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“I continually say to people that they miss the boat by not linking celebrities, be it Hollywood or sports to their products or services.

Celebrities are a woefully underused opportunity.

There is abundant evidence that it makes all the difference in the world.

You could not sell that stupid grill without George Foreman or somebody like him.

Home shopping has discovered that with 9 out of 10 products, you better have a famous person.

Exceptions are Ron Popeil’s products, where the product really is the star.

Small and local businesses get bumps when they do celebrity marketing be they local celebrities or national celebrities.

What’s important for you to know about all this is it’s not as expensive as everybody thinks; it’s not that difficult to do.

There are more of them looking for a paycheck than you would ever possibly imagine.

When you’re doing regional or local campaigns, there are lots and lots folks available in the $5 thousand to $15 thousand a year range for unlimited use of pictures, endorsements, and autographs.

Then you can get more complex from there.”

– Dan Kennedy’s ‘Brass Balls Factor’

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