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Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Stay strong. The American people are with you, and more importantly, God is with you. God bless you and your administration. Thank you for what you are doing. 🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

When the little boy tripped in the grass you can hear President Trump ask him if he's okay...that was genuine! Trump loves his family and has America's best interests at heart! Thank you, President Trump for making America great again!! 🇺🇸

This is awesome. And thank you for saluting our military (edited to show all branches of our fine military - originally had soldier). Haven't seen that since G.W. You are blessed with beautiful grandkids. They are your legacy. Teach them well. Make America Great Again!

I'm sorry, I just love President Trump. And when I see him with his grandkids, my fondness for him only grows. And look at that salute! It wasn't half-assed like Obama's salutes always were, you can tell he does it with respect! 💜🇺🇸

Have a wonderful weekend President Donald J. Trump. When you get back on Monday can you look into illegal aliens claiming the additional child tax credit for kids who don't actually like with them in the US? It grinds my beans that people who aren't even citizens can claim 20 kids on their tax return and they don't even need to have social security numbers for them. I have 2 kids and I don't think I could file taxes without their social security numbers. Thank you.

Love how he actually stops and salutes that Marine. I haven't seen much of that in the last 8 years. What I remember was more like a half assed salute as this certain "President" was walking. We welcome you with open arms Mr. Trump!!! Rudy, Joseph, Carby, Jay, Anthony

Apart from opposing Donald Trump, Liberal Democrats have yet to come up with any polices, ideas or solutions that would benefit the hard working America. They're the party of radical Islamic ideology, fake news, criminals, cop haters, anarchists, baby killers, bullying celebrities, U.S flag burners, property destroyers, illegal immigrants & the lazy welfare scroungers. It's no longer the party for the hard working people. It's now becoming the party of irrelevance, protest & whiners. So I'm glad Trump was elected & NOT selected. Shame on you Democrats for wanting a failed Trump administration! You actually are wanting America to fail! #MAGA (Copy and pasted)

They are so precious! We made lunch for our three grandsons today. Best time ever. Thank you, President Trump for your courage and passion to fix our country.

He is going to his home in Florida, not taking a million dollar vacation all you whinny dumbasses. You should be complaining about Obama whi spent 95 million on vacations, and accomplished nothing for America. Trump has done more in 27 for the people that Obama in 8yrs.

YouTo Donald keep up the good work and happy Presidents Day.. we in Michigan are very proud of you...

I like President Trump more and more every day. The little things are important. He paused, let go of his grandson's hand to render a salute to the waiting Marine. The last guy couldn't be bothered to put his mocca-frappacino in his left hand to render a proper salute. President Trump has my support.

You too President Trump!! Have an awesome weekend and you are doing an amazing job! Forget all those haters out there. You are following through with what you promised the American people and thank you for all you are doing to make America great again! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Why do you resist Trump? He is now our dear leader. He will crush the rebel scum. Any who resist will be put in "focus camps" for re-education. Those who are undesirable will be rounded up and tossed over the wall. He's going to grab America by the pussy and make it great again. All hail Trump who has very large hands and are not actually tiny!

We know they are why you ran for president. Making America safe for your grand children and ours. Thank You President Trump for standing up to the people who would have destroyed America. God Bless you and your family and America.

After seeing you stop and purposely salute the Marine I am even more proud to have you as my President. You are continually in my prayers.

I do like the new hair - not so orange, suits him much better. Good Grandpa, too - he talks a lot - teaches the little ones how to speak like an adult. And I love how he always acknowledges those that are working for him - the Marines, the pilots, etc. Such respect.

Mr. President, your doing fine. Don't let the liberal trolls get you down. You have millions of American who have your back and want you to succeed. I enjoyed watching your grandkids walk with you. You give our military guys all the respect in the world. We elected you to be "You". Continue to give the media hell, they'll get it right sooner or later. Semper Fi!!!

Thank you, President Trump. Our thoughts and prayers continue for you and your administration. Enjoy the weekend with your wonderful family.

Have a great weekend too, Mr. President! Thank you for all your hard work. Don't let the naysayers knock you off course. Lots of work to do and you are getting it done. Thank you for meeting with us and letting us see what you do. We don't have to take anyone else's word, we can see and hear for ourselves.

Love how he salutes to the marine and takes the time to make sure he does it properly. Something Obama never did. God bless President Trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

You too Sir. God Bless you President Trump and all you do for this Country.

Total Class, love it!!! Stops, lets go of the children's hands and salutes.... Friggin Obama couldn't put his coffee down to salute. Thanks you Mr. President to show the world how respect is done correctly!!!

At least President Trump salutes the Marine before getting on the helicopter. Obama used to just walk right past them. 🇺🇸

Please don't let the Liberals and the unfair media get you discouraged! You are doing a great job, and we Conservatives are proud of you and are praying daily for you and our Country! You are doing a GREAT job! You have some beautiful children and grandchildren!

