Marketing to the Affluent by Dan S. Kennedy“Why is this important? First, because nothing gets attention like celebrities. Nothing.

From any and every demographic, be they rich investors and CEO’s or the “you might be redneck” crowd at the trailer park. Second, because it is reassuring to clients that you are hanging out with famous and important people. You are accepted as the kind of folks you associate with. Three, because it may stimulate pass-along or referral-producing conversation… “hey, look what my guy’s up to — and here’s what he says about…”

Of course, you immediately think you have no opportunities like this, cannot afford to contact yourself with celebrities and that this doesn’t apply to you, and you’re wrong on all three counts. In fact, just for demo, I’ll hand you a “free use of celebrities” just about anybody can use, even you! Let’s assume I send you an envelope with full-color photos of, say, Paris Hilton, Hugh Hefner next to a Playboy bunny, Sarah Palin, George Clooney and me, with the headline: What Do Paris, Hef, Sarah, George and Dan Have in Common?

— will I grab your attention? Arouse your curiosity? Get you to open the envelope? Easily done. By anybody. It is, as example, something frequently done with photos or lists of celebrities who all wear hearing aids, in advertising or direct-mail for that product. And there are plenty of other opportunities to connect yourself with as well as create your own celebrities.

I have said it before and say it again: if you are failing to connect yourself, your products, your business with celebrities, you are failing to take advantage of an important, reliable and readily available abstention-getting and selling tool — so, if you leave good tools in your bag unused, you really have no right to complain about any unsatisfactory results, do you?”

Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Marketing Letter

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