Creating Trust by Dan Kennedy and Matt ZagulaI just finished reading a great new book, ‘Creating Trust‘, by marketing legends Dan Kennedy and Matt Zagula.

Wanted to pass along this excerpt from Chapter 1 on how to use celebrities to create trust in an un-trusting world:

“Some celebrities are trusted by the public. Others are not. Having worked with advertising, direct-mail and infomercial campaigns involving nearly 100 different Hollywood and sports celebrities, I understand how special and valuable this trust is. The right star must be matched with the right product and the right demographic audience.

My one-time client, Joan Rivers, out-sells just about anybody on the home shopping channel, QVC, because the women who shop there know her, believe in her as a teller of truth (even in her comedy), want to call in and talk to her, and trust her when she tells them about a product.

Many other celebrities fail miserably on QVC – even those far more famous. While the public may be fascinated with them, the public doesn’t trust them. Or doesn’t accept the kind of product the celebrity is associated with. In short, the public “smells a rat.”

This is an interesting illustration of the fragility of trust. Everybody knows every celebrity endorsing or selling a product is being paid to do so, but that known fact does not discredit that celebrity or his or her endorsement as long as the viewer/reader/customer can also believe that celebrity genuinely likes, believes in, and preferably, uses the product.

This is one of the TRUST FACTORS that people are looking for, that we’ll discuss in this book: authenticity.”

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