The comments made about those cute little adorable children are ridiculous it shows the maturity of some of you adults actually I wouldn't even call you adults at all

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Congratulations to our new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency- Scott Pruitt, on being confirmed & sworn in today.  Scott is dedicated to creating policies that serve the American people. Learn more about him here➡️

Congratulations to our new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency- Scott Pruitt, on being confirmed & sworn in today. Scott is dedicated to creating policies that serve the American people. Learn more about him here➡️ ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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A protector of the environment that doesn't believe in climate change and thinks more pipelines and coal mining is good for the environment....that can't go badly at all.

Should be real interesting. A good opportunity to roll back a lot of the bs regulations, but hopefully strike a balance and keep what is needed to keep our environment clean, while balancing the cost and benefits.

Looks like our country is returning to a common sense approach to protecting our environment rather than the left's mentality of throwing money at it and putting policies in place that cost jobs and hurt working families. Kudos!

Trump and his administration should have fired all Obama/Bush appointees in the first place, a previous administration is NEVER loyal to the new President. Just ask George W Bush, he tried it with Clinton people and it bit him in the butt. Go Trump, you've got this!

Dedicated to polluting our earth while filling your swamp cabinets pockets. Your so called presidency is a disgrace to the office

Congratulations........... hope he can undo, what the past EPA has created.. a mess! Good Luck and God Bless you in your efforts sir! (Y)

Why are you all for destroying the environment? And why would anyone support you for it? This choice of yours is an emblem of your heart toward the planet. It isn't pretty, boss.

The first thing you need to do is cut that whole department down to about 20% of where you are now!!!! The E.P.A. is just one of the biggest waste of American taxpayers money!! Tell them people to go get 3 or 4 jobs to work a week and still struggle to know if you are going to eat or pay the power bill this month!!!

It doesn't matter what he does good or bad, you libs would criticize it. Like it or leave it, period. Election is over, America has spoken #MAGA

I pray to god that every person that works for the EPA goes to bed tonight worried they will not have a job when they wake up we need to put a lot of the EPA out of a job. Ha ha sound familiar how does it feel worried about your job every day

Finally it's time to roll back regulations placed on us by unelected bureaucrats! Congress has abdicated it's role and we the people are stepping up.

Liberals treat carbon dioxide like Armageddon. After heads explode, they plug their smartphone on coal powered electricity, go to the gas station to buy fossil fuels and cause traffic jams while drinking soda that has carbondioxide bubbles. Thats the problem when the media knows better on global warming than scientist. They are basically advocating for stone age but not ready to boycott electricity and cars.

The face you make when the guy who sued the EPA 14 times on behalf of big oil becomes it's administrator. Flush the swamp, fill it with raw sewage.

Here's to the coal sludge! Make America Trash Again!

Got to love the ignorant commentary here that seems people think they know more than scientists who have spent their careers studying the climate. And before you post a rebuttal please back it up with a peer reviewed scientific paper. There are thousands of such papers that say the best evidence we have is human activity is accelerating climate change at a historically unprecedented rate. I have yet to see any that support the opposing view despite the many so called "climate truth" web sites that abound.

Complaining about the environment. The same people that drink bottled water, use plastic bags from the grocery store, sit with their kids every morning with their car running waiting for the bus, OMG the list goes on and on. Take your seats hypocrites, you do things every day that destroy the environment.

I don't know what's more comical ~ the tree-hugger implosion over this choice, or the number of haters who spend their time following someone they obviously hate. Meanwhile, the sane among us are enjoying the improvements already made since Jan. 20th, and looking forward to 8 years of prosperity, national pride, security, success.........and annoying the crap out of the left 🙂

The EPA has over reached its power and hurt working families for decades. This is a great step in the right direction.

Let's put our great coal miners back to work. Our power plants have scrubbers to control the carbon. Our coal miners have been beat down long enough.

See you later clean air and water! Should be a real nice thing for a select few on top who will be able to line their pockets with cash a bit faster though. So there's that...

Jesus Christ give the guy a shot every person that Trump brings into the administration people bash before they're even given a shot it's ridiculous I don't remember anybody chastising Obama's pics which have little to no experience as well

Have a very bad feeling about this. Its not only about the health of our environment now, but its health for future generations. There are consequences to environmental destruction 😔

let me sum this up in one sentence for the liberals - the liberals will always miss the boat when it comes to President Trump policies. ok for those that don't get it and calling me names definition of -miss the boat . for 1. Lit. to miss out (on something); to be ignorant

Oh boo-woo, woe is me. Give me a break. With a new president comes a new administration. With all these snowflakes crying about everything that doesn't work "in their favor", they're gonna be in for an eight-year winter while the rest of us look to the bright shining sun over the white house. Do your thing Trump, just do your thing.

