WINNING 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

President Trump didn't need to read off of a note pad that some speech writer wrote for him. It all came from his heart, which he does have, and he will go down as the best president to ever hold office

Yes, President Trump continues to prove America made the right choice for President. God bless President Trump and VP Pence and their families. Give them your divine wall of protection to keep them safe from all evil.

Great job President Trump.You have a tough road ahead of you and we are behind you 100%.Thank you for your service sir.God Bless

I LOVE him!!! He will go down in the history books/iPads as the BEST president EVER!! I know it. God Bless America!!!

Your going to be one of the greatest presidents of this nation. And I see a greater future ahead of us that we will greatly represent and thank you for standing up and serving your country and it's people. Thank you President Trump.

LOVE TRUMP!!! What a speech! No mincing of words. This is what REAL LEADERSHIP looks like. No more weenies, please!

I have never thought of becoming a citizen of the U.S. in the past but now, when I see our President working for the people I am determined to change that . I have had a green card for 20 years and this one man has made me proud to apply for it.

Wonderful job presidend Trump you are a Great bast man we are behind you always bad day and good day thank you for service sir my God protect you and your family

I think we have the greatest President in the world. I thank God to have a true leader . I thank God the Muslim traitor is out of our White House. Thank you President Trump. You are doing a great job for America. Proud of my President and proud of America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Why don't all you liberals get the hell out of the way and let President Trump make America Great !!!! All you liberals do nothing but obstructed.

بۆ / وڵاته‌ یه‌كگرتوه‌كانی ئه‌مه‌ریكاوهاوپه‌یمانه‌كانی و.گشت وڵاته‌ عه‌ره‌بی و ئیسلامیه‌كان وریكخراوه‌كانی به‌رگریكردن له‌ مافه‌كانی مرۆڤ و هه‌موو مرۆڤێكی خاوه‌ن ویژدان و شه‌ره‌ف؟! - ژماره‌ی شه‌هیدو برینداره‌كانمان له‌به‌رگری كردنی عیراق و كوردستان له‌شه‌ڕی داعش هێنده‌ی ژماری چه‌ند ده‌وڵه‌تێكی سه‌ربه‌خۆی بچوك ده‌بیت ؟! - ژماره‌ی شه‌هیده‌كانمان له‌ شه‌ڕی چاڵدێران (1514) تا ئیستا هینده‌ی ژماره‌ی ده‌یان ده‌وڵه‌تی سه‌ربه‌خۆ ده‌بیت (به‌ به‌ڵگه‌ وه‌)؟! - له‌ وڵاتانی دیموكراتی جگه‌ له‌ مافه‌كانی مرۆڤ مافی (حیوانات) یش پاریزراوه‌ ؟! ئه‌ی بۆچی له‌ ئاستی ئیمه‌ی كوردی (انفال و كیمیا) باران كراو ویژدانتان ناجوڵێ ؟!! - ئایا به‌رژه‌وه‌ندی گرنگ و به‌ نرختره‌ له‌ به‌هاو نرخی ئینسان ؟! له‌م سه‌رده‌مه‌ی كه‌ به‌ سه‌رده‌می (به‌رگری له‌ مافه‌كانی مرۆڤ ) ناو ده‌برێ .ملیۆنان ئینسانی كورد چاوه‌ روانی هیمه‌تی مرۆڤ په‌روه‌رانه‌ی ئیوه‌ ده‌كات ،كه‌ به‌ بریاریكی عادێلانه‌ سه‌ده‌ی 21 بۆ ئیمه‌ی كورد ستانی روناك بێته‌وه‌ . كه‌ریم رۆژ To the United States 0f America ,the Russian Republic,all the Arabian and Islamic Countries, the human rights organizations all over the world ,and evrery human with honor and dignity Most of you know that: 1-The number of martyrs and injured of our people who defended Iraq and Kurdistan region against ISIS is equivalent to the population number of some small independent countries ?! 2-The number of our martyrs in the path of independence from the battle of Chalderan-1514c-tell now is larger than the number of tens of independent countries –with clue-?! 3- Not only are the human rights reserved in your democratic countriec ,but also the rights of –animals- Why don’t you open your eyes?!And see oure assaulted people –boy the process called –Anfal-and hid by the chemical weapons-. Are the materials and interests mor important than value of millions of Kurdish humans??! At this time which is called by –the era of defending the human rights-,millions of humans –Kurdish men,women and Kids-are looking forward towards your friendly efforts ,even by a fair decision that can light up the history of 21sat century. الی / الولایات المتحده‌ الامریكیه‌ وحلفائها ،والجمهوریه‌ الروسیه‌ ، وجمیع البلدان العربیه‌ ،والاسلامیه‌ ،ومنظمات حقوق الانسان فی جمیع انحاء العالم ،وكل انسان ذی شرف والكرامه‌ معظمكم تعرفون مایلی: +ان عدد شهداء وجرحی شعبنا الذین دافعوا عن العراق واقلیم كوردستان فی الحرب ضد(داعش) یعادل عدد السكان فی بعض الدول المستقله‌ الصغیره‌ . +عدد شهداءنا من اجل الاسقلال منذ معركه‌ جالدیران (1514)م حتی الان اكثرمن عدد عشرات الدول المستقله‌ (وثائق موجوده‌)!! +ان فی بلدان الدمقراطیه‌ حتی حقوق الحیوانات محفوظه‌، أضافتا الی حقوق الانسان؟!. فاین ضمائركم ؟ ا لم ترون شعبنا المظلوم والمعتدی علیه‌ من خلال عملیات (الانفال وضرب بالاسلحه‌ الكیمیائیه‌ ؟!! یا عالم هل المصالح اكثر الاهمیه من قیمه‌ ملایین الاكراد ؟؟! فی هذا الوقت والذێ یدعی ب (عصر الدفاع عن حقوق الانسان ) الملاین من البشر (من رجال ونساء والاطفال ) یتطلعون الی جهودكم الانسانیه‌ ،حتی اذا من خلال قرار عادل یمكن ان تضیء تاریخنافی هذا القرن( الواحد وعشرون )؟!

