Chasing Cool by Gene PressmanIn their book ‘Chasing Cool: Standing Out in Today’s Cluttered Marketplace‘, authors Noah Kerner and Gene Pressman share how to get full-court press…

“It’s never been so easy to get your product mentioned in the press and it’s never been such an effective way to break through.

Send some swag to a celebrity, get a picture or a quote, and you’re in. Throw an event at a cool club, bring on the right event planner, pay some celebs to show up at your launch, hire the right PR firm, and you’re good.

If you can’t do it, there are plenty of agencies and entertainment marketing companies that can.

Just get your product some ink: most consumers can’t tell whether the gossip they’re inhaling is legit or not.

Ah, press. A mention in Page Six. a nod on Entertainment Tonight. A bold-faced name in someone’s gossip column or a notch on a power list. A feature in People or Vanity Fair.

Getting a brand some love in print has always been a powerful way to cut through the clutter. And since you’re far more likely to gain credibility and be noticed, engineering press is more effective than buying advertising today.

If the goal is to make people aware of you, press works.”

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