Is it true you are going to drop out of the Paris Climate Change agreement because why would you?? Global Warming and Climate Change is real! :O

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The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Mr. President, your work until now is very impressive! Please do not get too excited by what they say in the media. Biased media is not the watchdog of democracy, is the watchdog of the Democratic Party. They continue to cry and talk nonsense, you will continue to do well and succeed!

It's absolutely horrifying that a president talks this way. It would be even more horrifying if his pundits agreed with him. The vast majority of people stand against you Donald, and every tweet just makes them more enraged.

So, using your logic, every single media outlet that reports on subject matter you disagree with, is "fake news"? Hahahah, you're an embarrassment.

You know, I've really tried to stay out of this mess because I don't have a dog in this fight. I didn't like Obama, never could stomach the thought of (gag) Hillary and I'm Def not a Trump supporter. But now this batshit crazy, wannabe king of America has actually libelously branded every single major news agency (sans FOX of course) as Enemies of the People! How incredibly stupid and easily swayed does this vainglorious, megalomaniac think the American people are? The clock is ticking and I give this administration about three more months till the whole sham crumbles. Come to think of it, Pence might just make an adequate President, given no other options.

I am so great, you know, so tremendous....the Russians send ships, their best ships, just to see me. My big success, I have the biggest inauguration crowd ever, most votes ever, won bigly....Russians want to see this yuge success. They say: congratulations Mr. Trump, sending their best ships for me.Fake media is so liar....saying spy ship..not true. Fake news...they come for me. Totally jealous.

Thank you for sticking up for us, President Trump, you are awesome!

The media is just doing their job and asking tough questions. Just because you don't like them criticizing you doesn't mean they're "fake." Get used to this or resign..

The majority of us who are awake know that they are lying. They're only digging their own grave President Trump. The internet makes them obsolete.

You are 100% correct. The media is poisining the minds and influencing people negatively with biased and unfair stories. Keep working hard and ignore them as much as possible. Thank you for being a shining beacon of hope and the voice of common sense in these trouble times. We have been adrift for too long.

Don't forget the New York Daily News paper, the most pathetic news outlet in the world no one even buys them anymore , they will make up a headline if they have no other stories to cover

Media the enemy of the people? That is one of the most terrifying and horrible things a president could say. You are a pathetic example of a leader and completely undeserving of your position. You are an embarrassment to our country and the world.

How dare anyone say anything critical of you, ever?! You are not only the president, you are the best president in the history of presidents. Anyone who bad-mouths you is an enemy of the people. And by "the people," I mean you, sir.

Mr. President, the reason the media is so upset, is because you are calling them out on their lies. They have never had anyone of your status call them out for it.

My theory has been all along that the liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc. had visions of being the "state" news media. Given the connections between Soros and the left, it would stand to reason that only those who would espouse the globalist, socialist agenda would be allowed to exist. Boy, we tore that playhouse down!!!

President Donald Trump all the way.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I have never seen anyone take on so much non stop in coming in history. Yet President Trump has proved them all wrong. Keep up the great work Mr. President, you are making America great once again.

no worries President Trump, we all know the media lost creditability and are good for "NOTHING" Just get this country protected and clean the swamp

You do realize the American public saw your unedited press conference? There was no fake news there - EXCEPT what you said, you had the facts wrong, you failed to answer questions and told reporters to be quiet, you were the bully. What did the media do other than point their cameras at you and allow you a platform to speak of your 'well oiled machine'.

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post and the rest did everything they could every single day to put down Trump and conservatives. Right up to the day of the election with their predictions of a Hillary landslide. I thought after the election they would ease off the digs to conservative ideology but they doubled down. Trump is right to attack the media who are trying to guide the masses to the liberal ideology.

Dear Supreme Leader, may we please get a list of pre-approved media outlets that we are allowed to believe? Is Brietbart OK? Thank you, oh wise Supreme Leader.

So now those who criticize you are enemies of the people? Is this list gonna get longer when more people on fox news start pointing out your flaws? Shepard Smith and Bill O'reilly seem to start get worried as well.

Yes, Mr. President and we who voted for you know that...Keep up the good fight for the truth and may God bless and protect you.

President snowflake's feeling are hurt because the media's reporting on his administration's incompetence. Grow up, and start acting presidential. One thing that would go a long way would be to release your tax returns. What are you hiding?

No. They are. They just won't tell you to your face Mr. President Donald J. Trump. Give them no quarter. They will do anything to undermine and delegitimize you. Don't give them the satisfaction. Stay Strong. The people are with you. God Bless.

I think you should stop giving them so much of your attention, + just keep your focus on all the things you're trying to do for the American people. Let your results be what they inevitably have to report about.