President Donald J. Trump speaks the 'truth' in front of other Nations. President Donald J. Trump speaks 'clear and plain' and leaves no doubt as to the 'standing' of the American citizens. President Donald J. Trump does not speak like a 'rehearsed politician' that is controlled by their puppet masters. We The People voted for 'real change' by voting out the 'Insiders' and voting in the 'Outsider'. God Bless America and God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

DJ Trump blessed words!!! We love you so much, you are the best President ever!!! Thank you for establishing right tone and values for humanity at the globe!!! God bless you!! God bless America!!!

It will be a tough job for President Trump to put an end to liberalism, socialism, and secular humanism from past administrations that are destroying the freedom and democracy that was envisioned by our forefathers! ...... Many person don't realize that their feelings, opinions, and choice of political party must be based on a foundation of truth. Truth can only be found when there is a sense of right and wrong! The foundation for right and wrong is found in the ten commandment which are being dismissed by egoism running rampant in our godless culture.....Much prayer is needed for our new administration to weed out the old ideology and bring in the new ideology with Godly principles!

If O made this same speech libs would've peed their pants with pride. Too bad he was so busy apologizing to our enemies for us awful Americans. Oh and giving them money and weapons.

A terrorist is threatening to detonate a very large bomb somewhere. We know who he is, and where he is. Should we strike him first to prevent him from carrying out his threat? His power and audacity will grow. And, so will his demands. North Korea.

Hey Toni Scavo & all you other haters.. Why don't you all move your Family's to GUAM & see how they live on edge everyday waiting to hear Missile Sirens.. Ya might change your minds on this current situation OUR NATION is in.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Mr. President, I am proud to be a born, raise in the United States and even more proud to have you as the Leader of this country. Fight for us...

The USA is in retrograde resetting back to a better day! Back to the FUTURE! Thanks to all those that stood up and voted for this amazing man. May God bless us all.

Happy Friday to you Mr President. God Bless you. May you and our leaders decisions today be Blessed. Considering that you've come against resistance from all angles, disloyalty, and degrades old problems from presidency past, you have done a greater good in 9 months than any other in such a limited time! 🙏🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

I'm with you Trump! But I pray you try every thing to keep us in peace or. At least prepare to go in for a fast victory. Not a long war with lots of lost liives.

I love you man, God bless and protect you President Trump and give you Godly wisdom to lead our country, thank you sir

If you want DIGNITY and PEACE of this Wonderful Earth....then resign!!!! You are as dangerous as Kim Jong-Un!!!!

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President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Friday, September 22nd:
· Travel to Huntsville, AL
· U.S. Senate Rally for Luther Strange
· Travel to Bedminster, NJ
... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Millions of Americans!..coast to coast!, border to border!, Stand United With President Trump!..he ran for office for one reason, to save America!..when people disrespect him!..they're disrespecting this country!..I deeply respect, honor and admire Trump's loyalty & passion to this great nation!..God bless this man!

Pres.Trump vindicated and was right Obama's administration did wiretapped /spy in Trump Tower during the election and after, shame on all those that Mock Trump for stating the truth, using this type of power on a opponent during a campaign is unjust, scary and abuse of power its un-American and a crime

Prayers for safe travel and a divine hedge of protection around you and all who travel with you. Blessings for the success of your work today and peace to rest on you for the days ahead. Thank you for serving America and its people. 🙂

The be honest President Donald Trump is the most powerful president in the whole history of America he is more powerful the the Establishment in Washington DC he is keeping the American dream alive and keeping his promises to fight for American values and putting America first. I have never seen a true leader in my life. He is my President and people should stop tearing him apart #Trump2020 #MAGA

Alabama !!!! Look out for your self and vote Roy Moore . He will work for you, not Luther Strange, who will work for McConnell.

Oh, sir - you are on the WRONG track with this guy - should be judge Moore! Please consider cancelling your backing of this traitor.

President Trump, I am so disappointed that you of all people endorsed Luther Strange instead of Roy Moore, a man of principles. I think the good people in Alabama will disagree with you and elect the man with principles. That's what we need in the House and Senate.

Thank you Mr President. Please have a safe and productive day sir. Wishing you safe travels. Enjoy your weekend. MAGA!

Why the hell would Trump endorse a guy who did not even vote for him? Strange is a Mitch McConnell flunky, America voted to drain the swamp not increase the size of it, vote Moore!

