If you are a teacher or parent, how about using Contact Any Celebrity to teach your children handwriting and letter-writing skills?

That’s what Lisa Nelson, a Contact Any Celebrity member and teacher from Davis, California recently did. In addition, she auctioned off the items her class received at the school’s silent auction…

Lisa recently wrote to let us know the success she had with the project. Here are her tips:

“Hi Contact Any Celebrity,

We were pretty successful with our plan. Our sixth grade class needed practice in writing letters and addressing envelopes. Here are my tips:

Start Early. If you want a response from a celebrity in a couple of weeks, you are out of luck. Some rolled in almost three months after we sent the request. We actually sent pre-addressed stamped return envelopes to all our celebs. We wanted them to see that they were going back to the school.

We had our classroom kids write out a reason or two why they were writing to this particular celeb. We also asked for the celebrity to draw a doodle or a self-portrait, and sent them a couple sheets of paper and a nice Sharpie. If we got back a picture or autograph, or even one of their standard portrait shots, we auctioned if off at our school’s silent auction.

Someone must have really loved Hilary Duff, because people bid higher for her than Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and plenty of others. Dr. Phil even sent us an autographed book as well as a doodle. You just never know what you’ll get and who will bid on it.

I have referred your Web site to others who needed celebrity addresses. It was easy to look up, once you understood the database.”

Lisa Nelson
Davis, California