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Congratulations to Boeing and all of the great employees in South Carolina! #MadeInUSA

Congratulations to Boeing and all of the great employees in South Carolina! #MadeInUSA ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Mr is a quote for you by Albert Einstein: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

Awesome speech at Boeing! Your commitment and respect for the American worker is greatly appreciated! Your optimism is contagious and very encouraging!

President Trump you are exactly right when you say that the American citizens can see the hatred spewing from certain media outlets. I also think you are correct to say that they would be better off telling it like it is! Even a bad story is ok if it's true. Great press conference yesterday!

Congrats to Boeing and congrats to the American people for finally having a President that looks out for the citizens best interest!

Mr. President, another job well done Sir! We love you.

Never tire of watching you speak. It is because you speak truthfully, openly, and without the usual political correctness. Keep up the good work and make sure you keep connecting to "your" people.

I don't understand why people are so surprised about what Trump is doing. He's been telling you what he's gonna do for 18+ months. The only shock should be how quickly he's doing it.Imagine that... a President that actually does what he says he's gonna do 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

GO Trump! Just keep ignoring the naysayers and critics!

I feel like we're almost totally free from the shackles of the tyrannical disaster of the ill-fated Obama administration. Trump is in high gear and travelling at "warp-speed." As each day passes, the atmosphere just gets better and better!

I am classified as a Boeing retiree but never worked for them. Same with Verizon. Shareholder of both. Glad to see the South Carolina biz going forward. They moved their HQ from Seattle/Renton some years ago.

A President getting things done!! People that truly love America are watching and appreciate you President Trump!! God Bless America and our new President!!

Trump is providing for Americans whilst if it were Hillary she'd be doing a good deed for Saudi Arabia to pay them back for funding her.

Boeing, an important, American company! Cool looking plane, Sir! I trust it has all the bells and whistles a President needs. Go with the hand of God holding it safely and guiding it, my President. May angels surround you wherever you go.

Friends. Please don't even acknowledge the haters posing their nastiness on here when you reply to them it is just what they need to keep going. It's all they have. Ignore them

To all the morons complaining about the parts of this plane being made from all over the world; who gives a f..K! At the very least it will keep jobs here and maybe create some as well. As Trump makes it more economical for companies to invest in the U.S., maybe those parts will also be made in America. If Boeing would build factories in the U.S. To produce those parts, the plane would not be able to be built for years. He can not fix everything overnight. Our countrie's infrastructure has been being gutted for years. But, I guess he does have that magic wand that Obama asked about. (Lol) It is amazing what a President can do when they actually try.

Congratulations Mr. President !! Just saw the latest approval numbers, and yours have reached a level that Obama never got to at any point in 8 yrs! #boredofwinning #38percent

so great to have a leader who is traveling to American businesses and taking an interest in them. It helps him understand what is happening to them and of course they must be encouraged. No wonder the stock market is so high. confidence in our economy is being restored.

WOW, some of these comments are beyond disrespectful and IF you do NOT like the man then why did you like this page. No doubt IF our President would sneeze you would find a way to condemn him.

President Trump I sat with my Elderly debilitated father who's a retired veteran of the Army, Air-Force and DoD watching your Speech to our Boeing workers here in Charleston S.C. He's a Catholic immigrant from Sicily, Italy and married to my Stepmother who's Jewish from Morocco. Even at his elderly age and unable to walk without assistance and on oxygen he in his mind wanted to go back to work after hearing you. Of course this would be physically impossible and would never happen for him, his aspirations of wanting to work was very meaningful by your enthusiasm of getting America back to work. Thank you for even putting in his mindset that he also can go back to work to support his family still. God Bless the USA and god speed to your ongoing accomplishments. ... My Dad Ret. MSgt Joseph Napoli USAF #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

I voted for you Mr. President and so far I'm very pleased for what you have done for our country. You have shown and completed more in 6 weeks with more energy than Obama showed in his 8 years. Keep it up, and Make America Strong Again. God Bless You and YOUR family. <3

Thank you President Trump for being our leader and positively serving the United States. So proud and appreciative of you.

Love you Mr . President! Feel the love from Georgia!! May God give you strength of 10 strong men! I respect you and your family! I made extra to treat myself to a lovely Ivanka

I'm glad you fired Michael Flynn because of his connections with Russia. That is also why you fired Paul Manafort . Russia is trying to influence you. Please remember, Russia is not our friend.

Thank you President Trump for everything you have already accomplished in such a short time and with so much resistance from the left. Do not be discouraged. We the people have your back. We believe in you and trust you to make America great again. You have many people who love you and are praying for you and for God's strength and his direction. He is able to keep you in His care. Prayers for peace, protection and success in all you put your hand to.