I'm hearing from good sources that Strange is a bad selection..... Mitch McConnell is pushing for him to win and I'm through with McConnell... I vote in Kentucky and I made a mistake. Vote Moore!!! Ditch Mitch!!!

Donald J. Trump Strange is a Swamp rat. 23 years as a lobbiest. Home on Pennsylvania Ave. Please reconsider supporting anyone. I get it. You support Strange and then he and the Gobbler will screw you over.

Thank you Mr. President and we welcome you in Alabama. I know you are campaigning for Luther Strange however I believe you are backing the wrong candidate. Roy Moore is the better candidate. Just my thoughts sir. Safe travels today and may God Bless you

Stranger danger! He can't be trusted, he'll stick the knife in your back when you least expect it Pres. Trump!

And I think it's gonna be a long long time 'Till touch down brings me round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh no no no I'm a rocket man Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

term limits for congress..No one should have that much power over the American people and they spend money we work for like it's their own.. why our pay goes down theirs goes up

Would love to come see you in my home state but I won't because Luther Strange will be there too. We think he is part of the problem in Washington. If it were Roy Moore I'd be there so would a lot of others.

we have a president that care for Americia first have a awesome day lets keep praying for the president and every one arondd him be strong

Mr. President, you lost my support because of your support and endorsement of Luther Strange, who got his appointment to the Senate by protectring a criminal and immoral governor, Rober Bentley. Shame on you, sir!

President Trump was wiretapped before and after the election, from the Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Hussein Obama criminal administration. The Congress need to open a true and real investigation about this criminal issue ASAP.

Have a wonderful Friday Mr.President. Always checking your posts out! Thanks for getting Japan and S.Korea involved with rocket man to take over the security in the region. We the People are keeping track of the rhino establishment that's deliberately holding up good progress of the United States of America! Keep up the great work sir.

Welcome to Huntsville Mr. President, will be there tonight with my daughter Ava B. She's 8 and just ran for class president with 3 votes LOL, I thought this would be a good experience for her, hope you have a great night and thank you for everything you do.

it would be nice if our President spent time working rather than golfing and tweeting......oh right that's how he thinks the Presidency works....god help us for the next 4 years

Why are you coming to help Strange? We will reject him. He will not win. He is 100 percent swampman. He sells his soul to the highest bidder and took an anti gun position within our state. Moore is a true Constitutionalist who stands by his morality no matter what. The people of our state know this and will vote accordinally.

You deserve a relaxing week-end after hitting it out of the park at the UN. Great job representing our country. I was proud of our nation once again, following eight years of lecturing and apologizing.

We're on the brink of war with North Korea and your most important thing to do is campaign for an Alabaman Senator? I guess you forgot about all those times you mocked Obama for campaigning while in office, huh? Hypocrite.

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Looking forward to Friday night in the Great State of Alabama. I am supporting "Big" Luther Strange because he was so loyal & helpful to me! Now a close runoff — he won't let you down! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Wrong! We do not need more RINO in the swamp. Hoping Alabama votes for a true conservative, Judge Moore.

The left doesn't appear to be nearly as bothered about North Korea threatening to nuke us as they are about Trump threatening to defend us if they do. • President Donald J. Trump Has Fans

He's crooked sir, we in Alabama all know it and he will just be an addition to the already swamp critters fighting against you in D.C. I support what you're doing in general but you backed the wrong horse on this one.

Vote for the real conservative in the race - Judge Roy Moore!

Mistake, Mr. Trump, but you are loyal. If McConnell is pouring money into Strange's campaign you know he is RINO Establishment.

Nope! Luther Strange is a pro-open borders swamp creature. Ignore the President in this case & Alabamans Vote Judge Roy Moore!

You've been suckered by the swamp Mr. President. Strange is a puppet for those in the Republican party who are fighting against you and your plans for America. Mr. Moore is the correct choice for making Alabama and America Great Again!

The Movement is BIGGER than you Mr. President, the days of Career Politicians and Establishment Puppets are over! The American people will Drain the Swamp with or without you. Judge Roy Moore will get Alabama and then its off to Wisconsin where we will Repeal and Replace Paul Ryan!! #DrainTheSwamp #VoteRoyMoore #MAGA

Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate is the ONLY common sense and principled candidate in this race! Strange is the wrong choice!

Donald, I think you are just trying to suck up to Mitch. Strange will just become, if he is not already, another swamp creature.

So disappointed in you! Big Luther IS the swamp with McConnell! He will vote with McConnell. McConnell has been against you the entire way. Judge Roy Moore is a TRUE conservative!!!! And Christian! Re-think this Mr. President, please!

No way trump. I thought you are draining the swamp not adding to it. I support you but not strange.

Welcome to Alabama always, we love you but we are NOT voting for Luther Strange! You are not listening to the people of Alabama which is disappointing. If you won't drain the swamp, we will! #RoyMoore

President Trump I appreciate most of what you are doing but Dump Strange Alabama doesn't want that crook for our Senator

I'm a Deplorable and support Moore! Strange is an establishment crony. If he is a buddy of Mitch's he's corrupt! Drain the swamp not add to it. I don't think your base in Alabama is with you on this one. McConnell is not well liked and when Alabama found out Mitch sent Strange millions to help his campaign they are pissed.

