A few months ago we asked Contact Any Celebrity subscribers to let u know their thoughts on the “Most Fan Friendly” celebrity. The responses poured in–here are some of the best ones:

“In November 2002 we met and spent the day with Colin Farrell, his sister, agent Josh Lieberman and his Mom aboard the Russalina catamaran. At the time we thought my significant other had bleeding ulcers. Later we found he had stomach cancer and has since passed away. A few months before that, I contacted your site and was able to get in touch (via mail) with both Josh and Colin to tell them that, in fact, Jack would not be with us for too much longer, and sent them a roll of film from our day with them.

They picked out 3 of the best photos, had them blown up to 5×7, and autographed them with significant personal messages. I was thrilled but did not tell Jack what I had done, so when they sent them overnight priority via Federal Express, it was extremely heartwarming. Sometimes we forget that movie stars and agents and people with money are REAL people as well. I would like to thank them both again for caring enough to make a dying man and his companion extremely happy. Thank you both again and best wishes for 2005!”

– Lana Walla, San Rafael, California

“My vote goes to Tom Selleck. I have two “reports” on him. My sister-in-law lived in Honolulu while Tom was filming “Magnum, P.I.” She is an amateur photographer, and ran into him in the park whlie taking photographs. She asked him if he would post for a picture; he did, and was very nice to her and talked a few minutes. She made copies for all the girls in the family!

The second story is: I was a travel agent for many years, and booked a nice senior citizen couple on their dream trip to Hawaii (also during “Magnum P.I.”). When they boarded their flight in Honolulu to return to the USA, they passed Tom with his wife Jilly, and their daughter Hannah in the first class cabin.

After take-off, my client wrote a note to Tom asking for his autograph for her granddaughter. She gave it to a flight attendant and asked her to give it to him. The slip of paper was not returned during the flight, and she thought he had blown her off. When she and her husband deplaned, he was not on board. When she entered the airport, Tom, Jilly and Hannah were waiting for her.

He wrote out his autograph and a note for her granddaughter, posed for a photo, and chatted a few minutes, then wished them a nice trip home! What a guy! Needless to say, that made their trip!”

– Sarah Lopez, Jacksonville, Florida

“I first met Caroline Rhea in 2002; she treated me like a long-lost friend. She was doing a show at the time and introduced me to the audience as her little Scottish friend. I met her again when I went to see her do a comedy on stage and she recognized me and started introducing me to some of her other fans. She is such a sweet and warm loving person and I feel privileged to know her.”

– Ruth Gray, United Kingdom

“I received several letters from Liza Minelli while she was staying at the Caron Foundation. I didn’t think that they could have contact with the outside too much, and for her to write to me while she was there it was just marvelous. I cried! I almost always get a response. I have met her in person and she is just so sweet and humble and giving. She’s the “cream of the crop, at the top of the heap” as her song says.”

– Ava Garland, United Kingdom

“I have met singer Mariah Carey on two occasions and she is definitely the sweetest, most genuinely open celebrity in the media. She asked me about school, signed several things for me, and was just very nice. When I told my friends of my friend meeting with her, they didn’t believe me. The second time I met Mariah she took a picture she had already signed a few minutes earlier out of my hand and wrote on the back, “Yes–she saw me!! Pow!” so I could prove it.

This is only one example of how wonderful Mariah is…she writes and calls her fans at home, throws them parties, and is always gracious. Ask anyone who’s (really) met her and you will find warm memories all around.”

– Maggie Walsh

“In November I got the chance to meet Angelina Jolie at the Hollywood premiere of “Alexander.” She was on her way out of the theatre and I was able to meet her. I yelled her name and asked her if I could get an autograph, and in her rush to get into her limo she said, “Hold on, I’ll be right there!” She turned and came directly to me. I told her that I was a Teacher’s Assistant at an elementary school and she congratulated me. She said she thought it was great what I was doing for a living, and signed my picture and shook my hand and left. It was the best experience of my life.

I am a big fan of Miss Jolie. She was the main reason I joined Contact Any Celebrity. I wasn’t really able to tell her everything I wanted to tell her because I was pretty star-struck but it was a great experience. I hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting her again and telling her everything I wanted to say that day. She was very nice and for that reasons she’ll continue to be my favorite celebrity.”

– Sandra Moldonado

“After Roy, of Sigfried and Roy, was injured, I sent prayer cards and crystals. I later received a letter from Lynette Chappel from Siegfried and Roy’s entertainment corporation. She sent a letter on his behalf which was wonderful, and she thanked me for my prayers and good wishes. It was especially wonderful because they were so busy with all that was happening–I was so touched. I will cherish this letter always.”

– Annette Trabucco, Tonawanda, NY

“I am planning a 90th birthday celebration for my mom who is known as “Yankee Mary”–a die-hard New York Yankees fan. I wrote letters to 20 celebrities and I think that George Steinbrenner deserves my vote. I got a response within days by phone and email. I also received a large box of goodies, baseball attire, an autographed book and picture of him. It was all addressed to Yankee Mary on her 90th birthday.

I was impressed. I also received an autographed picture from Yogi Berra, Bucky Dent, Hank Bauer, Tony Bennett and Jerry Vale. I was skeptical at first as to whether the addresses were valid, but it appears that ContactAnyCelebrity.com is a great website. I did not even send anyone a return self-addressed stamped envelope. I think I just wrote an impressive letter with photos and a unique birthday invitation.”

– Carolyn Puglisi, Lyndhurst, NJ

“I saw Scott Wolf at Denis Leary’s celebrity hockey game for firefighters in Boston. Because my dad is a Boston firefighter, I was so appreciative that celebrities would take time to recognize everyday people and help raise money for them. I wrote a letter to Scott Wolf thanking him so much for being supportive of people like my dad who risk their lives so often. I didn’t want or ask for anything in return, I just wanted him to know how much that really meant to me on a personal level.

About a month later, I got this envelope and inside was a personalized and autographed picture of Scott thanking me for my letter. Some people tried to discourage me and tell me that he has people sign these things for him and that he didn’t read it or sign the picture, but I’d really like to think he did and I’m very thankful.”

– Girard Gover, Everett, MA

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