Watching you do what got you so successful. This is but a challenge that you thrive on, you know you will win. So fortunate you are our President, God will bless you and your Family more. You will never back down!!! Show the fools what you are made of, The pen is mightier than the sword ✍🏻 Moving forward, full speed ahead.

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Donald J. Trump was live — at Andrews AFB, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.
Donald J. Trump
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Departing for South Carolina! Together, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Comment on Facebook

May God give you strength, wisdom, protection, grace, favor and his angels be with you, your family and administration. We are constantly praying for you! Keep up the good work.

We stand with you your doing a fabulous job don't let these people get you down there are so many people that are with you we love our president God bless you and do United States of America

Keep up the work! The left still has no idea how to really get anything productive accomplished! God Bless you & your family for taking on this mess!

Mr President, you are constantly on the move. Do you ever get tired? Thank you for working so hard for America. Have a great day.

Mr President, keep up the amazing work! Thank you for everything you are doing.

Thank you for an amazing first month in office Mr. President. More people support you than the press would have you believe. Stay safe, we need you!

Love my President and Vice and their family. Proud to be American again. No weapon formed against him will prosper and every tongue that rises against them God will show to be in the wrong

There goes my president ❤️. I love how he loves Americans! Never a day of rest.... I pray god continues to bless his health.

Thanks for keeping your word and helping us coal miners in Ky and other states. A man is judged by his word and you keep yours.

Deport all the Liberals first. They're the biggest danger to a free America!!!

Former Marine and WI Dept of Corrections (Retired) watching from my home in Davao City, Philippines. Thank you Mr. President! We love you! 🙂

Thank you for exposing the media for what they really are and for bringing our country and the American people, first and foremost.

Love yesturday press conference yesturday. The dishonest press is in full exposure mode today America know right from wrong. Love our President

Watching in Illinois. Read scripture 2 Chronicles 32:7 and 20:15. The battle is the Lord's. He will fight for you and for us. He is with us.

Stay strong. The American people are with you, and more importantly, God is with you. God bless you and your administration. Thank you for what you are doing. 🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

I'm so proud of the job you are doing! Amazing! Keep our country safe and secure

First time since Bush I've been able to pray for our leaders in a positive manner! Thank you sir!

You are the best Mr. President!!! We are behind you all the way!!!

Thank you for all you are doing for our country! We support you 💯%!

Hello Mr. President. God Bless you and your family? We the People are behind you! I wish my husband had lived to see you elected. We were some of your first supporters from Texas.

California deplorable you have a lot of people in California that care about you don't let these idiots get under your skin your bigger than them

Ignore your detractors. Keep Christ first. Ask him to protect you from your enemies. Stay focused. Don't worry about small stuff or people. Your people have your back and are cheering you on and are praying daily.

I loved his news conference yesterday, I haven't had a good laugh in over 8 years. Thanks for not only making America Great Again, but a happy place as well.

Nice to see you are fighting back, don't be discouraged!

Please keep helping the elderly. We rely on social security and Medicare. Don't let Paul Ryan destroy these vital programs!

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Donald J. Trump shared The White House's live video.
Donald J. Trump
The White House

Join me at 11:00am....

The White House
Join us as President Donald J. Trump delivers the Weekly Address.
... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Comment on Facebook

I don't understand why people are so surprised about what Trump is doing. He's been telling you what he's gonna do for 18+ months. The only shock should be how quickly he's doing it. Imagine that... a President that actually does what he says he's gonna do

Anyone who has worked for any service business knows how it is.... the unhappy will complain ten times more than the happy will give praise. Keep moving forward. #maga

Mr. President! Thank you sir for being so honest open and real with all of your people!! the ones who truly back you can see without doubt the great work you have done and will do for our country!! God Bless you sir and your entire team!!! P.S. what are the odds I could come and work for your team?!!? #MAGA

Thank you , President Trump for continually standing up for the American people, It is a welcome change considering the last 8 years, I stand behind you all the way, God bless you, president Trump and all who stand beside you, let's make America great again in Jesus name , i pray, Amen

Mr President We the People support you 100% and couldn't be happier with your performance in the White House on our behalf. We know you are in a pit of snakes that use lies and deceit and paid 'flash mob' rioters to try to make it appear that ('Real People' ~Nancy Pelosi) are against you. We, the REAL 'real people' support you President Trump.

Why are some of you saying he was having a meltdown? You know you are telling a lie or maybe you are trying to convince yourselves of that. Anyway, the news conference was excellent. He let reporters know if they start reporting accurately we would all be happier. Best of all, he was having a blast while doing so.

The Biblical books of Proverbs and James both advise one to be prudent with one's words. Be wise, Mr President. Less is often more. I pray for you, your family, and your administration, just as I have for each administration prior. May God bless and protect you.