On this one I do not agree with you POTUS...luther is part of the swamp and friends with the rinos who are holding you back...I support you but will NOT vote for another swamp monster..Vote for Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate

Loyal yes Mr President , but not right guy. He will lose. Alabama wants to drain swamp with a tougher candidate on border security and other areas. Judge Moore.

Luther is a pro-illegal, pro-amnesty swamp rat. He is nothing that you campaigned on. What's going on? Vote Moore!

I am voting for Judge Roy Moore like most of my fellow Alabamians are. We don't like America-hating liars like Strange representing our Great State in the United States Senate.

I'm not even from the state of Alabama, and I hope judge more wins. Seems like the people have spoken. Go judge Moore.

Mitchy boy wants luther boy and that should tell us conservatives everything we need to know! Luther Strange is the WRONG choice for MAGA! Judge Moore is the man for MAGA!

I voted for you Donald and still support you, but why you are supporting this swamp rat is beyond me! Very disappointed in your position on this one!. We deplorables are going to push Judge Moore over the top!

End Gay marriage,abortions, and build a wall so that You can throw anyone that doesnt like it over it

With all due respect Mr. President we disagree. Roy Moore is the choice and is the man the Vice President will be swearing in. Don't let Corker twist your arm in the future that really gets under my skin.

Alabama Trumpsters are very disappointed in Luther Not prosecuting Governor Bentley in exchange for Sessions Senate seat . It is a HUGE mistake for the President we love in Alabama to support little man , Luther !

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President Trump is a CHAMPION for the American taxpayer who knows that 30 years without major tax reform is too long. Tell your Senator and Congressman TODAY — I support President Trump’s tax plan! Madison Gesiotto ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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I support president trump in everything he does he has the brains needed to fix this country of ours

I live by trusting in God, having respect for others, having morals, not try to fix what isn't broken, I live honestly & respect the laws of my land. Makes for a prosperous, healthy life. Liberals should try it. It's worked for centuries.

Do something about my $850 a month useless insurance that I used to pay $350 for and actually got something for my money

I not only support the tax plan ,but I support the President in everything. I am happy he is dealing with North Korea and not Hillary. That would have been terrible.

Mr. Trump my English not well but We need your help for freedom because we are 45 million people and we have a lot land but we don't have country i hope you are help us ,,,and thank you

He's my champion, and guess what folks, he's the best chance you have for a tax cut ever. I've always been one to look into my own wallet, not like Chris and Michael below who are desperately afraid someone with more money than they have might benefit from a tax cut.

How can anyone support Trump's tax plan when there are no specifics made public? Oh yeah, mindless Trump supporters.

Don't buy #TheLie ! Welfare for the rich will be the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich in this nation's history! Educate yourself before you let this country get robbed blind by the billionaires!

Supporting you is not my idea of positive action. Never will i support you or your Presidency solely for the reason of your unhinged statements, behaviors, lies, lies, lies and lies. You wont rest till we are all dead.

Obama is speaking in new york. Still defending obamacare. I'm laughing. Talking about how it wasn't perfect. But never tried to fix it. Or make it better for the people

His tax cuts are only self serving and for the rich! You won't get nothing from them except a higher tax bill to pay for infrastructure funding that's not being done now! When is everyone going to learn that he's a charlatan?

a man for the Forgotten Americans,,you know the ones that go to work everyday and pay those taxes and then get grief from the ones who don't work.. THANK GOD WE HAVE A PRESIDENT for US..

I think this man is far smarter than CNN will ever know and he has a huge huge following, CNN says he has a 40% approval rating ,, you cant believe a POLL CNN puts out ,, couldnt get it right thru the whole election ,, yea Pres Trump you are a helluva good guy for AMERICA and the AMERICAN PEOPLE !!

Trust me, his tax plan is not gonna help you or me. Maybe his billionaire cabinet, but the rest of us will lose. "Trickle down"?

Donald J. Rump is a CHAMPION scam artist and fraud. The Trump tax plan could save him millions under guise of helping small businesses. The structure of the Trump Organization makes it a prime potential beneficiary – one estimate says the tax plan will save Donald Trump $65m a year in taxes.

With all the hurricane relief needed, how can taxes be cut at this time? And healthcare is a mess. What it is really, is cut the taxes of the rich. Do not even think he means the middle class!

don't worry about the russia thing mr. president. i have a feeling the special investigation is gonna turn up a few surprises and it'll be the democrats who end up suffering for it

That would be like someone telling their dog to cook supper for them, And their cat to clean up all the mess. The Senators and Congress only care about their taxes and getting re-elected, Nothing but parasites.

Does your major tax reform include a tax hike for the rich and tax relief for low and middle income earners? You claim to champion working class people so let's hope so.

Trump is playing hard on that. He wants tax cuts for the rich. How could that be. The deficit is the highest it has ever been. Who's gonna cover that if the rich don't pay their fair share. Anyone who wants a tax cut can just leave American soil. Americans take care of Americans, end of story. Bozo trump trying to play he smart one. The only thing he knows how to do right is cheat it's investors and file for bankruptcy.

