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Want Kim Kardashian to promote your business or product?

You already know Kim Kardashian is a major influencer of beauty and luxury products and services. If you have one, here’s a quick tip from Eric Siu and Neil Patel’s must-listen-to ‘Marketing School‘ podcast, ‘A Really Cheap Way to Get Kim Kardashian to Promote Your Business‘ (Episode #678):

Neil Patel:

“It’s a great way to have celebrity influence, and generate sales at the same time.”

“Today we’re going to talk about a really cheap way to get Kim Kardashian to promote your business.

A Really Cheap Way to Get Kim Kardashian to Promote Your Business | Ep. #678

There’s a site called CharityBuzz, and it’s not just the Kim Kardashians of the world.

[Full Disclosure: CharityBuzz has been a Member of Contact Any Celebrity since 2014].

Kim sometimes may be on there, she may not. But there are so many celebrities on there. It’s a site where celebrities have a cause. They’ll donate their time for that cause. It’s really affordable. You can bid on it.

Timothy Sykes does this a lot. You see Tai Lopez with a lot of celebrities. My guess is he uses CharityBuzz as well. Now, Tai and Tim are both pretty popular, where they get these celebrities hitting them up without CharityBuzz, but it’s a great way to kickstart things.

You can pay for time with these celebrities, and some of them are really well known. You can record videos; you may have your product in the background.

You can’t be too aggressive and create videos being like, ‘Hey, here’s my product! You should go promote it!’ Larry King won’t do that, and he’s on CharityBuzz quite often. But you can do meetings with them, meet and greets, you can talk about stuff, you can record it and you can put it up on your website.

It’s a great way to have that celebrity influence and generate sales at the same time. Plus, you’re doing a good cause because you’re helping out a charity of their choice. And it’s much cheaper than going to the celebrity directly and paying them.”

Eric Siu:

“If you keep reaching out, you’ll eventually break through.”

“Neil is talking about how you can do this directly, but long term, when you think about the people in your circle and the people you want to be connected to, look at what’s interesting to them.

How can you go about helping them? How can you for help them free, for example? A lot of people ask us to work for us for free for a while and build that relationship with us over a time.

A lot of times they’ll do research on Neil or myself and find out the projects that we’re working on and say, ‘Hey, here’s how I can help specifically.’ It takes all the thinking off our plate and from there, you build a relationship. Now, I’m not saying this will work with a Kim Kardashian.

I do think that over the long term though, if you keep reaching out, you’ll eventually break through.

We have a mutual friend, who reached out to Neil like 50 times, and eventually, he broke through. Eventually, you’re gonna get through.

Find out what makes them tick, what interests them, figure out how you can get into that world, and eventually you’ll break through.”

Neil Patel:

“I don’t know why people put celebrities on a pedestal, but they do. So you might as well use them in your marketing.”

“With celebrities, what’s so powerful, is people look up to them. Anytime they’re around you, even if they’re not talking about your product or your service or your company, people look at you in a different light.

They’re like, ‘Oh my God, Neil and Eric or their company is so amazing, look at all these celebrities that talk about them! Look at all these pictures that they’re in with celebrities!’

I don’t know why people put celebrities on pedestals, but they do, so you might as well try to leverage them in your marketing.

You’ll be shocked at how many of these celebrities don’t have as much money as most people think. Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re rolling in a lot of dough.

If you look at Logan Paul and Jake Paul, some of the most popular influencers, they crush it on YouTube, Instagram, all the social channels, and there’s income posted about them online. It’somewherere around a million bucks a month. So if the cream of the crop is making a million dollars a month, there’s still a ton of people that are not making anywhere near that. And these guys are all about pay-for-play.

Check out CharityBuzz, we have no affiliation with them. I know Tim Sykes uses it, it’s a great tool for him. He’s done so well with it, he’s also built up friendships from it. He doesn’t even have to use it anymore, and he gets all these celebrities to hang out with him without even spending money or donating.”

Eric Siu:

“Get into charity, because all the rich people hang out there.”

“That’s another good side tip. Eventually, you want to get into charity, because all the rich people hang out there.”

Of course, you can always contact Kim Kardashian directly using Contact Any Celebrity! Start your free trial now.

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