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“I thought I hit the jackpot with a reference book of celebrity addresses, but I was so disappointed when more than half came back undeliverable because of their outdated information. But then I discovered the BEST way to contact celebrities was Contact Any Celebrity. I received over 50 high-profile celebrity testimonials for my self-published book using it. Now when I speak at marketing conferences I always tell people about Jordan’s incredible time-saving resource, which always has the most current information. These celebrity endorsements also helped get me on the cover of AARP Magazine, and now I’m a sought-after, well-paid national speaker.”
– Jacqueline Marcell, Author of Elder Rage, Irvine, CA

“This thing is huge – the range is amazing!”

“This online directory and its helpful staff will help you find any celebrity in the world.”
– Timothy Ferriss, Author, The 4-Hour Workweek


“I strongly suggest you try this service out when you need to get endorsements for your books or products. In case you are running a charity auction, you can even use this service to get autographed items for your fundraisers. Lots more uses too.”
– Dan Janal, President, PR LEADS

“If you opt to pursue a celebrity or celebrities on your own, to use in your advertising, or get a “blurb” from for your book, etc. this is THE place to get contact information.”
– Dan Kennedy, Author, No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent

“Contact Any Celebrity is a rich source of contacts for testimonials and other relationships.”
– John Kremer, Author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

“The best resource and a GREAT deal. They have everyone.”
– Peter Shankman, Founder, Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

“I have been with you for a couple of years. I am an author and have two books published of my work. I’m a photographer my specialty with the book is celebrities at home with their pets. My new book that has just come out is Pets and Their Stars filled with 120 celebrities. I can’t even tell you how essential your site was to my book. I would say that at least half of the celebrities have been contacted through your site. It is a funny thing, I always receive e-mails from people through my web site asking me how I get so many people to pose for me.”
– Chris Ameruoso, Author of Pets and Their Stars, Los Angeles, CA

“I have recently published a 176-page book, Celebrities Remember Their Favorite Teachers where over 100 celebrities contributed. Over the past 5 years I have found a lot of celebrity addresses using your website and want to thank you.”
– Deb Benton-Gevock, Author of Celebrities Remember Their Favorite Teachers, Gowrie, IA

“I used this site to get a blurb from Larry Gelbart and to request blurbs from Nora Ephron, John Irving and T.C. Boyle for my book Millard Fillmore, Mon Amour.
– John Blumenthal, Author of Millard Fillmore, Mon Amour

“We use this site quite a bit to get addresses of celebrities that our editors would like to contact.”
– Tzofit Butler, Corporate Librarian, HarperCollins, New York City

“I’ve found your site very useful for the work I do as a ghost writer of books for well-known people. I also work for a foundation in CA and in developing our mailing list for our recently published book, your site was very helpful for gathering correct mailing addresses. Thank you very much for providing this service!”
– David Christel, The Fund for Global Awakening, Santa Fe, NM

“I followed your advice, and now I am an accomplished best-selling author and consulting expert for network TV.”
– Dr. Grace Cornish, Author of You Deserve Healthy Love, New York, NY

“Contact Any Celebrity is THE resource for finding celebrity addresses and the names and contact information of “their people.” I even got an email back from Tom Cruise’s PR person.”
– Donna Cutting, Author of The Celebrity Experience, St. Petersburg, FL

“Being a huge fan of Charlton Heston, I was able to use the contact info on this site to send him a newspaper article about my book, The Shroud. Chuck not only wrote back wanting to read it, he wrote back again, thanking me for it. As a publisher, I have used the site to contact Toby Keith and Staind regarding usage rights to their songs. Your site has been a true asset!”
– Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti, Author of The Shroud, Pittsburgh, PA

“By using this site, we were able to get our books to John Fusco, the writer/director of Hidalgo, Spirit of the Cimmaron, and Thunderheart. He read them and passed them on to Viggo Mortensen, and they wrote a great review on Amazon.com, which increased our exposure in the media and our sales practically overnight.”
– Elly & Nathan Foote, Authors of Riding Into The Wind & Hidalgo: The Desert Diaries