Why only negative posts show up?I guarantee as soon as my post here shows up here.They will try to block it because nothing can be said here positive about our President Donald J. Trump.God bless you sir and god bless the United States of America.Gooooooooood Day........

righ you are. Tax reform is a must as is health care reform. Try to do health care reform with 70 plus senate votes. Will need a real bipartisan effort the best ideas democrat the best republicans. Well done so far.

We love you Trump from Kurdistan it's time to accept an independent Kurdistan to stand against all the radical islamists and all those dictator regimes in the Middle East hand to hand with our brothers in Israel..... This is what the United Nations for to accept the rights of all the nations and we are as Kurdish people want to practice our rights through voting for self-determination in Iraq we don't wanna live any more in Iraq

Other than cutting taxes how is this a reform. A reform I want is a far simpler tax code. When even the IRS gets confused it is time to overhaul it and make it much more simpler.

And in those 30 years, the democrats and RINO's have been incrementally increasing our taxes! And why are 50% of American workers paying no federal tax? Everyone should have skin in the game! And no more earned income credits, it's just communistic redistribution of wealth!

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Today, I announced a new Executive Order with regard to North Korea. We must all do our part to ensure the complete denuclearization of #NoKo. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Donald trump is meeting with leader's of 6 countries in one day! Japans prime minister called him a real leader. South Korea is working well with trump. Chinas leader xi and trump have become friends. China told its banks to stop doing business with north Korea! #unitedwetrump

Love You Trump Your the best President we ever had!

President Trump is going down in history as the best President ever! Put "Rocketboy" on notice, don't mess with America or her allies!

We're depending on you to unravel the huge errors of the Clinton & Obama legacies. God bless you. We're behind you 100%.

Finally!!!! A president with some BRASS NUTS!!! Im PROUD & HONORED to stand with You President Donald J. Trump !! Somday It would be an HONOR to meet you face to face along with MARINE ONE!!! GOD Bless you Sir.....

You are a tool that used by Israel to perferm its orders.

I think it is awesome that we have a President that will exhaust all options to dismantle a crazy regime with Nukes, before going to war with them. He clearly does not want to go to war, but he wont back down either.

I have been around since Franklin D Roosevelt was president, I know I'm Old, but in my opinion Donald J. Trump is one of the best, if not the best presidents we've had. He is actually working for US and hopefully he can clean up all or most of the corruption there is in WA DC and the Government. He has so much opposition working against him. If they would work with him it would be so much better. Keep on trucking Donald. You got this.

Drop in a few hundred million smart phones with free wifi and data, once his people see what the REAL WORLD is like, they'll rebel.

I voted for President Trump and he is working to do everything he said he would do! And I am happy about that! Thank you Sir❣️ Doing my Happy Dance 💃

Remember not to trust China. They are sneaky and will stop at nothing to take over as world power. Don't trust certain people next to you . They are there to distract you from the truth. God help you and reveal those enemies you have. May his Spirit reveal the truth and protect you from the attacks of the enemy. God be with you!!

WOW, NEWS FLASH, PRESIDENT TRUMP JUST SIGNED A NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER to STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH ANYONE THAT DOES BUSINESS WITH NORTH KOREA!!! The new order enables the U.S. to sanction individual companies and institutions that finance trade with North Korea!! Trump added, “Foreign banks will face a clear choice. Do business with the United States, or facilitate trade with the lawless regime in North Korea.” Trump also praised CHINA following reports that its banks are HALTING business with North Korea. WOW!!! Chinese banks received a document Monday stating they should halt financial services and loans to new and existing North Korean customers as a result of strict U.N. sanctions passed earlier this month!. “Our bank is fulfilling our international obligations and implementing United Nations sanctions against North Korea. As such, we refuse to handle any individual loans connected to North Korea,” SAID CHINA! The move comes after repeated calls from the Trump administration for China to help isolate Kim Jong Un's dictatorship. WOW, PEOPLE, THIS IS HUGE!!!!! HE MEANS WHAT HE SAYS!!!! Thank God for this president and his team!

For those who voted for past "Poodle Presidents" that did nothing and let North Korea get to this point,you are part of the problem so while a "Pitbull President" is busy taking care of this mess he inherited from the poodles,you may sit down and shut up.You might not like President Trump for whatever reason..usually it is because you were conned into thinking some smooth talking glib President is what is needed. In a world full of Pitbulls.Poodles don't work..Thank God there were enough American Citizens with a brain to realize this and voted for President Trump..You will now see problems he inherited resolved.If they get nasty,it is only because he inherited the problem that should have been dealt with when it could have been less nasty.

Thank you. It's about time our president and America stood up to that bully! You have more courage than any of our presidents for some years past!!

If N. Korea thinks that they can say that they are going to launch a nuclear weapon on the United States, I say that N. Korea, Kim and his generals are going to have a big surprise coming. The same thing goes for Iran. What do you think the United States would say, if France, Germany, Russia, the UK, or any other nation said they were going to launch a nuclear weapon on the United States? I think that you know what we would do. So, if North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, says and thinks that President Trump is trying to just scare North Korea, Ri Yong Ho needs to think clearly. No country is going to threaten the United States with a nuclear weapon, shooting off missiles every week, without retaliation. What do you think that we are joking about nuclear weapons? God is warning the world today that His Son is about to return. He is calling the world to repentance. The message of the hour to unbelievers can be summed up in these words: “Flee from the wrath that is to come by fleeing into the loving arms of Jesus now.” Jesus came the first time as an expression of God’s love; He came to die for the sins of Mankind. But when He returns, He will come in vengeance to pour out the wrath of God on those who have rejected love and grace of Jesus.

