Marketing to the Affluent by Dan S. Kennedy“Celebrity has two sides to it.

I continually say to people that in many cases they miss the boat by not linking real celebrities, be it Hollywood or sports, to their products, services and businesses. I think this is a woefully underused opportunity and there’s abundant evidence that it makes all the difference in the world.

You could not sell that stupid grill without George Foreman or somebody like him. Home Shopping Network has discovered that with nine out of ten products, you better have a famous person or they don’t work. Exceptions are Ron Popeil’s products where the products really are the star.

Small businesses and local businesses get bumps in sales when they do celebrity marketing be they local celebrities or national celebrities. What’s important for you to know about all of this is that it’s not as expensive as everybody thinks, it’s not all that difficult to do, there are more of them looking for a paycheck that you would ever possibly imagine. When you’re doing regional or local — not national — campaigns there are lots and lots of folks available in the five to 15-thousand dollar range for like unlimited use of picture, endorsement, autograph and then you can get more complex from there.

The other edge of this is by all means make yourself a celebrity to your clientele and in your target market. By that I mean do the things that celebrities do. Write a book, do interviews, get articles published, be visible at major events within the industry, be seen with other famous people. Do all of things that a celebrity does in order to be a celebrity.

There are in almost every industry and target group famous people that nobody’s ever heard of. I include myself in that group. In an airport we’re not famous. But in our clientele we are famous. You probably don’t’ want to be so famous that you can’t even walk through an airport, but it’s nice to be so famous that you can’t walk through a property casualty insurance convention without being mobbed by people who want to talk to you. That’s good business that doesn’t happen by accident, you create it.”

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