People are freaking out because they aren't used to having a president who keeps his word. Makes since as to why they kissed Obama's butt so much.

Love you Mr President for everything ur doing for us but Just putting a ban on 7 nation wouldn't do anything you should start deporting Muslims out of USA and build the wall you promised us

I live in Michigan...Detroit Michigan to be exact! Thank you, Mr. Presidant for saving Detroit by bringing back jobs...the far left here is still complaining about everything you say...but that is what they do and all that they will ever do! You could give them a million dollars and they would complain because it wasn't in one hundred dollar bills...I'm proud to call you our's about time we got somebody in office that says what they will do and does what they say...thank you.

I'm Canadian...and I'd rather have you represent us. Canada and the USA should be one. Free speech in being threatened in Canada and Trudeau is allowing it. We need someone like you taking care of Canadians because Trudeau doesn't care about us. 🤐

President Trump keep being your self doing what the American people have been waiting for out of a Republican President for years, fighting back against the media right to their faces. To all the news media and pundits who try to give him advice he didn't get elected listening to you all so sit down,listen to a PRESIDENT and STFU.

This man has respect for the people. He always shows up the second he tell us he will. Obama used to make us wait hours and then he rambled on and on.

I think a lot of us know who the fake media is, I also wish you would focus more on the message that won you the election. I think you made your point with them so move on. I fear you will lose many who put you where you are. It's becoming a circus.

Are going to announce you will be releasing your taxes? Perhaps order the release of all information surrounding the Russians and yours and your staff contacts? That would be worth watching!

I'd rather fist myself with a shovel.

I just wanted to say "Thank You" to you Donald for putting yourself and your family in front of the entire USA and World. I so much appreciate what you are trying to do for the USA.

Keep wearing the media out. They deserve the direct attention. They are pitiful. You are the man. Let me help you. Free the Hammonds, Bundys, Joe Robertson and all American Rancher, please.

As a supporter PLEASE get to the business at hand. All the talk about fake news and the media not being your friend....who cares?! It's the media. Those of us who are smart already know they are a bunch of truth-stretchers. Move on. It's getting old quickly.

Mr. President, you need to meet Dennis Michael lynch. He would love ten minutes with you. He is one of the most honest, respectful journalists. I listen to no other news sources anymore. He already reached out to your assistant. Please give him just ten minutes.

I really wish the MSM and democrats would STOP speaking for all americans. So tired of hearing them say " the American people have spoken.." They DO NOT speak for me, my family and quite frankly for anyone I know. As a retired US Navy vet and member of VFW and FRA and spend time with other vets and their families, I do not know anyone who is not a Trump supporter.

Smart people in this country realize you are just what this country needs! You are doing an exceptional job! You will be victorious...God has chosen you. You will win over the whole country eventually. Because you are RIGHT!

Amazing! What a lot of people don't understand is that he is doing all this for us... What an amazing and wonderful President!

Funny people hear him with Thier own ears but still believe the lefties press.we need press that tell the truth like the Hollywood types I don't care about the presses opinions they are there to do a job

Live? Again? Still recovering from that last fiasco. Need sleep, food, and water. Must resist the toxic Mao-Leninist programming. Must. Resist.

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4 days ago

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I don't understand why people are so surprised about what Trump is doing. He's been telling you what he's gonna do for 18+ months. The only shock should be how quickly he's doing it. Imagine that... a President that actually does what he says he's gonna do

Keep fighting the corruption. A real true American commander in chief! And Mike Pence,a great VP! Thank you Mr President for defending our country from destruction.

Fire everyone that worked in the Obama Administration and start over! Be careful that the people in your boat are rowing with you and not drilling holes!

Trump October 2016:"It doesn't matter where the leaks are coming from, look at the content! Trump February 2017: "Who cares about the content, we need to find the source of the leaks!"

And whiter apparently. Thanks for including a token woman! Aren't you off golfing again? Did you post this from the putting green?

We are with you all the way President Trump!!! Youre doing an amazing job!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on this huge mess!! So very thankful you are leading the way!! <3 <3

Can we start calling CNN, VFN now (very fake news)? Their portrayal of you has been appalling! They've helped putrefy the naturally hateful anti-American liberal mind with even more hate.

The dishonest press will not let up....even after you call them out. You just press on and continue keeping the promises we voted you in on! Drain the swamp whenever possible! We are behind you!

God Bless President Trump! God touch the hearts of those who have so much hate and contempt. We need unity, Lord , and for the minds and anxieties of the people to be calmed.

Don't worry about the press! The media is just mad because you don't let them know everything. Keep up the hard work. We believe in you.

This photo looks more like Let's Make America White Again. Maybe that's what you really mean? Our diversity is our strength.

Thank God. Your White House is so diverse . That photo really shows what you want for our country. A country made up of old white men and one lady (the white house housekeeper?) with their thumbs raised high and proud. God bless you, Mr. President!