Swift and decisive action by President Trump, unlike so many impotent, legacy politicians that have allowed Rogue States like North Korea to acquire power and nuclear weapons. America is back and the World is on notice!

Profound in his vision, confident in his command, peerless in his patriotism, President DONALD J. TRUMP is the world's premier statesman. His tireless and noble endeavor to build the American empire into one of tremendous prosperity and prestige is making monumental leaps forward each day and rewriting the history books for generations to come. It's time to start thinking about amending Presidential term limits and elections so that President DONALD J. TRUMP can continue to serve us so well indefinitely. There's nothing that can't be accomplished with President DONALD J. TRUMP and his unparalleled abilities and leadership prowess. May he continue to win new victories for the American people and the entire world each day for many, many years to come! It's time to abolish oppressive Presidential term limits! If Senators don't need them, neither does the President

We love you president Trump, and I support yyou 100%. Please don't abandon your base. I pray that God will protect and strengthen you.

What a leader of merit. He is always on point and his people are always his no1 priorities. There is no regrets of my love for trumps. Truely you are God's sent. By now the whole world would have been singing another song if not God that made the King to rule over this kingdom

Oh boy. The hippy liberals are going to complain we are being meanies to North Korea and if we gave Kim enough rainbows and hugs he won't try to blow us up.

We love you Trump from Kurdistan it's time to accept an independent Kurdistan to stand against all the radical islamists and all those dictator regimes in the Middle East hand to hand with our brothers in Israel..... This is what the United Nations for to accept the rights of all the nations and we are as Kurdish people want to practice our rights through voting for self-determination in Iraq we don't wanna live any more in Iraq

And this is the reason he is now our President. No more bowing down and taking it up the rear. You will have my support.

Do you know that North Korea began to develop nuclear weapon in order to defend itself from aggressive USA policy? Do you know if you try to overthrow North Korea regime, China and Russia won't be on your side? First stop military training by North Korea borders, stop provoking!

Mr. President you are the best!!! Build the Wall!!! cut the taxes....drain the are the MAN for the job!!! We believe in you...boycott Hollyweird!! Just for you and your team..Mueller is a footnote in history books! trump is an entire chapter!.

All he has done is sign executive orders that can be taken away by another president. He can not get anything through congress...

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It was a great privilege to meet with President Moon of South Korea. Stay tuned! 🇺🇸🇰🇷#UNGA ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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The fact of the matter is that President Donald Trump is more powerful than the Establishment in Washington DC!!! Don't freak out now lefties!!! When I say power I'm talking Donald Trump has more brain power than the Establishment (the Swamp) and I'm tired of people tearing him apart because he is so smart!!! Now think about that for awhile! My President! Trump 2020!!

Democrat party have officially became the Islamic party of America. They own the dead that lay the streets of Europe and America.

Thank you Mr. President for keeping us all up to date with your Facebook messages. I appreciate this information. Keep up the good work for all Americans.

The be honest President Donald Trump is the most powerful president in the whole history of America he is more powerful the the Establishment in Washington DC he is keeping the American dream alive and keeping his promises to fight for American values and putting America first. I have never seen a true leader in my life. He is my President and people should stop tearing him apart #Trump2020

Thankfully we have a real leader dealing with North Korea. It's gonna be tough since liberals gave them the Nuclear weapons.

Wouldn't it be amazing if President Trump actually destroyed Isis, secured peace in the Middle East, shut down the insanity of North Korea, neutered Iran, built better relations with China and Russia, took our stock market to the moon, provided poor and middle class Americans with affordable health care, brought unemployment below 4%, secured our borders, and made income tax both lower and understandable. Seems possible! But by doing these things he'll shut down the Emmys, the Academy Awards, CNN, the hyperpartisan media, the late night clowns, Criminal Hillary and her amazing bi-colored book tour, American terrorists like Antifa and BLM, and uncover the ignorance of the failed comediennes on The View. Sure seems possible. The dominos are being slowly setup and it won't take much to bring the hyper-left wing falling to the ground. Might even lead to Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, and Murray becoming Republicans. But then again, I could be wrong. Updates are sure to come.

Well done, Sir!! Just saw the announcement on TV!! Amazing!! You're the first President to ever accomplish this!! Congratulations and thanks for your leadership!! God bless SK, Japan, China and our great United States of America!!👍🙏🇺🇸❤️

Father: Donald Trump knows, O LORD, that Your judgments are right, and that You in faithfulness have afflicted him. Let, Trump pray to You, Your merciful kindness be for his comfort, according to Your word unto Your servant. Let Your tender mercies come unto Trump, that he may live: for Your law is his delight. Let the proud who rise up against Trump be ashamed; for they deal perversely with him without a cause: but he will meditate in Your precepts. Thank You, Father, for the reprieve You have given America through Donald Trump. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen. Psalms 119:79 - Let those that fear thee turn unto me, and those that have known thy testimonies.

For the first time in my lifetime, I am proud of the commander & chief we have. May God continue his hedge of protection around President Trump, his family, his staff, and his supporters.