“I am the author of two book for the parents of twins and multiples, and in both cases I was honored to have celebrities endorse my books. For my first book, Twice the Love: Stories of Inspiration for Families with Twins, Multiples, and Singletons, I sent numerous letters to celebrity twins and parents of twins, and received endorsements from singer Kenny Rogers, CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien and actress Adrienne Barbeau. Columnist Heloise also wrote a story for the book about her mother, the original Heloise, who was a mirror-image twin. For my second book, It’s Twins! Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence, I received an endorsement from Niki Taylor, and the Foreword was written by Olympic gold medalist Vonetta Flowers. I was very pleasantly surprised at the generosity of these celebrities in providing quotes and stories for my books.”
– Susan M. Heim, Author of Twice the Love and It’s Twins!, Boca Raton, FL

“To be a successful writer, I need to maximize my time and effort. This has given me a new list of ideas for book promotion. With each expert, the momentum builds as the speaker shares his or her perspective. The presentations are great to replay when you target a particular project. It’s a great investment for your writing future.”
– Barbara Hollace, Hollace Writing Services, Spokane, WA

“Who wouldn’t want a celebrity to endorse your book? In fact when new clients come to me and show me their books, I look for the endorsements to see how “expert” they really are! Many of them do have endorsements by great people like Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey and the presidents of major companies. Endorsements do make a difference! After all, who has heard of you? You need the credibility of leading authorities! One of my new PR LEADS clients runs a terrific business that can put you in touch with just about any celebrity! In fact, it is endorsed by my good friends, Dan Poynter the godfather of self publishing; Steve Harrison of Radio-TV Interview Report; John Kremer the expert on book marketing, and many other leading PR people, so I know it is real! The service is called Contact Any Celebrity and I strongly suggest you try it out when you need to get endorsements for your books or products. In case you are running a charity auction, you can even use this service to get autographed items for your fundraisers. Lots more uses too.”
– Dan Janal, President, PR LEADS

“I mailed a copy of my book, Hugs, Hope and Peanut Butter to Phyllis Diller. She replied right away, sending a hand-written note declaring my book to be charming. I’ve used that in advertising and on my web site. People think if it’s funny enough to Phyllis Diller, it must be good.”
– Marsha Jordan, Author of Hugs, Hope & Peanut Butter, Harshaw, WI

“Your product has been an invaluable resource in trying to find endorsements for my book.”
– Dr. Joe Luciani, Cresskill, NJ, Author of The Power of Self-Coaching

“I wrote a book and have used your site to get 14 celebrity endorsements ranging from Mr. Rogers to Pat Boone. Your service has been terrific for me!”
– Bill McCord, Author of The Gift of You: How to Tell Your Loved Ones Who You Really Are

“I’m an author who is working on a celebrity-related book and I can’t tell you how time consuming it was to gather the names and addresses of publicists and agents and find out who represented which client, until I signed up to be a member today. I’m stunned with the information in this database! I was just about to hire a firm in London to do this part of the research for me because it was taking so long. I have gathered more information in the last 5 minutes than I have in the last 5 months! This will go a long way toward helping me finish this book this year. Thank you so much!”
– Lyn Niemann, Downers Grove, IL

“When I go online, the service is outstanding. Have referred some readers to your service, as well. It’s a terrific resource for ‘celeb’ questions, which we get fairly often. You guys have such a wonderful service.”
– Mike Ostrowski, Playboy Magazine, Chicago, IL

“I have been having a nightmare of a time trying to get addresses that work. Being a screenwriter, being able to contact producers and directors is a must when an actor is also involved in filmmaking the security and access becomes even more difficult. Absolute truth, 48 hours on this site and I had my script in the hands of one of the most legendary names in Hollywood. What can I say, if someone tells you their site is more up to date, tell ’em they’re dreamin’.”
– Archer Quinn, Australia