Thank you Mr. President for a great Press Meeting yesterday!! The Liberal Media has been so use to brow-beating anybody on the Right...they just don't know how to act anymore...they will need to be reminded from time to time that they don't run the Country anymore...😀

In Europe we are plenty behind you. Don't listen to the lies. God bless America and God bless the presidency of Donald Trump❗🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Love from Denmark 🇩🇰

Fire everyone held over from Obama's administration. 93 million people that are out of work would gladly take the jobs. Reagan did it... You can too.

We continue to stand behind President Trump and we support his family too. So good to see him expose the alt left media for what they are - liars.

Please do something about soros, obama, & clinton, and all the troublemakers. I know there are charges that can filed against the first 3. Please shut them down. They are inciting hate, violence, and murder. Yours!

Thanks for calling out the head of CNN by name when you were talking to their reporter Acosta! I'm sure many people missed it, but those of us who were paying attention very much appreciated the jab at (((Jeff Zucker)))!

Thank you Mr. President for trying to make America great & safe again. I fully stand with you. You will win in the end, these liberal courts and protestors are a disgrace to our country. #MAGA

Lol riiiiiiiight......the guy convicted of fraud, who won't show Americans his taxes is the one who isn't lying. It's the press!! 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍

Please This is so worn out it's almost becoming a joke. Let's make the White House honest again. Let's get Russia out of the White House. Let's get rid of Mr Trump, an erratic insecure disrespectful person

Maybe you could start by doing your job, rather than flying off to Florida every weekend, with the added bonus of a 2020 campaign rally thrown in this weekend?! Being President is not a part-time job, and if you want people to give you a chance, you have to start taking it seriously. You also have stop tweeting and temper tantruming all over the place - it makes you look unhinged, man.

I LOVE this picture! It actually looks like a bunch of hard-working folks ready to tackle fixing the country with enthusiasm and hope. You're doing such an awesome job, Mr. President, and that press conference was a beauty to behold. You just keep up the good work, and keep in touch with us poor dumb Deplorables. We're behind you all the way!

All these haters are just jealous cuz we finally got a president with a backbone. This gentleman has been in office less than a month and has done more in the last few weeks than any person before him get over yourselves he's our president. I thought his speech was absolutely true the News tells you what they want you to know and then what they don't want you to know they twist it to meet their needs. Mr. President I think you're doing a terrific job and I'm still a hundred percent behind you

What a great team you have put together President Trump. I'm so thankful that you, VP Pence and all the others put your personal lives aside to serve this nation and make it great again. I'm praying daily as well as many millions of others for your strength, unity, protection, peace, favor and blessing from the Lord for this term and the next...looking to the future.

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Donald J. Trump shared The White House's live video — at The White House.
Donald J. Trump
The White House

It was an honor to host my friend, Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו yesterday - at the White House!

The White House
LIVE: President Donald J. Trump holds a press conference in the East Room of the White House.
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President Trump set the media on FIRE!! BOOM!! MAN I LOVE THIS PRESIDENT!!!

Brilliant. You should continue with press conferences. This is what got you elected. You were the old you before becoming President. Great job undressing the news media!

That press conference today was brilliantly spectacular. Watched it with my wife and my mother-in-law and we literally applauded. You looked like a master school teacher taking control of an unruly 6th grade class and bringing them to order. You showed them you are a very strong leader. Keep the fatih. We got your back. #MAGA

Mr. President Donald J. Trump I pray for you man. I've never seen anyone in the white house as busy & focused as you & also fighting negative on all fronts.

I'm so happy that I watched the news conference and didn't have to listen it being "explained" to me by the media. Because already seeing reports saying negative things about President Trump. Keep it up so we can hear it from the source!! I don't trust most media anymore...

You are doing a great job despite all the hateful attacks on you and your family. Keep moving forward sir...and NEVER let them set you on the defensive. Too much energy is wasted in defense mode. Just keep moving forward.

I love President Donald J. Trump! Finally we have a president that is telling the American people why he did something (Flynn) and he is telling the press to tell the truth. The press was speechless--they can't defend themselves because they know it's true and we know it's true. Keep up the press conferences. You are speaking, we are listening and the press can no longer distort it. I like how you value us, unlike the press.

Mr President - You made me proud today the way you handled the press conference and setting them straight on your accomplishments, the fact that you have no ties with Russia, hillary getting advanced debate questions, the re-set button ( awesome ! ) and so forth ! ! Mighty proud of ya ! ! ! Keep up tha good work ! ! !

Very impressive news conference hopefully that straighten out the media most of the American people backs the president the media just lies about it

Just keep on what your doing Mr President and you will prove all your critics wrong. Keep up the good work there are a lot of us in the UK who believe in you.