You sir, are getting back our American Exceptionalism!!

This man is the best President for a time of people who get "offended" so easy and he just doesn't care and says what we real Americans think and is for the American people and not Washington or his reputation I mean the guy left being the life of a Billionaire to become the most criticized President ever in the U.S. and he's doing Great keep it up Mr President!!! 🇺🇸 #maga

The Trumpster shaking things up around the world. Not slackin' and making things happen! I am so proud of our President!!!!!

So proud of you President Trump❤️ I love seeing all of the other leaders say great things about your speech! Rocket Man doesn't stand a chance🇺🇸🇺🇸

It will be a great relief when you are impeached. You're a money launder for Russia and the investigation knows it now you're done loser

Great job on getting China to stop banking with North Korea. You succeeded where others have failed.

I can't remember the last three or four presidents or their Secretaries of State accomplishing anything as important as what Mr. Trump has manged to do in less than a year in office........

Those with Trump derangement syndrome had a real problem with Trump calling out "Rocket Man" at the UN. I probably wouldn't have called him Rocket Man, but Trump knows that being laughed at really gets under Kim's hide. The media was mute about PM Abe of Japan telling the UN that the time for diplomacy with N. Korea was over. Japan is scared stiff and it needs to be. If the S. Koreans aren't terrified, they need to be. These meetings are no accident.

It takes a true leader like President Trump to get things accomplished that no other president since Reagan has been able to do. President Trump sees evil just as Reagan did and goes after it to the fullest, unlike there many predecessors who were two wimpy. Way to go president Trump! You have been the only one to get China to act responsibly in respect to North Korea.

wow, I truly believe that liberalism and democrapism are actually mental illnesses. I believe we should start committing them.

I live by trusting in God, having respect for others, having morals, not try to fix what isn't broken, I live honestly & respect the laws of my land. Makes for a prosperous, healthy life. Liberals should try it. It's worked for centuries.

As an American I don't understand how a fellow American can hate a guy trying to stop North Korea from killing us all!?

end the Federal Reserve and throw out the BAR Association! throw every judge, lawyer, bailiff, and anyone else that has a BAR card, in jail. the BAR Association has ruined this country, and nothing will change with the BAR running this country

🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️..........bring your efforts for peace to the world and avoid unnecessary wars that only reserve poverty - ignorance - and the massive destruction of peoples who are victims of the bad policies of their leaders. Thank you Mr President Donald J. Trump that God protects you

Donald Trump will go down in history as probably one of the greatest presidents in our history. I'm very proud of the fact that I was a voter that voted every time for him I'm part of his base always was and always will be

Thank you Mr. President. You are having a great impact and helping to get America back on track. God bless you and your family.

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It was a pleasure to have President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan with us this morning! #UNGA ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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I live by trusting in God, having respect for others, having morals, not try to fix what isn't broken, I live honestly & respect the laws of my land. Makes for a prosperous, healthy life. Liberals should try it. It's worked for centuries.

To the Donald. We have your back sir. WE are working very hard to get rid of these rhinos and replace them with true conservatives. Judge Roy Moore will be elected. Like i told you months before you got elected that i knew without a doubt you would be elected no matter how much Hillary cheated. Jude Moore will be elected. There is not enough money to stop him. Trust me, God is paying attention and will make it happen.

Trump has made America the leader of the free world once again,after 8 years of humiliation and embarrassment under Obama.

A President who makes decisions with "courage and determination!" Thank you, President Trump, for being a true leader! #MAGA!!

I see all the trolls came out to bash our President again.. ha ha must suck to be a hate filled liberal.

President Donald J. Trump I loved your UN speech. Thank you for putting America and Americans first, and telling it like it is to your audience. Sure, some were uncomfortable. So what?! They should be also be ashamed of themselves. MAGA

Please come down on employers requiring that employees need to be bilingual in order to qualify for a position. this is discrimination. pure and simple.

It's pretty amazing how much respect Trump receives from leaders around the world. Almost like they're able to appreciate his actions instead of obsessing about his skin color or hair or pictures he retweets. And what's sure to blow his critics' minds is the fact that many of the world leaders who praise him aren't even white. In fact, it's the European leaders, almost all of whom are white, who seem to dislike him the most. It's like everything we know is wrong.

I m so so proud of you Mr president Donald J. Trump god bless you 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 you are not only hero in Usa, you are super hero in Afghanistan 🇦🇫, Afghanistan people love Usa and you as there holy book, and they believe only in American people and you , not to Afghanistan president. as I m inform Afgan people want president to elected form Usa 🇺🇸

We LOVE our President Trump for representing the United States of America so well. It's Makes me SO PROUD to be an American! MAGA!

Thank you President Trump for keeping us informed and doing it with such GREAT integrity and leadership. You are truly a gift from God and we the American people are praying for you and Love and Appreciate all you do. You will go down as the greatest President in History.

"The Democrats are overplaying their hand. They lost the election and now, they have lost their grip on reality." — Donald J. Trump

So wonderful to have our United States president leading everyone to join in the solution instead of being part of the problem like the last unqualified terrorist we housed in our White House!