“For my last book, I used your service to contact Phyllis Diller and received a wonderful quote from her.”
– Maxine Schnall, Author of What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

“This site is useful for authors who want positive quotes from celebrities to put on their book covers. Jordan includes publicist information, additional phone numbers, and charities the celebrity already supports. It’s a lot of useful information specifically for authors.”
– Robert Skrob, President, Information Marketing Association

“I am a screenplay writer from England. Your service is invaluable to me because you provide accurate contact info. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to contact the ‘movers and shakers’ of Hollywood.”
– Dawud Shanan, London, United Kingdom

“We have the #1 selling street magazine and are using this serviced to get high profile interviews and to expand our brand. This is great. Thanks!”
– Una Snipe, Editor, F.E.D.S. Magazine

“Keep up the great work…I LOVE the database!”
– Philip Steinbacher, President, Serves You Write, Kappa, HI

“As an international best-selling writer, the ability to tap into the database of notables, government officials, and experts in various fields has become an important tool in my research and promotional work. The service saves me massive amounts of time that would be lost with trial and error contacting.”
– Richard Steinberg, Author of Gemini Man, Nobody’s Safe, The Four Phase Man, Las Vegas, NV

“I have certainly enjoyed your service, which has been an invaluable tool in promoting my new book Iron Rain, a biker fiction novel.”
– Alexander Stick, Author of Iron Rain, McKinleyville, CA

“Your service is wonderful. For your monthly fee, you save me thousands of dollars and countless hours of frustration as I build a data-base to serve my writing aspirations. Thank you so much!”
– Belinda Tyler, North Hollywood, CA

“I have written a book entitled How I Retired at 26! It has become a national bestseller and was inducted into the self-publishing hall of fame. I have since secured a literary agent and will be selling the publishing rights to a conventional publisher. Thanks for your service.”
– Asha Tyson, Author of How I Retired At 26!

“I just published a book last summer Dads & Heroes getting ready to publish another this winter. Had 16 former MLB baseball players endorse my book. 4 Hall of Famers gave quotes and one wrote a foreword.”
Mike Wagner, Author of Dads & Heroes, Marietta, OH

“My name is Barbara Watkins, and I’m the author of Behind the Red Door. I signed up with Contact Any Celebrity just on the chance that one of the studios might answer back. I sent out thirty letters with my info about my book along with my picture to the various contacts I found on your site. I have already received an e-mail back from a letter I sent to Sony Pictures. They are interested in more info on my book. Then, in July, I received an e-mail from Escape Artists. Through e-mail they asked if I would send them a copy of my manuscript. I was very excited. It’s not only an honor that they replied, but that they also requested to review my work. One never knows! I want to thank you for hooking me up!!!”
– Barbara Watkins, Author of Behind the Red Door, Sikeston, MO

“I have a transformational counseling practice. One of my programs that I offer is called ‘Drop the Drama.’ It is specifically geared towards helping creatives find a sense of centeredness and sanity in their lives, especially when they are finding the demands of the business to be overwhelming and knocking them off-kilter into drama and depression. With ‘Drop the Drama’ I help artisans of all kinds unblock their blocks and shift their perspective back to one of self-embrace. This liberated sense of freedom and ease in their life automatically helps them to spark their highest creative potential – and most importantly live a drama-free life. I have used your service to contact celebrities who are in the headlines for experiencing ‘drama’ in their lives. Initially I secured many celebrity clients this way (it only took one!) until my practice took off via referrals. Thank you for your help!”
– Maureen Whitehouse, Founder of Axiom, Inc., Hollywood, FL

“Contact Any Celebrity is my secret to getting interviews with the stars. As a budding journalist, CAC gives me a professional edge to compete with more seasoned journalists. Your extensive database has virtually every current celebrity and legends in various genres. I especially appreciate that you will find information that is not currently in your database. I look forward to utilizing more of your resources as I continue in my career.”
– Jacqualine S. Williams, BAMM! Mass Media Feature Network, W. Allis, WI

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