I didn't vote for the man but he's definitely growing on me! He's one of us! Main stream media is against him, the swamp is against him and I'm sure some pharmaceutical companies are against him. I've never seen a president so hated but he stands up for what he believes and I'm convinced he loves this country! He has my full support!

Great job, Mr. President! I watched carefully how you answered those questions. We are very proud of our president. Finally, our country has the best president for a long, long time. Pray always for God's wisdom & strength for you & all your helpers.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON US AMERICANS..were behind you..the media and the dems are wanting you to mess up so bad..stay the course..they know you will be great and they cant stand hit them where it the gang revaged people get middle class..were behind you..and thank you for making america great again

Mr. President Trump you did a great job. I am so happy you and your family along with Mr. Pence are in the white house. God bless you. God bless America

#FREEKEVINTRUDEAU mr President we honor you and your victory and the justice system that you are implementing...Make Amerika Great Again with free speach, Kevin Trudeau is the best avokate for better life <3 he helped me and my family to be great again. Pleas mr. President you can do this. We believe in You. <3

That was fantastic! YOU are the President...the media has led everyone around by the nose, feeding us what THEY want, with their agenda and we're tired of it. Who do they think they are??? You put them in their place... Thank you!

When you are so full of yourself you don't realize how much of a national embarrassment your are. Bush crashed the economy and I'm favoring him over you.

So glad to see our country supporting Israel again! President Trump, I'm AMAZED at how much you've gotten done already - especially with all the obstructionism from the radical left! You're a strong and courageous man, and I pray for you daily.

Thank you for posting your briefings Mr President. I love being able to bypass the media and hear for myself. The great job you are doing is appreciated by the majority of us. Blessings to you and your wonderful family. 🇺🇸

Was good.. he shut them right up. Well done Hes so right about media Keep being the Daddy n shut them up Trump. Poor guy gets nothing but bad press.

Am watching it again now - great press conference! We the People appreciate you bringing it straight to us and bypassing the MSM. We love you PRESIDENT Trump!

What about the United States, is that I do not understand how an illegal person without documents has the same rights as a legal person in the United States? It is impossible for illegal people to have rights, is that no illegal person is entitled to anything because those rights belongs only to legal persons.

Best news conference I've ever heard. He is so darn honest! He tells it like he sees it and feels it. Wish the media was as honest as he is. Take note Media. President Trump is here to stay!!!!!!

It's humorous that the Dems now seem to be so concerned with ethics and our national security. Wonder where these concerns were the last eight years with Hillary and Obama?Did the office of government ethics meet with A.G. Lynch after she had that private meeting with bill Clinton on a private jet during hillary's FBI investigation?

great job ignore the ignorant comments they are just sore loosers and won't ever give up with their stupidity, yes in fact uranium was sold to Russia by Hillary Clinton, use google

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Give the public a break - The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!

My statement as to what's happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden.

Will be having many meetings this weekend at The Southern White House. Big 5:00 P.M. speech in Melbourne, Florida. A lot to talk about!

Don't believe the main stream (fake news) media.The White House is running VERY WELL. I inherited a MESS and am in the process of fixing it.

Looking forward to the Florida rally tomorrow. Big crowd expected!

"One of the most effective press conferences I've ever seen!" says Rush Limbaugh. Many agree.Yet FAKE MEDIA calls it differently! Dishonest

The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

Join me at 11:00am:
Watch here:

Join me at 11:00am:
Watch here:

General Keith Kellogg, who I have known for a long time, is very much in play for NSA - as are three others.

Thank you for all of the nice statements on the Press Conference yesterday. Rush Limbaugh said one of greatest ever. Fake media not happy!

Priebus: Top Intel Officers Say Allegations of Trump Campaign Links to Russia “Complete Garbage”… 🇺🇸 #DonaldTrump

Priebus: Top Intel Officers Say Allegations of Trump Campaign Links to Russia “Complete Garbage”…  🇺🇸  #DonaldTrump

#donaldtrump is one of the birthers of #fake #Tabloid #Gossip News
He's been doing it for decades... Thats where he gets his info..#Phony

FAKE NEWS: Trump Never Said There Was a Terror Attack in Sweden – Liberal Media MADE IT UP (Video) 🇺🇸 #DonaldTrump

FAKE NEWS: Trump Never Said There Was a Terror Attack in Sweden – Liberal Media MADE IT UP (Video)  🇺🇸  #DonaldTrump

Happy presidents day. Acrylic painting by P.Vigoa #DonaldTrump

Happy presidents day. Acrylic painting by P.Vigoa #DonaldTrump

Donald Trump to speak at CPAC on Friday #CPAC2017 #DonaldTrump

Donald Trump to speak at CPAC on Friday #CPAC2017 #DonaldTrump

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