I am always amazed at the idiots that call him a "Nazi", meanwhile he is the biggest supporter of the Jewish Nation since Reagan. Does ANY libs even know true world history? If he were a "Nazi", he sure as hell wouldn't back Israel. They call him a supremacists, and yet has received awards from the Black community for his unwavering support...again...Libs, you are nuts--and I mean, totally nuts.--You just make stuff up. Let them Dems keep feeding your babies with the idea that they need hand outs to make it--yep, keep that hand out.

We should pull out of Afghanistan. All we are doing there is getting shot at, protecting poppy fields and ignoring child molesters. Literally we are doing nothing good there.

Ghani is the reason behind Taliban uprising, he has freed thousands of Taliban and ISIS memeber. he has more solidarity with the Taliban then Karzai... pleace save Afghanistan with putting a real government that works for peace and Afghanistan. he only can speak english he has done nothing

Trump's recent speech at the UN was consistent with his "America first" campaign promise that he made to the American people as a Presidential candidate last year! And I'm glad he has the guts to stand up to the world's bullies like North Korea and Iran. Keep up the good work, President Trump! 👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2020

I am so happy to hear the spirits in Afghanistan have improved! It is good to see such a positive relationship between both countries. It makes me proud to be an America. Thank you Mr. President for remembering the people.

Love you Mr Trump On the be half of people of Afghanistan I appreciate Mr Trump strategy in Afghanistan . We deeply welcome USA forces in my country .

As an Afghan-American I should say that this current president of Afghanistan is wasting the money that comes from American tax payers. All the money is spent on empowering terrorism and funding Taliban to regain the power. No wonder why the war in Afghanistan doesn't come to an end.

This is a good thing. We have bigger problems to worry about at this point on the homefront though so hopefully he can take care of Afghanistan and we can pull out for good.

Thank you President Trump for keeping pressure on Pakistan the source of Terrorists, actively working from Pakistan soils to destroy the peace and stability in Afghanistan and whole world.

Mr. president Afghanistan president is doing a great job for his people what matters is to obtain fresh and Occurred picture from Afghanistan for you you don't get the real stories regarding Afghanistan

Mr. president you are doing an awesome job in Afghanistan, for bringing more troops and getting rid of all these evil animals including this scam back (Ghani) and his administration, they are protecting the Taliban. You should put more pressure to the government in Pakistan and Iran so they can stop training all of these Taliban, who they are bringing to Afghanistan and killing innocent people. We are proud of you Mr. President!

The world NEEDS strong leadership. I think the last 8 years was actually good in that the world learned what no American leadership looks like and most of them don't like it.

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Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!

It was great being with Luther Strange last night in Alabama. What great people, what a crowd! Vote Luther on Tuesday.

Alaska had a 200% plus increase in premiums under ObamaCare, worst in the country. Deductibles high, people angry! Lisa M comes through.

I know Rand Paul and I think he may find a way to get there for the good of the Party!

Large Block Grants to States is a good thing to do. Better control & management. Great for Arizona. McCain let his best friend L.G. down!

Arizona had a 116% increase in ObamaCare premiums last year, with deductibles very high. Chuck Schumer sold John McCain a bill of goods. Sad

John McCain never had any intention of voting for this Bill, which his Governor loves. He campaigned on Repeal & Replace. Let Arizona down!

Heading to Alabama now, big crowd!

Thank you to Doug Parker and American Airlines for all of the help you have given to the U.S. with Hurricane flights. Fantastic job!



@realDonaldTrump @hofmatchup Is this for real? Or a spoof #DonaldTrump account? I can't believe this dumbass is the president of the USA tsk tsk tsk #SMH

Trump Withdraws NBA White House Invitation After Steph Curry Said He Would Skip
#nba #trump #donaldTrump

Trump Withdraws NBA White House Invitation After Steph Curry Said He Would Skip
#nba #trump #donaldTrump

This Is The Real McCain
Me , Me , Myself , and I
#MAGA #DonaldTrump

This Is The Real McCain 
Me , Me , Myself , and I
#MAGA #DonaldTrump 
This Is The Real McCain 
Me , Me , Myself , and I
#MAGA #DonaldTrump 

Somebody take this clown's phone! #DonaldTrump #StephCurry #TrumpNFL #UBum @KingJames @StephenCurry30 @Money23Green @realDonaldTrump

Somebody take this clown's phone! #DonaldTrump #StephCurry #TrumpNFL #UBum @KingJames @StephenCurry30 @Money23Green @realDonaldTrump

@realDonaldTrump I will continue to sit during the #nationalanthem until #DonaldTrump is out of office! #AmericanHorrorStory #calvindean

@realDonaldTrump I will continue to sit during the #nationalanthem until #DonaldTrump is out of office!  #AmericanHorrorStory #calvindean
@realDonaldTrump I will continue to sit during the #nationalanthem until #DonaldTrump is out of office!  #AmericanHorrorStory #calvindean

The Sports World Is Dragging #DonaldTrump  #NationalFootballLeague #President #NFL #GoldenStateWarriors...

The Sports World Is Dragging #DonaldTrump  #NationalFootballLeague #President #NFL #GoldenStateWarriors...

"My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth."
- #DonaldTrump


@HuffPostPol Fans should #boycott the #TangerineMan over #NationalAnthem protests. Enough w/this asshole! #TakeAKnee #DonaldTrump

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